ICE – Bij Andy in de auto! (English subtitles)

ICE – Bij Andy in de auto! (English subtitles)

The music scene is the most fake scene there is. I swear.
-Yes? Now I understand how all those people drive fancy cars. I was like: ”How? You don’t do shows? The streams aren’t yours? They’re probably owned by Kees or Ali, they own you with their elbow up your ass. Like a puppet. The royalties aren’t yours. How’d you get the money with no shows? Alright, I’m on my way. Come, I’ll help you. How’s a going pal? Legend. The time is going too fast for me to realize I’m getting in your car. Here, take this.
-Great, thanks. Delicious. I tell my mum: ”Andy van der Meijde.” She says: ”Who?”, she thinks you’re just one of my friends. Wait, I have something for you. Nice! What does he got now? How’s a going?
-I’m good, how are you? Good to see you. Does it feel like you’re losing control over this show? That’s beautiful.
-How’s a going?
Great. I need to bring this to someone, can you bring me? No, I’m kidding. It’s for you. It’s for you only. It’s for you, brother. Now you too have a platinum in your room. It has your name on it, everything. Because you made me go viral. Beautiful. I’ll hang it up in my pub. How’s a going?
-Great. Is this the market where you sometimes sell stuff?
Yes. And you live here?
-My mum and dad live here. I live nearby.
-Oh, so you don’t live with your parents anymore? I already don’t for 5 or 6 years. Ah, because you slept with your brother in one room for 26 years, right?
-Yes, here. 25 years. A bunkbed. You went far, huh? A bunkbed, brother, a bunkbed. Let’s take a look.
-Wherever you want to go. You shouldn’t drive here against the direction. We’re driving in a fancy car.
-Well, they’re probably quite used to that, right? You’re doing well, huh?
-We’re there. I don’t even realize I’m with you in the car.
-How come? Andy van der Meijde… Crazy right winger. Acceleration… Like… you’ve reached nothing in your career. Like, what I’m doing, is the opposite of yours. Having this little talent but just working hard, you know what I mean? You did the exact opposite. Indeed. From the right wing- I’m not going to let you talk. Talk! It’s easier for me, I don’t care. Who was a better right winger or had a better right foot back then? Better than you?
-No one. Beckham. Only Beckham.
Finished brother. Only Beckham did. That’s all. To the rest nothing. After us there was nobody. Well, we had Figo as well. Figo was also crazy.
-What an acceleration. Goodmorning. Everything arrived. You don’t see that anymore, don’t you? Nowadays it’s all the other way around. A left footed player on the right wing and then to the inside. It doesn’t exist anymore.
-No, the classic right- and left wingers aren’t there anymore. Did you played football?
-No, never on a high level. I always played against fat sailors at 9 AM. On a sunday. You know? 8:30 against refugees. I did that as well.
-I was a left winger, you know, the good positions. Just pumping and kicking it in. Done. But nowadays if I go play football or like the last couple of years, when I come home It’s like… I don’t know what I’ve done. Totally broken. My knee hurts, my ankle hurts. How old are you? A scoop! Nobody knows how old I am. How old do you think I am?
-I think 27. I’m almost 30. Alright… Because it’s nowhere. Indeed. They always asked me and I always said something different. 42, 19, 21… Just talk, look for yourself.
-Mysterious, huh? Someone says 36. I even get messages on Instagram and snapchat with people asking me: ”We’re betting on your age. How old are you?” I just tell them I won’t say it. Go fuck yourself. What did you wanted to say? So what do you do know because you just got famous recently, right? 9 months ago you came with that song. But how did you started? What were you thinking? I started back in the days. Just rapping a bit, you know. I’ll tell you the most honest story out of the whole rap scene. When I was 16 I participated in the school comittee. For the school parties. They wanted to… I can’t remember, book rapper Keizer or something. They wanted to book someone. Anyway, I heard they booked him for like 300 euros. Or like 150 per thing and then two shows at the… Anyway, there was money Andy! We had a rapper on school and I grabbed him by his collar and said: ”Come, we’re gonna perform at the school party!” So we made a song, it was really bad, but I made some money. Since then I became really stingy. I started working at this library and the whole thing happened once again. It was a project where they wanted to invite a rapper and let him perform and write lyrics with them. But he reported absent so I said: ”We’re rappers, buddy. We’re gonna make those lyrics.” Then children from 6th and 5th grade recorded it. Afterwards they put it online. Well, the organization did. 4000 euros. Really?
