good morning YouTube today I want to
review a 2015 Maserati GranTurismo MC if you new to the channel my name is Dan
this is my garage and this channel is all about the supercar ownership
experience buying and selling them driving them or viewing them and even
working on them ourselves and today I borrowed this beautiful 2015 Maserati MC
from my buddy Richard and we’re gonna take it out for a spin and talk all
about it the Maserati GranTurismo was first
produced in 2007 so this thing’s been being produced for quite a while it’s
effectively had the same look the entire time maybe a few little stylistic
changes but not a whole lot it is a front mid-engine so the engine is behind
the front axle which does mean it does have pretty good weight distribution 47%
front 53% rear it came as a 2+2 coupe or a convertible originally this car had
the 4.2 liter crossplane f 136 blocked engine so this was producing about 400
horsepower and they mated it to a six-speed ZF automatic transmission that
is the same engine block that’s in the Ferrari f430 in the Ferrari 458 however
it’s a cross plane crank configuration they later board it over or strokes it
or something and got it up to four point seven liters and bump the horsepower up
to 434 horsepower at 7000 rpm 360 foot-pounds of torque @ 4750 RPM it is a
wet sump engine so they don’t use the same dry sump systems that means it is
mounted a little bit higher in the car they can’t get it quite as low as
center-of-gravity later models also had the MC shift automated manual
transmission basically it’s the same transmission that was in the f430 this
is technically the Grand Turismo Maserati MC sport line which now
everyone just calls the MC it came out in 2009 and then I think they’ve
modified it again in 2012 basically this means it has a bunch of carbon-fiber
bits like this carbon-fiber spoiler it’s got carbon-fiber door handles
carbon-fiber side view mirrors it has a carbon interior package which includes a
carbon fiber steering wheel carbon fiber flappy paddles carbon fiber bits all
over the dashboard they did add a little bit more horsepower it’s up to 444 or
400 fifty-four I’m not sure which is a bit
confusing trying to figure out which this version has it also is up to three
hundred seventy six or 384 foot-pounds I’m not sure which again and the red
line was bumped up to seventy-five hundred rpms this car can go zero to 60
in four point seven or four point five seconds depending on whose source you’re
going for card driver claimed four point five although Maserati actually set four
point seven the quarter-mile time is a 13-2 at a hundred and twelve miles per
hour considering this car weighs over 4,000
pounds it’s closer to 4,300 pounds that’s pretty impressive top speed is
185 miles an hour it’s like getting information about this car it’s actually
kind of tricky because it’s been in production for so long they’ve had all
these different variants and different transmission and engine combinations and
they change the horsepower but yada yada I met this lawyer we went out to dinner
I had the lobster bisque we went back to my place yadda yadda yadda I never heard
from him again what’s he had a yacht it over the best
part no I mentioned the bisque basically it was like I’m not sure exactly what
this thing is doing so feel free to correct me if you know the details of it
I’m not a hundred percent sure but basically we’re in the somewhere near
450 horsepower range it’s running a 4.7 liter v8 that’s the F 136 block I am
actually a very big fan of the look of this car I think it looks absolutely
beautiful I know that some people say that the front end of it looks like a
fish or something like that I don’t know whatever the overall styling of it is
just a very sleek beautiful and classy design it just has good lines you can
clearly see it the hood is made of carbon fiber once you lift it up hiding
underneath it is this beautiful maserati 4.7 liter same again same block as in my
car it doesn’t quite have the same intake configuration obviously has
different heads and cam profiles and obviously we have the cross plane crank
now here’s where the Maserati really starts to shine as soon as you open the
door you see this beautiful interior and the leather is just absolutely fantastic
material it is super plush beautiful styling cool little accidents like this
carbon fiber right here carbon fiber pick plates once you sit down to the
seats you’ll see they’re very very comfortable however you’re immediately
noticing this ancient thing that you like what the hell is this I
I can’t believe this is a 2015 and still got like buttons to dial your phone so
that’s one downside is ma zouri basically didn’t change out this stereo
infant Ament infotainment center for forever
