How to Master a Lap of Melbourne’s F1 Circuit!

How to Master a Lap of Melbourne’s F1 Circuit!

Hi, this is Esteban Gutierrez and this is my guide to the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit So here we are crossing the line for the start of the lap and maximum speed into Turn 1. Very late braking, almost right before turn in, and you want to use a little bit of the apex kerb but you want to use as much as possible on the exit to get as much speed as possible. Then here it is crucial to get the DRS properly done. Braking 100 metres, well positioned on the apex to get a good exit line as you want to use as much as possible of the apex here and also on the exit which makes it a bit tricky on the sausage kerb. Pretty straightforward high-speed corner, with these cars we have so much downforce now. Next one, it’s similar to Turn 1, fourth gear, as much as possible entry speed and using everything on exit. This one you want to brake a little bit after the 100 metre mark and then exit is a bit tricky, which you have a little bit of lateral load combined traction which usually heats up a bit your tyres. As we approach the high-speed corner you want to position the car as close as possible to the wall, have a good line on entry, use as much as possible on the apex of the kerb and you want your car to react really well for change of direction to get a good line on the second part. Very straight forward corner, 90 degree and as we approach the last section
of the track you usually have your tyres a bit
overheated, so here on the hairpin you want to position your car well for exit as you have another high speed corner which is sometimes tricky. That’s a lap of Melbourne.

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