-Yes. You need to realize, I was 18 at the time being. That’s a lot of money.
-If you would transform it in nowadays terms it’s like 5 or 6 thousand. But that’s nice. And you’ll become stingy. I was stingy as hell. Afterwards I didn’t do anything with it.
-You want more! Just small things until I received a message from Ali B. Yes. What did you thought? It’s fake? I immediately looked. If it was the real one? I was in a deep conversation with somebody, I totally forget him and said: ”Shut up, don’t talk to me anymore. Ali B sends me a message.” I moved everything aside, I didn’t go to work anymore and went straight ahead to Ali B. I asked: ”Where are you?” He said: ”Almere.” So I went. We talked. I looked him in the eyes and said: ”Listen up, I’m almost 30. Is this going to work out?”‘ He went like: ”Bro, I swear, you can do this but you’ve got to remain yourself. Don’t change.” No sooner said than done, and now I’m with you in the car. That’s how it goes.
-And I called you ”pal”. But listen up, what’s crazy is that, I already had contact with your brother. So he already said, a few months ago, you’ve got to take my little brother with you in the car because he’s going viral. So I’m like… Cause you know, there are more people that’ll say stuff like that. Done. If it’s that it’s okay. (?) I’ve met your brother in Spangen. At Sparta. I believe. And back then he already said that. But I was like: ”Everybody can say that.” I also didn’t know it would go like this. Do you also here this sound in the back? What do you want?
-I hear something. The sound of… You drive a 700k BMW, why are you stressing about a sound? You need to go to Morocco in the summer. You’ll find this car in matte purple. Really?
-I swear, crazy. You know like- This is Morocco and it’s why I love it: You know when you’re a real show-off? You aren’t one, you’re Andy vd Meijde! But imagine you’re a show-off and you want to drive a really fancy car. You do know all the boys here drive small cheap cars, right? Indeed Atos. Why not? Toyota Yaris. And when they’re in Morocco. Supercar. You know what I mean? And then you must realize: There are even guys who form a group and put all their money in to rent a fancy car which just has been released in Germany. Happy as hell. But when they arrived, they saw the same one in purple. He lowers the window and says: ”Scrotum hair, why did you get it in black?”‘ ? Is it hard for you to be recognized in public? Or do you not give a fuck?
-Exactly. I really don’t. The last week I went to more crowded places than usual, I must admit it’s a bit exaggerated then. But I only see it as something positive. I don’t think it’s annoying or something. For the rest I’m inside. And I’m with the same people I was before, so. I sometimes get some hard opinions. And you? But you already have been famous since you were 20! You can’t go outside peacefully.
-Oh, like that? Nah, it’s okay. I live in Apeldoorn, it’s like this small town, right? It’s lovely there, but when I go downtown or something Crazy?
-It’s all pictures and stuff. But I’ll never leave my city Apeldoorn. Keep it like that, relaxed.
-I live on a farm. I also own a pub. You should come. I’ll hang the thing up. I’ll come. Do you drink alcohol?
Only tea? Tea. Water. Garbage like Redbull. Really. I’m getting broken.
-A lot?
Well, nowadays not so much anymore. But when I’m performing it’s
ridiculous. How many shows do you have? I don’t know. What did you say? I don’t have many. I’m and old book. Well, I do have some. It’s going fine. So like every week on the regular? Indeed. Like that. I’m good. So you don’t have to work anymore? I do. I do still work.
-What do you do? Being viral. That also takes effort. I’m in the studio a lot. Many music related stuff. When does your new album release? Pretty soon. Before the ramadan. It starts in the end of march. Oh, it starts early this year?
