How to Get Started on a Project Car (it’s easier than you think)

How to Get Started on a Project Car (it’s easier than you think)

– If you’re watching this channel, you probably like cars. (cars revving) And if you like cars you’ve probably dreamt about having one as a project. Well what’s stopping you? Maybe you thought it was too expensive of hobby. Or maybe you thought you didn’t have the skills necessary to have one. Or maybe you thought you weren’t cool enough to join the club. Well, I’m here to you that none of that stuff is true. It doesn’t have to be that expensive. It’s really not that hard, and our threshold for what’s cool is actually really very low. Today, I’m gonna you five reasons why you can and should have a project car. And once I’ve successfully convinced you I’m gonna give you my top
three picks for project cars. I’m Zack, and this is Money Pit. (thunder crashing) All right. So you guys might be wondering what makes me qualified to talk to you, aspiring
mechanics, about project cars. And I guess really my
qualification is just that I am about as afflicted as it can get. I have a project car problem, if you will. I don’t think it’s a problem, but everybody else does. About six months ago,
I moved to Ohio to LA to work at Donut. I sold all my cars in Ohio, and drove an RV to LA. I lived in it for about four months, and I now have four project cars, and an RV in the back yard. So I guess that’s my qualification. I keep buying junk in various states, if running or not running. I think that’s cool, and if you’re kinda in the same boat and you have a project that isn’t running, that you haven’t been working on, I hope that you use this video as inspiration to get back into the garage and get working on it, and not be like my roommate Syrone who bought a perfectly good project car about three months ago, took up the only garage space with it. That broke. And hasn’t touched it in three months. So don’t be like Serone. Be like me.
Turn some wrenches. Okay, So cars can be scary and daunting and like super complex, especially these days. But, once you start to learn how to work on your project car, it sets you up very well to be able to work on any car. It’s kinda like learning a language. You start to figure out how
to pick up on the trails and the breadcrumbs. Okay, you hear a sound. Now that you kinda know
how to work on your car you know where to go for that sound. You know how to find the source of the sound, and fix it. It doesn’t only apply to cars. Say your washing machine breaks in your house. You can probably fix that now because you know how
mechanical stuff works. But be careful people
will catch wind of that, so all of the sudden you’re fixing everybody’s cars in the neighborhood. And they want you to do it for free. Charge them like half price, and then bam you’re making money. That’s a business plan. All right, so now that we got you all hyped up and confident thinking that you can fix anything in the world, sorry we gotta reel it back a little bit and be honest with ourselves, you’re not always gonna be able to fix everything. It’s inevitable that you get confused or you get stumped on a problem with a car. It happens to me all the time. But so what do you do when that happens? You turn to one of the
other biggest reasons for getting into cars,
which is the community. (music) It’s your family. The family that you’ve been building. The family that speaks this language that you’ve been learning. It’s like you and your friends dirty and tired in the garage at like two in the morning. You gotta this engine back into the car, but thing after thing after problem after issue is
stopping you, slowing you down, chipping away at your confidence. It happens.
I’ve been there. But through hard work and perseverance, you and your boys get that engine back in. You get the job done and you always do when it comes down to you and your friends working on stuff. You actually don’t always get it done. That’s a misdirection. Sometimes you’re not gonna get it done. This language that
we’ve been talking about transcends whatever language you speak. I have had so many interactions with people from all
over the world about cars because we all kinda understand, even if we can’t quite understand each other’s language, we understand the car language, and that is so cool. – That was really good man. That was really good. – Thanks buddy. Okay so you kinda understand that there is this language now, and I think I’ve harped on the community thing hard enough. So now I think it’s time
to start talking about the elephant in the room. Money. It’s honestly probably what’s
kept you out of this game thus far. But it’s okay. We’ll get through it. Let’s talk about it. When you’re getting into any hobby you’re gonna end up spending some money and this is no different. I think a lot of people get hung up on wanting to have expensive tools, which yeah expensive tools are nice sure, but cheap tools will get the job done. And I’ve made a list of the tools that you need to get started. Here it is. The list starts with sockets and ratchets, like these. You’re gonna want to buy metric sockets because pretty much all car stuff is metric these days. Though it does depend on