I guess supposedly the 20/20 has a different one it’s got like touchscreen
stuff but it’s still even now looks a little bit dated if you can ignore that
and just look at the rest of car you’re like okay this is a beautiful interior
you see they’ve got the actual physical gauges with the physical tech ometer and
physical speedometer pretty ancient display in the center that shows some
information about the car it’s it’s kind of janky we have actual cup holders that
seem like they can hold it it’s some sort of reasonable cup in here you got
door pockets you’ve got even a glove box that’s reasonably sized that can fit
some stuff maybe even got a little bit of storage space right here in the
center console as you can tell this is kind of like the more practical version
I mean this is a Grand Touring Car it’s right in the name of it Gran Turismo so
it’s designed for comfort relaxation and to be able to do a long drive all right
we do have rear seats so I’m gonna try and see if I can actually fit and severe
seats so good the seat doesn’t move forward for me automatically pray for me
all right so I’m in the rear seat and I actually have a little bit of headroom
I’m only five foot nine so I’m not super tall but I can actually fit reasonably
comfortable which I put in the seat back which means it’s gonna retract and we’ll
see if I still fit okay see don’t kill me please okay okay so my knees aren’t
basically pressed up into the back of seat but I’m able to sit fully upright
and there’s a reasonable amount of space so you can actually fit adults in the
rear of this thing it’s still a 2+2 it’s obviously not the most spacious
configuration uncomfortable I could survive this for you know like an hour
we’ve even got cupholders back here a little center armrest thingy
yeah well armrest oh hey look we even have vents back here Wow
so one thing that took me a little bit to figure out last night is the controls
for the seat cuz they’re kind of positioned far apart a little bit
difficult to just trying to get them all set up but once I figured out wasn’t too
bad I mean it’s all pretty straightforward stuff as you can see the
trunk space is actually not as much as you would think considering how big the
car is I mean it still reason vote you’re still gonna be able
to fit some stuff back here but you’re not gonna be fitting a bunch of massive
suitcases can we fit two bodies yeah I think we can fit two dead bodies I don’t
know about three to four sure maybe three if there’s smaller people this is
a big car you can see it takes up the entire garage front to back in fact I
have to make sure I’m pulling forward just enough in order to get it set the
tail of the car doesn’t get hit by the garage door and now you can see there is
not really enough room for a person to squeeze by maybe maybe Megan could
squeeze by I’m gonna have a hard time it actually has really good visibility so
the Ford visibility is pretty good it does have a pretty long hood but it’s
not ridiculously long like some of the other front engine cars and it slopes
down immediately so when you’re sitting there you actually can’t really see the
hood at all it just kind of looks like you’re just floating the ethers side
visibility is excellent given the size of this thing
I suspect parking it’s kind of gonna be a pain in the ass all right let’s get
this Maserati on the road for the best thing about this car the sound oh it’s
got a beautiful and aggressive exhaust note you’re gonna love this all right
we’re in the MC get the old-school key step in sport yeah you need to be in sport for it to
sound good so immediately he said aliens like mmm this is very comfortable the
seating position is very relaxed the seats are just comfortable so right away
you can tell it this is stuff to be a grand touring car this is not a true
sports car the steering is very very light and the ride quality is very
comfortable is not as tight as you would think although in a corner it’s not too
much body roll but the response is very slow so that’s fascinating though is the
pedals are super super close together like your foot is right on both pedals
if it was a manual transmission you could heel toe with no problem
whatsoever so when we did the ball run last year
this is the car that Richard took because his 458 was currently disabled
okay Richard what did you do apparently Ferraris don’t like to be probed not
that kind of pro not that I probably not any kind of probing good job Richard and
he actually said how he was totally relaxed and comfortable he’s just
sitting there and joined the drive didn’t have any drivers fatigue like we
did so I will say this you can tell is a grand touring car it just feels really
come from everything about it is just designed to be a relaxed but fun drive
