How To Clean Your Wheels with Koch Chemie Reactive Wheel Cleaner

How To Clean Your Wheels with Koch Chemie Reactive Wheel Cleaner

So start off at the wheels. Reactive Wheel Cleaner, so good.
Yep pH neutral, a little goes a long way. A little puff, agitate and blast off. The wheels will react, it will change colour. Safe for all wheel types, a fantastic product. Gloss enhancement as well. Gives that lovely finish on a set of wheels after.
Yeah it really does. Really really like this. Available in 10 and
a 33 kilogram drum as well. The trick with this is just to don’t go
gunning away, don’t brush it on, a nice mist is what you want to
be seeing with that product. Ok, James.
Stef! First things first,
(together) reactive wheel cleaner . That’s what we’ll do on this,
your wheel ain’t that bad. You do look after yours,
decanted that- Into this one, double
action trigger spray. I love the kneeling mats.
Yeah, don’t wanna get wet knees. No and I’m getting a bit old now mate,
I’ve got a dodgy knee! So, let’s go and play!
Let’s go and do it, mate. Ok James, so, Reactive Wheel Cleaner. We’ll do the front one. That’s always the one with
the heavy amount of brake dust. Yeah absolutely, but to be fair these
are pretty clean for a transit wheel. Now again mate, what we’re
gonna do double action, so we’ll start at the bottom and
then we’ll work our way up the wheel, so the product will run into it. Into itself is always a better
way of cleaning a wheel. Yep, makes sense. Now, mate, I don’t know about you,
I’m gonna give that a couple of minutes, just to let it turn red, then I’m gonna
bring out a nice brush, give it a little agitation, and then
blast it off, move round. I think one of the important things
to mention with this as well is, which I quite like, we can use this
down the paintwork. Yeah it’s a fallout remover
at the end of the day. So if you wanna put it on here,
you’re more than welcome. No panic, no worries, no stress! Yep, perfect. Right, let’s give it a
couple of minutes to do it’s thing. Stef, we’ve given it a couple of
minutes to react and, to be fair, there’s a lot more brake dust on
there than I thought there was. That’s what I like about these that
react, is because even though they look quite clean, obviously
it’s finding quite a lot that needs to come off.
It really has. So what we’ll start with is our Wheel
Woolies we get from America by Braun. these are brilliant. We’re just going to literally
agitate all of the bits of the wheels. We can get in, we can do the
backs of the barrels. We can do what we want.
These things are great, man. You can’t scratch anything with them,
they’ve got a load of cleaning power they fit in some brilliant places.
They just work decently. They do good, I like the fact you can get them in
a pack of three as well so you’ve sort of got- And we sell them singularly,
so if you’re unsure, y’know you can almost bring your wheels
down to our shop and go and try them for size,
see what fits. Yep definitely. Now the front of these wheels,
I love a Valetpro brush. Just to get in all of these bits y’know.
It just makes it easy. It’s almost painting by numbers now, mate. Yeah, they are quite good for
getting in around the nuts. Look at that! They’re chemical resistant,
they’re not gonna last forever, but they do last a few months
that’s for sure. Now, mate, I dunno about you, but that needs
blasting off and we’ll take that off with it.

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