what you’re working on. You need a set of screwdrivers. Just get yourself a big ole combo kit with flatheads and phillips, you’ll pretty much be set. And you’re also gonna need some pliers. Again, just a combo set of piers, get a little bit of everything, you’ll be in good shape. You’ll need a set of wrenches. Again, metric. And I recommend getting an adjustable wrench to. Get you a good combo set, and you’ll be in good shape. And then you need a digital multi-meter to handle all the electrical
issues that you may have, and this. This is kind of a complicated tool but we’ll learn how to use this later on. If you’re working on cars that are OBD II, which means from 1996 or newer, you’re gonna wanna have a code reader, a scanner, so you can see what your check engine light is on for, what’s actually going on in the computer of your car, a indisposable tool. And of course you’re gonna need a jack and jack stands so you can lift your car,
get it off the ground, and safely work under it. Speaking of safely, you also need some safety equipment. I like to go with the 1982 version of safety glasses to keep your eyes in perfect condition. You’re also gonna need a hammer. This is one of the most indisposable tools in the garage. You bang stuff on, bang stuff off. You don’t know. And then honestly I think
having a pry bar is nice so you can, you know, pry stuff off. But that’s about it. That’s not to bad. And I actually, I went
tot, who does not sponsor this what so ever, and I put all this stuff in a cart. You can do all this for
less than 400 bucks, which is not bad. – [Friend] And if you can’t afford that just do what everyone else does. – Steal. – Steal one from your friends
one by one tool at a time. – And if you can’t afford that, do what everyone else does and just borrow them from
a friend permanently. At the end of the day with a project car, the only thing that
matters is what you like. You get to build a
project car to your taste. For your own satisfaction, and to flex on other mother******s. Regardless of what aspect
of cars you think is cool, you can do that, there are no rules. I mean if you want it to be street legal, there are kind of some rules. But you know what I mean. So no matter what your thing is, what your into, you can use
your project car as a way to further express that. And honestly, its on of the coolest ways
you can express yourself that I can think of. We get to play with machines. These are varietable machines. Pretty much any car on the road can do like 100 miles an hour or more. And that, when you think about it, is crazy. You get to drive a machine
that can do 100 miles an hour. And there is no better
way to express yourself than by building and
driving something like that. Okay so, you get to learn
how to work on cars, you get to join a really cool community, you get to spend all your money and time in a really cool way, and you get to express yourself through the coolest medium I can think of. So what next? What next on this whole gear head journey that were talking about? Picking out a project. So let me give you my top
3 picks for a project, as of early 2020. Each pick is gonna be for a
different facit of motorsport. If you want to call it that. Okay so if drifting is your thing, if that’s what your into. In my opinion you should pick up an E36. 325i or 328i. Their abundant, their cheap, their pretty darn reliable, and they make enough
power to get you sliding. You really don’t have to do much. If your a drift kinda person, get you an E36, like
the one in the garage. Come steal this one! Syrones not doing anything with it. So if off roadings your thing, I think my pick has to be a Jeep. Ideally a Wrangler, and ideally with a four liter inline six. Its got enough power to get you anywhere, but it can be hard to
come by those for cheap. So you go with a Wrangler
with a 4 cylinder, or you can also find Jeep Cherokees with that 4 liter inline
6 for really cheap. So I’d probably do that. And that brings me to my third pick, which I guess is actually my first pick, because I actually bought it. I bought a Miata! I’ve been itching do some
auto crossing and track dang, and hit all the beautiful
canyons out here in California. So what could be better to do that in, than a Mazda Miata. Their cheap, their reliable, their abundant, and most
importantly their good. It is a 1994 NA so its got the popups. James said I couldn’t have
one without the popups. And It might not look like much right now, but I assure you this
thing is an absolute gem. A diamond in the ruff if you will. And throughout the life of this show, we are going to wrench on
every little part of this car. And I’ll show you how it works, and how you install stuff, and what it does and
everything in between. Thanks a billion for watching. We’re about to take a huge
journey with this car, so I hope you stick with us. Follow me on Instagram @zachjobe, follow Donut @donutmedia, follow our new YouTube
channel for out podcasts, Donut Podcasts, and of course as always. Subscribe to the channel. See you guys next week.

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