it still has a lot of power I’ve got some weird buttons up here I’m not sure
what those do oh hello Garage Door buttons up here sport mode makes it set
the valves open you want the valves open this car you want to hear that flat
plane crank you want to hear that beautiful v8 sound it has almost a
muscle car sound to it it sounds very much like this is a very throaty almost
American Italian hybrid car it just is interesting the way it sounds it’s
really cool pitch not on the gas all the way just still
warming up the car the shifts are just a little slow
they’re not super fast but they’re very smooth
with its sound that sound is epic so we’ve got a six-speed transmission now
we’re at like 2,000 rpm so that’s gonna burn some gas I mean still designed to
get some good acceleration they’re not so concerned with mileage in this car
the difference between second gear and third gear is quite significant there
it’s like the gearing ratio is really far spaced so I was downshifting there
it really had a jump to get the second gear from 3rd gear versus when you went
from 4 to 3 it was like hardly any blip on the throttle at all it’s about 3/4
throttle definitely got some torque it’s not is
that a slouch that’s for sure so it’s really cool is I’m driving on
some pretty rough sections of road and it is handling these bumps like you
barely even feel them it feels like I can toss around of course even though
it’s really heavy car it just I guess you know it is there’s not that much
body roll so the steering is a little slow he’s
definitely got a much higher ratio on the steering you have to turn the wheel
a lot further to get around a corner so everything’s just a little bit softer
and easier to deal with but it doesn’t totally lose that ability to drive
nicely and that’s really if you’re buying this car you’re gonna buy this
car because you want a fun car that you can truly daily Drive and just be
pleasant and that’s what this is this is a very very pleasant car to drive really smooth absorbs all the bumps
really nicely I could still take these corners really pretty fast you don’t feel the body roll
at all this is a very very good balance between sportiness and comfort I’m
really pleased with how this thing handles considering how smooth it is
is a very smooth car this is this is great although they do ride a little higher in
this car this intense sound it’s only sounds like
a muscle car it’s crazy I can’t believe this is an Italian car it’s hilarious
just so deep and throaty so if you’re looking for a total sports car balls
loss or think you’re the very disapoint with this car but if you’re looking for
a more comfortable daily drivable grand tour this is perfect I mean I am my seat
is so comfortable the interior is so nice it even even smells really good in
here Richard what do you what do you put in your car and he got that sound I
think that awesome exhaust note just so it’s epic egging you on to stab the gas
a little bit harder each time you accelerate it’s just a beautiful car it
really is from the outside beautiful and interiors beautiful ignore the
infotainment just ignore it it’s terrible the Italians really just
haven’t figured out infotainment very well they need to just hire some of the
fourth Sikh engineers and be like hey bill is an entertainment center the breaking solid the acceleration is
great you can bomb around these corners and feel confident that’s planted
it’s not gonna get squirrely on you smooth could be around these corners my
bumps nothing don’t even feel you know this is really really sweet a
perfect balance sorry Richard hit your rev limiter we’ve now assessed that we can play
pretty good the cars let’s see how it handles as a daily driver so I’m gonna
shift it up six gear I can’t even hardly hear it hell I’m gonna take a sport road
real quick whose coin is any luxury car I’ve ever
been it barely can hear the engine almost no wind noise we’ll see what it’s
like on the highway in just a minute but just smooth Pleasant I can see having a
business call this you know like talking to sew and figuring out Bobby buy sell
sell this is perfect for a business person who wants a good looking car yet
can still play maybe don’t want to have to car you just want one this would be
pretty reasonable for it when these are new they’re very expensive like 160 plus
thousand dollars even like one hundred eighty thousand dollars when they’re
highly optioned by the used market I was looking around the family here he can
get them as cheapest like forty five fifty thousand dollars like granite
those are like the early early years with a lot of miles most of them seem to
be around like the 75 to 90 thousand dollar mark so it’s still not a cheap
