How To Professionally Tint a Car Door window – 2013 VW Jetta (For Beginners )

How To Professionally Tint a Car Door window – 2013 VW Jetta (For Beginners )

100 thoughts on “How To Professionally Tint a Car Door window – 2013 VW Jetta (For Beginners )

  1. Definitely tinting the windows on the Camry.

  2. Super tutorial video! Your video is exceptional going detailed on step-by-step crystal clear. I appreciate your effort in made this video. Extremely helpful to me. Since I had many times tinted my car on my own with some trouble. Now little practice withi can tint like a pro. Lol. Keep my fingers crossed though.

  3. Appreciate the time to explain each step. Nice work!

  4. Very nice!!
    I learned a lot.

    Besides the various techniques to get the job done right what I really learned is two important things.

    I don't want to do this.
    and two
    I now know what to demand from the professional I have do this.

    Whatever a man's job is he should have pride that it is done well.

  5. Holy fuck… good job man
    I’m gonna pay a pro now 😂

  6. Nunca te pongas un taller de polarizados por que te moría de hambre loco… Ese vidrio habrá quedado con miles de detalles
    Muy principiante

  7. Pro

  8. You really dont need a fancy looking spray bottle, you can just use your grandma's old hair spray bottle and it will still do the trick lol

  9. So to this guy. Gonna do it sometime soon myself. Also, this guy genuinely seems so nice!

  10. You've convinced me, FUCK THAT! I'm paying my local shop the $200 they charge with lifetime warranty. Thanks for the video.

  11. YouTube Is A heck of a teacher, and so are you . Thank you

  12. Satisfying

  13. There’s a reason these guys charge you a good penny for these things.

    This isn’t just an addition to your car but a skilled mastery. Good job bro.

  14. you never got blemish out !

  15. ay thanks man i can start a window tinting job now

  16. Do not tint your door windows in New York state, USA. I had to remove my tint on all 4 door windows during the annual NY state car inspection. Maybe very light tint will pass. Medium dark tint will fail the inspection. The tint used in the video would fail the inspection in NY state.

  17. In 25 years of running a window tinting service .I've never seen someone make a job look so hard .not really a great video for a novice to try and learn from .it's not a good idea to leave the film above the door card.reapted use of the window will at some point cause it to peel off

  18. Que alguien le enseñe a cargar el pulverizador!!!

  19. Now i know how to tint a car door window..Thank bro so much…it was helpful. Step by step…You are the best

  20. Wasn't it forbidden by law to make the windows in front tinted ? Or something like that?

  21. true artist! totally enjoyed watching a true professional who know his trade..WOW great job! no way I would attempt doing this after watching all the tricks of the trade this skilled artist has acquired from doing many installations!

  22. Brilliant, I ALMOST feel I could do it myself. Almost…

  23. surely it invalidates your car insurance to have extra tints on drivers side windows

  24. This vid gives me confidence I can do it my self but I’m for sure going to fuck it up 😂😂

  25. I could watch this video 100 times and still not be able to do it. But I'd happily pay this guy to do it. Know your limitations.

  26. Wow this guy is a true professional. ,,because I think I just learned how to tint, now I just need some practice.
    I'm very thankful about that.

  27. Does that also work on Windows 7?

  28. Explanation why it’s on the outside?

  29. For once I'd like to see a tutorial that doesn't start with 'what's up guys?', or worse, 'what up?'

  30. Yea this is too much. I’ll just pay

  31. Top man! Nice to see someone doing a proper job and shooting the video himself 👍

  32. My only issue is getting the tint. You can't get any of the real tint like 3M it's only sold to installers. What do we buy for those who DIY?

  33. Too long many explanations instead of the point. No good

  34. OK. I will go ahead and pay to have this done.

  35. watching this in 2020 nice job dude thanks for posting

  36. Hello sir this is sam ,
    I'm a professional window tinter also PPF and wrapping .I'm looking for job do you have any vacancy please if you have any vacancy informe me I've experienced more than 5years if you allow me to join your team I'll use my talent to more grow up the company. Thank you so much

  37. if you cant afford to get a professionally to tint your windows you prob shouldn't even be driving!!!

  38. He is so smart HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HES DOING..

  39. Thank you pal! Great slow and easy process !
    Best tutorial on the web!!!

  40. Hi s hot!

  41. This is not for everyone….seen so many do it yourselfers fail and waist money….bring it to a tint shop!!!

  42. Will cutting the film on the glass with the blade do any scratch damage to the glass ??

  43. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  44. Step one find a shop
    step two Drop car off
    Step three pay the man

  45. Wow . very well explain. Love the video.

  46. Yea I probably will just let the professionals to do it I am to lazy for all that

  47. It's very hard to do.I did all the chrome trim on my 2010 buick lacrosse.Never done it before but it came out pretty darn good.I watched some of his videos and learned allot.

