How To Unlock Car Door When Keys Locked in Car

How To Unlock Car Door When Keys Locked in Car

13 thoughts on “How To Unlock Car Door When Keys Locked in Car

  1. You probably can't do that in a bodyshop but when I worked as a mechanic, every time I got a car in the shop, I would open the driver window enough to get an arm through there as part of my routine. I have seen too many colleagues waste precious time trying to unlock a car with the keys inside!

  2. Fk n blew my ear drums with that low intro unsubsidized

  3. I had bought a tool chest including tools a couple years ago and an air bag was in there…I would have thrown it away if it didn't say Matco, did some Googling and figured it out.

  4. Check out more how-to videos at

    help me out

  6. to bad they don't make one for the home lol…  can't tell you how many times I had to brake into my own house lol…

  7. Don't do this, it really screws up the door frame permanently. I would rather have you break the window, instead of bending up the door !

  8. Ya that's why German cars didn't have knob

  9. i can't find that plastic strap anywhere… can anyone help?

  10. Learn more about this lockout kit at

  11. This worked up perfectly! Thaanks 🙂

  12. Hey. Do you work for Shifty's In and Out Midnight Auto Supply?

  13. Thanks. I always carry an airbag and wedge in my pocket so this is perfect. Lol

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