On the 6th of march I’m having a release party and you need to come. Where? Rotown in Rotterdam. It’s on a friday but it won’t take long. Okay. Because my wife doesn’t allow me to show up late.
-I know. A sharp woman. I’ve watched a lot. She isn’t kidding, huh? Do you remember when you did your taxes? Anus velve in the description.
-Crazy words. I’ve laughed like crazy.
-I really did that. I really filled it in. And the people checked if it was true. And then they told me: ”Andy, you’re crazy!” But it’s funny.
-Just messing around. The people there will like it too. Grey haired people behind their computer like this… And then suddenly they see: ”Anus vulve” And then you really have to be a totally nerd to get angry about it. Die. I need to go to my accountant today. When you drop me off I need to go to him. I’ll get a few slaps on the back of my ear.
-Fucked up, isn’t it? When you earn nicely you need to pay all those things. The music scene is the most fake scene there is. I swear.
-Yes? Now I understand how all those people drive fancy cars. I was like: ”How? You don’t do shows? The streams aren’t yours? They’re probably owned by Kees or Ali. they own you with their elbow up your ass. Like a puppet. The royalties aren’t yours. How’d you get the money with no shows? But now I’ve seen, when you have a bit of following, car dealers will come to you. They’re like: ”Do you want to rent a car?” ”You need to promote me.” I tell him: ”You need to pay me for a promotion.” He says: ”Don’t you use cars in your videoclips?” I’m like: ”Pay me.” What do you drive currently?
-Seat. Seat Leon 1.6 diesel. A full tank of gas is worth 1100 km. It drives lovely. I already had that car before I started to rap. It’s just a golf 7 in a Spanish outfit.
-Indeed, it drives lovely. A friend of mine owned one, I drove in his car sometimes. It was lovely. Nothing to complain about. Do you like fashion? I’m just relaxed. Well, actually I do, because now it’s possible. Now I’m able to wear a tracksuit everywhere. That’s lovely. To be able to. But I don’t like expensive clothes. Just act normally.
-Indeed. Just what every person is able to wear. Not some T-shirt of a 1000 euros. Why should I?
-I find that crazy as well. Whats up with the T-shirt? Does it have magical powers?
-A t-shirt which costs a 1000 euros. That’s crazy. That’s impossible. The costs of my rent and my powerbill and all the stuf together is a 1000 euro. Rent, electricity and water. One shirt? Fuck off. Did you’ve gone crazy? Out of my own pocket. I stand on the market. You’re not going to get it out of me. You should’ve seen me during the contract meeting. I was a nobody with 600 followers. There were a few people who believed in me, I shall do nobody short. Ali B was the one who believed in me and had influence. My cousin, Lange Frans and all the boys too but the one who had influence on the contract was Ali B. So you must realise: Ali B believes in you, but you’re a nobody with 600 followers and only 11 bars on a song. And I’m negotiating like I’m rapper BOEF. But you have to put up a big mouth. I’m like: ”NO!” He says: For example: From 1 to 10 he says 10. I’m like: ”Never!” he says: ”So then what do you want?!”‘ I’m like: ”2!” So he goes like: ”Alright, 8.” I’m like: ”2.5” He refuses and I’m like: Fuck off. Absolutely not. I told him: Imagine if I really become a superstar. Then what? You can put all kinds of things in a contract, but in the end you’re just stuck.
-Indeed, huh? Just shup up! You’re going nowhere! You’ve got to shut up and follow.