car but on the used market you’re getting a lot of car for the money and
of course everyone’s and say oh but it’s a Italian car it’s a Maserati it’s gonna
break it’s a piece of shit I was talking to Richard when I picked it up and he
said he’s had this thing for probably close to a year now the only thing that
went wrong was he had some weird squeak from the steering wheel and like when he
turned the wheel and squeak but nothing’s broken nothing catastrophic no
mechanical failures that’s encouraging then I think maybe you know the whole
old Italian cars the in work thing might not be quite as true anymore I think
they’re getting more reliable than more solid cars all right I’m gonna switch it
to drive we’re gonna drive it just like a normal daily driving mode would be I’m
gonna get on the highway see how pleasant it is I may have to
stab the gas just to get highway I mean you know for science we’ve got controls
on the steering wheel off front and rear to control your infotainment so at least
we have that kind of minor modern convenience drive it like a civilized
human being and stabbing us yeah it’s got some you know decent power
you can really get up and go and he need to the downshift there was pretty quick
it didn’t it didn’t hesitate lunch so again we’re in regular mode like no
sport mode drive get on the highway there’s almost no wind noise alright
I’ve had enough with a boring daily driving stuff it clearly can do it very
well because I I’m just kind of sitting here I lost some words because I’m just
like comfortable I have known once just driving smart from there people
immediately put its pour it down shifted it open up the valves oh you wanna play
no huh I see how it is it’s as good as any luxury car that you can think of on
the market I think maybe that the technology and the infotainment center
is lacking compared to some of the stuff like BMW Mercedes has but the driving
characteristics are excellent even with the windows up that exhaust No it’s so good honestly if I was buying a
daily driver that I wanted to be very nice still have some sportiness about it
still could play this is a pretty good option now if I’m going for a
straight-up sports car you’re gonna be disappointed
you really are this is not a sports car so don’t confuse it with a sports car
except that it’s a grand touring car and that’s what’s meant to be and they did
it really well that is accomplishing the mission of this car very well are you
gonna be doing like hardcore track stuff on this and beat some record times no
are you gonna win at the drag strip no yeah it’s definitely blocking it some of
that performance specs but it is still quick it’s still pretty nimble it rides
very pleasantly it’s just the ride quality is really it’s up in the top
that I’ve ever driven it is a very smooth very nice car and it’s very
balanced I love how well balanced it is the thing is I’m just not getting as
excited as I am when I drive stuff like the Ferraris or Lamborghinis because to
me those those embody excitement like the those are passionate like crazy cars
that you don’t drive every day and every time you drive it is an experience and
that’s not what this is this is not an experience this is meant to be practical
comfortable and totally usable for daily driving purposes are you gonna be
excited about driving this car every day yeah more so than you’re gonna be
driving my Subaru more than gonna be driving just about every other daily
drivable car and that’s where it’s kind of cool
because I think if you want a daily driver that’s still gonna get your heart
going a bit this is that car so you can see this is really an excellent grand
touring car it’s right in the name of it it does exactly what its name to do
should not be a surprise there and it’s doing it very well certainly on a used
market this is an excellent car for the price I don’t think I would be buying
these new I’m not sure if it’s worth 160 hundred seventy thousand dollars it
starts to stretch it and really push what I think is reasonable for that much
money but then again I am not really a typical shopper for this car I’m not
really looking for a grand tour I kind of enjoy my Ferrari and I’d rather have
two cars when it’s kind of a daily driver beater thing like my Subaru and
then have the Ferrari for full-on balls to wall stuff and this just isn’t gonna
accomplish the balls to wall driving that you might want it’s not gonna say
that’s not gonna be fun you know I can’t have a good time in it but again it’s
just a bit more of a soft comfortable drive hey again that’s what it’s meant
to do that’s why you buy this car don’t buy this car thinking you’re buying a
sports car you guys are amazing thank you so much for watching I hope you
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