How to go camping with a small convertible car?

How to go camping with a small convertible car?

We love camping comfortably but we also
love our tiny convertible car. How does it all fit in there? We use the luggage compartments and some of the space behind the seats for clothes and toiletries. Food, camera equipment and personal items go in the foothold of the passenger seat, the glove compartments and under the seats. Then we have our tent
with an air bed sleeping bag and inflatable pillows these are packed in a
waterproof bag, in our case a large handy duffel. This also fits the foldable table
and chair and some other items like a rubber hammer, lamp and some spare shoes. This is the foldable table. the foldable chairs and the tent. the waterproof bag is then tied to the luggage rack with two lashing straps. Then there is the other inevitable
camping equipment like a gas stove, some pans, plates, cutlery, cup, washing up liquid, olive oil and toilet paper, these all go in the trunk. We keep the spare wheel in there too together with a few tools but you might decide to leave
those at home depending on your trip. Don’t forget to bring some duct tape, a
clothesline and plenty of sunscreen. You can find a complete list in the
description. feel free to leave a comment, like and subscribe to this channel formore travel videos! you

6 thoughts on “How to go camping with a small convertible car?

  1. Nice

  2. Nice video. How do you set up the hammock? (the one in your trunk) the cords that come with it are way too short

  3. leuke video!! 🙂

  4. There's no way you were able to close that frunk haha. Still nice video, I have an MR-S but always iffy about going camping with it. That luggage rack might be the best solution. do you have a link for where to get that?

  5. Well Done! Iv been photographing (a few videos) of each big load I get in my MR2. I'll put together a compilation video one day.

  6. Wow, I thought this was going to be a funny video, well done

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