-For how long do you have a contract? Pff. At Ali B? Like 85 years or something? Contract for life. I have that Casillas contract, from back in the days when he was still populair. You think he’ll let me go? Are you kidding me? He’s a smart guy. But you know what it is, he teaches me so much. It’s the best learning school there is. Everything goes well, great. Listening. What does your day look like? These two weeks everything is about the EP. It’s really on accident that you’re coming just right now in this period. So a lot of that, but for the remaining part it’s just a lot of being in the studio. A lot of recording, like for real. You’ll get sick because of it. And I only use words which I also use in my daily life, you know. Not using totally different words all of a sudden. When I try to explain something, you’ll hear it, right? Then… How shall I explain it? This is what I mean. Do you understand the example I’m giving you? That I try to explain something, which I fail to do, but you understand? I only use those words. Done. So you don’t use words which you normally also actually don’t use? I still remember my first time at Ali B where he said: ”Alright, let’s make a song.” I used all kinds of words. He says: ”Bro, it’s too hard.” ”Listen up, it’s too hard. Keep it simple.” So since then we’re simple. Ali B, I’ve known him for a long time. Is he still an agent? Back then he also was an agent for football players. He still does. A few friends. He does a lot of things, damn. He’s a hard worker.
-We should see him as a role model. He doesn’t keep quiet. He explained to me: A day has 24 hours. Do whatever you want to in those 24 hours. Sleep as long as you want. You don’t have to sleep exactly 8 hours in the night. Sometimes you need to go on, even if you’re sleeping only 3 hours because of it. In the afternoon, maybe, or in the evening. And then you’ll get a total of 6 hours. In stages.
-It’s fucked up. Are you in to football? Who do you support?
-Sparta. Sparta. It’s nearby. I’ve murdered them once. 8-3.
-But who hasn’t? I believe I’ve also scored a lot against Sparta. You’re allowed to.
-But it is a beautiful club. That one goal against AS Roma, is it your most beautiful one? That one was dope. But I’ve also scored one against Arsenal. A volley. With Inter. A volley from the left side.
-With Inter against Arsenal? Yes. I thought it was with Everton. I’ve never seen someone who has played 8 seasons at a club and played like 11 minutes. What were you doing? I’ve played 17 games in 4 seasons. The most expensive player Everton had ever bought. That’s also an achievement. Of course! 17 games… Do you often go out? I’m not a fan of crowded places. Didn’t you have children?
-Not to my knowledge. Maybe… No, I don’t have children. I’m not a fan of crowded spots. I can’t quite handle it. Look at him go. He doesn’t care how much tickets he gets. He doesn’t give a fuck. If the cops catch and tell him he needs to pay all those tickets he’s just gonna say: ”You can take me to the department.” ”So I can sleep” But that’s the Netherlands. You can’t registrate this anywhere. So it’s forgotten. You can’t earn from a broke guy. What is your favorite song you’ve ever made? Ashafar is dope. I’ve made something with him. Ashafar is dope. Kevin?
-He’s fire as well. I also have a song with him which you also don’t know. I do know. ”Barkie.” Come! Andy van der Meijde is here! Look! 17 games at Everton! The whole Kruiskade is getting to know you. Shall we pick up some random person? Driving around a bit. ”How are you? Relaxed?” Nevermind, maybe we’ll get a knife in our throat all of a sudden. Do you watch Netflix?
-I do. Which one did you watch most recently? I haven’t seen anything good for a while now. Let me think, which was the last good one I saw… Well…
-Le casa de Papel. Well, not even actually, the second season wasn’t good. The Dutch show: Mocromaffia? It’s dope! It’s something for you, huh? You wanna be an actor?
-I’ve already played a role in something, but I can’t tell you what is it. Not yet. I cannot tell you. Yes.
-For television? A dope production. At first I needed to visit two shoots. When I came I said to the producer, because he prepared the script for me you know, I’m reading it while thinking: ”Would this come out of my mouth?” So I asked: ”Can I say it differently but in the same style?” He agrees. So I took off and when I got home I saw my agenda was bulging. They immediately gave my role more screentime.
-Seriously? That’s great. I should make a movie one day. That would be great. Producing and writing it by my own. Is it a dream of yours? That’s dope.
Like, you know, I’m a Moroccan guy, right? You know enough Moroccan guys. And you know many succesful Moroccans. The ones who don’t have a criminal record, have a honest personality and all that kind of stuff, you get it? All the football players you know all are genuine people. Good families, you know. We even have a Moroccan mayor. Van Hooijkdonks dad. Anyway, Why don’t you laugh? Is van Hooijdonk your buddy? Well, it’s okay. I’ve played with his dad, nothing else. So you got all those Moroccans, right? But why everytime a Moroccan guy gets a role in a movie or show you’ll see the same hasj or the same fake gucci cap? Like the stereotyped image from Dutch people. If the common Dutch person thinks about a Moroccan, they won’t think about Aboutaleb? They’ll think about… Gucci.