  48. 2013 awesome mate well done make more videos

  49. I think the hardest part for me is finding good film that I’m able to buy cause so far the places I have found only sell to shops

  50. Now i know why i Failed tinting my car LOL. Can i pay you to do my car?

  51. Good work. By the way you are Cute 🙂

  52. Great instruction. Thank you

  53. Bro I can teach you the correct way on how to tint.. plz guys don’t get fooled by a hack

  54. How to professionally (get) pulled over for tinted windows

  55. Every little detail was thoroughly explained…a true professional. It's a gift to be a great teacher and be able to explain things in a way that's easily understood…this young man has that skill in spades. I learned something today. Thank you sir!

  56. Ok people know your limitations. It take a certain person to be able to do this job. He makes it look easy but it's not. Great job young man and your a hell of a teacher

  57. Nice work!, the only thing that would have been nice, if you had paused the video until you finished the entire car. Then just a couple seconds of showing all your work.. Just wanted to say that. But, good work. I used to install tint when i was younger, and had lots of business, I even had some people who did it wrong by doing all the cutting from inside, and told me I was doing it wrong by doing most of the cuts on the outside, lol

  58. This was explained so thoroughly and clearly that I’m convinced I’d be able to to tint my own windows

  59. My method is usually take it to a shop….cheaper….easier…and my rage meter stays low 😛

  60. thtas the way you manage a brand new car ? puting the paper on the top spraying the water or quimicals without protection

  61. Wow!! Thanks so much for this! very well done! You are a great teacher!

  62. Side windows are easy. Try doing a video on the back window and small rear side windows, that’s the challenge 🤪

  63. Is it possible to use the first cut as a template for the opposite side window?

  64. Thanks for the great informative video!

  65. Wow bro you are the man what a great job and we'll explained on how to do it right I never knew how much work that went into tinting windows love your work you make it look so easy we know it's not tho

  66. That's alot of water inside that door lol

  67. Great video nice efforts

  68. Exactly the point, my young level-headed friend.

  69. Good video. Very well explained. That shit ain’t easy to do. You make it look easy af

  70. Great job great video

  71. great video. thx for the lesson.

    omg, it looks so simple.
    yet, it takes real skill and hours of practice.

  72. Wow I wish I could put tint on the wrong side fucking noob

  73. Great video ! Explained very well thanks 🙂

  74. Good job!!!

  75. bloom berg sucks

  76. Out of the damn videos i have seen you are the first one to actually explain step by step on how to do it carefully and right. I got my front 2 windows re•done and the guy left alot of dam bubbles all over i had to fix it my self once i got home 🤦🏻‍♂️

  77. This is about how complicated it is to put on a Cell Phone Screen Protector in 2020 LMAO!!! #LavaLab™

  78. Nice video explanation.. thanks…
    I don't think I can do it, I will just pay somebody experienced to do it.. This needs practice.

  79. What if I got a red rag and not a blue one🤔…haha and I dont have silky water only hard😮

  80. Dude!! You're a frkn pro! Whatever you make isn't enough! Nice job!

  81. Nicely done!

  82. I like that you accomplished this without removing the door panel. Would you take the same approach for a door panel that is not vinyl or leather? The top of my door panel is Alcantara and I would be afraid to spray that much water near it and wait until the end to try and wipe it off.

  83. This dude sucks chuck. Garbage of a video

  84. This video make i want to try tint

  85. Well, I am 54 and thought I knew a lot. 1st I would have put it on the inside if I were just guesstimating, 2nd the way with the squeegee was great. 3rd and most importantly I learned the indentations on the blade were break off blades. Great vid and I almost didn't watch because it wouldn't dl and had gone to next vid in line then came back. Very well done

  86. why do you have to cut the edges of the black film while on the glass? why dont do it on a workbench?

  87. wow this is freaking meee outttt…all the water hes spraying all over the inside door….wont that break the auto lock n window buttons

  88. Wow still replying to comments almost 7 years after uploading this. What a legend

  89. i get my Bmw f10 windows without windscreen tinted on 90min,he was pro tinter.

  90. Can you tint over tint

  91. Excellent! You clearly didn't train the WANKER who tinted my windows in England! What a F**KING MESS he made!!😭

  92. Your craftsmanship is really outstanding, your attention to detail, scrumptious, not to mention your clear way of teaching. You must have learned from a Great Master.

  93. Hi.
    Can you answer a quick question. Background first. My wife wrote "wash me" in the dust on side screen of a "friends" car. He is saying the she has scratched his ceramic tinted window and wants the equivelent of hundreds of dollars to repair the scratches (which we can't see}.
    My question is, isn't the ceramic film applied the the inside? So how did she scratch the tint?

  94. My question…can you tint my Tahoe??

  95. Awesome job 👍👍👍. ✌️

  96. Thanks for the excellent instructions. Now I can open my weekend professional window tint shop :)) Practice makes perfect!

  97. This man has serious dedication to this video

  98. Natural born teacher. Outstanding job

  99. Great video.

  100. Wtf I thought tint went in the inside!?!?

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