-Yeah, so like, Gucci and acting all tough, a fancy car, but it’s all not true. You don’t have to image a whole group of people like that over and over. That’s the typical image a Dutch person has about a Moroccan. Come on. It’s not comparable. It cannot be. Like, I’ll never tell a person: ”Choose for this country.” But eventually, brothers of mine, I’ll look in the camera, eventually you’ll stay a Moroccan. And the most beautiful thing is: It’s okay to be a Moroccan!” It’s beautiful! If I didn’t want to be a Moroccan, well, If I weren’t to be one, I would want to be one! It’s beautiful to be one, you should not choose between Morocco or Holland. You can be a Moroccan in the Netherlands. I was born here, I’m enjoying it and I’ll never leave. I would never move to Morocco, unless I kicked some ass. It’s all okay while still being a Moroccan dude. Can it be together? It has to, right? But we shouldn’t even talk about it, right?
-We actually have to. We’re all one.
-I’ll explain you why. We need to talk about it! Of course we’re all one! But it also has to be said like that! You shouldn’t adress somebody as a Dutch person just like that. I am a Dutch guy but I’m also Moroccan. Am I not allowed to be? Or do I only have to be a Dutch person? Of course not. Ziyech is the best player out of the Eredivisie. He got lots of criticism. But he’s still positive. Why? Identity. Personality. I’m Moroccan. I stand for that. I’m the best player of the Netherlands. I love this country. And you must accept me as who I am. And if you’re on such level, well then… Than we’re okay, otherwise we aren’t.
-Do you think there are a lot of racist people? Of course, and it’ll always exist. It’s fucked up when… Like, I’ve studied on a high level and graduated.
-I know. And if that racist person is the one who is in charge about the applications for the job, well then it’s fucked up. But for the rest, you can or can’t be a racist for my part. Whatever you want to. You can hate me if you want. Who the fuck are you? Get it? Indeed. You need to continue with your own life, so. Nobody is going to do it for you. If there’s somebody who hates you or dislikes you, Miyek from me.
-What does ”Miyek” mean? Fuck off. Go away. Is it Arabic?
-Yes. I’ll tell my wife later. ”Miyek, honey.” What’s that? Technology. 2020. A big pizza.
-2020. An electrical cargo bike. 5 people inside. Damn. Are you in Rotterdam often?
-I am. A lot. This week I’m expecting Kevin in my car.
-Dope. Kevin is great, huh? I’m grateful for life for such people. Now I see- He has this amazingly slow flow sound. Exactly. And he has studied on a high level as well, right? Smart guy.
-Dude, I sat on a black high school. You shouldn’t think- Everybody studied high. All those Moroccans and Turkish people. Yeah, but it’s like, they always think people become a rapper because he can’t do anything else. But they are smart people. But I must admit, when I graduated and went searching for a job, if I had found one I wouldn’t be a rapper. I must admit. Couldn’t you find a job?
-No! Even my brother who went to university could not. Nothing. The last name is… There’s nothing to get. Is Taghi your last name? ”?” It means the deaf one. Ainoo… Kehba Andy. Don’t! You need to beep this out. Will do. Why, who’s watching? Who cares?
-You’ll regret it! That’s how I always think. Imagine you’re cussing and a 8 year old kid in the supermarket is using those words. But I have such ages who follow me. Wait until after this video. Moroccans will pull you over outside. You’re born with the wrong ethnicity! You should be a Moroccan. Right winger…
-A lot of people tell me that. It’s because I grew up with a lot of Moroccan kids. Moroccan people around you, only Moroccans in the groupschat, 60% of the people you invite in your car are Moroccans, and that’s a fact. If you’ll find Melvin Platje somewhere, that’s also a Moroccan. Who else? Who made you go crazy? Mido! An Egyptian. Also Moroccan! Look at him it’s the same! How did you say that? ”Made you go crazy?” ”Mfiles” The dirty bastard. With his: ”You can have 4 wifes.” When their 3 husbands died in the war, then it’s allowed. Look at you all, doing fun stuff with them. You’re dangerous. If you did that nowadays you would only last for 2 months. Metoo… Facebook… Don’t you ever like: ”That’s a hot women. Let me take a look.” I do.
-Leave it. Looking is okay… You should leave it.
-Of course. You really should. It’s dangerous and it’s of no use. Have you had a nice childhood?
-I did. A strict dad. But I’ve done some stuff as well.
-Yeah? Were you annoying? You could tell me for 25 minutes I mustn’t do something, but in the 26th I minute I did the thing. You aren’t listening. Fucked up. How come? Was your brother also like that? Totally differently?
-Yes. My brother and sister… I am, well, I was the…
-The crazy one. My dad really put pressure on me. I just saw him, he’s all happy and stuff. He’s retiring. A few months. He’s happy. Back in the days he was this big angry man.
-Respected? Do something crazy and he’ll… He doesn’t give a damn. He’ll smack you in front of everybody. A hand of a man. You know back in the days when they had these tough cola bottles? 1 guilder worth of deposit. The plastic ones, but the hard plastic ones. And then in the morning Where do I need to go?
-Straight ahead. In the morning he went to the library and in the evening he drove the ice cream car until 10 pm so he worked from 6 am to 10 pm. So he comes home, with that bottle, and you’ve to realise, we’re little. And he presses the bottle together while drinking and in the end he puts the lid on. So all the air is sucked out now. You know what happens when you open the bottle, do you? Who needs to go to the fridge? Who needs to go get something to drink for his stressed out dad? I need to lay in bed, it’s 11 PM But what do I do? Drinking cola at 11 PM. So I grab the bottle, I open it… That was my day. That was my second birthday. It was my birthday back then. I needed to presort. Indeed, you should! You do it often with this car, huh? And then? Then I received a smack. I received a punishment and a conversation with daddy! He told me not to do it ever again and I had to stand in the corner. Fists. But I became a man. When you fight with me I wont go K.O. I’ll remain on my feet. My jaw is trained. Do you have any future plans? Or are you a day by day person? No, I sure do look at the future. What are your current goals?
-Making a lot of music. Making that movie. And let’s see for how long we can remain in this entertainment world. You know, I love speaking. Just speaking with people. What going on? Talk to me! I would like that.
-What do you mean, like helping people or? Indeed. Like that. Sometimes people need simplicity. Or god. Or go pray, it can make a difference. Do you pray often?
-I pray how many times a muslim is obligated to.
5 times. Not always on time. I must admit. But we have a peacefully and loving religion. So it’s not like this when you do something wrong, even if some people act like that. ”You cannot eat bacon!” Just eat it! Go ahead if you want to. But you know, it’s prohibited. Eat that pig. Double bacon. Go to MacDonalds and get every bacon you can. It’s between you and God. Eat bacon, go ahead. They go like: ”You cannot!”. Do it if you want to! Do you eat bacon?
-Are you crazy? Are you crazy… Eating bacon is dangerous.
-You also don’t like frikandellen, huh? Haram frikandel.
-You also have halal frikandellen. Killed those back in the days. And you write your own songs, right? On your trip back home, you need to listen to my songs.
-I already do the whole day. If you’re ghost writing that you’re an idiot. I need to be here. Or just park it here. It was fun. You’re risky. You’re a legend.
-Take your cups with you. My mum kills me if I don’t bring them back. When you’re in Rotterdam hook me up. I won’t forgive you if you don’t. 6th of March. Whats’app me. Bye. So that was ICE, great guy. You know. His heart upon his tongue. He just tells you what he thinks. No bullshit. Straight ahead. I like that. I’ve had a nice present which I unfortunately cannot give away. But I want to thank you all for watching anyway. We’re going on to the next one, bye!

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