How Excited Are You For Fully Self-Driving Cars? | Ridiculousness

How Excited Are You For Fully Self-Driving Cars? | Ridiculousness

(Clapping) – Okay, how excited are you
about fully self driving cars? – Not that excited – Not excited at all, man. – Wow. – I don’t trust humans. Why would I trust a robotic car? (audience laughing) – Man ’cause humans get
drunk, high, sketchy, don’t see things. – Would you let one drive you? – [Rob Derdyk] I would, I would. – I feel like you go for
it though, with everything. – I look forward to it. You know what I mean? I look forward to the day just sitting there all by myself (audience and co-host laughing) – It sounds cool if you like can’t catch a last minute flight to Vegas, and you wanna, ’cause I
don’t ever drive to Vegas. I hate driving to Vegas. – Sounds like a guy that can’t wait. (audience and co-hosts laughing) Sounds like guys could be
in Vegas every weekend. (beep) I ain’t gotta drive myself. I just (beep) (making car noise). (audience and co-hosts laughing) Look, we all know the idea of
it’s good, but the trust is they’re gonna be crashing left and right, and we’re gonna be too scared, okay? Just like all these self-crashing cars. Take a look. (audience cheering) – [Rob Derdyk] My robot
senses say right here. And, right here. (audience gasping) You’ve arrived at your destination. (audience laughing) – They literally moved
that whole car out the way. He’s like, you’re in parking spot 3D. Oh, oh back it up! (audience gasping) Hey, you know what, this
not my spot, you right. (audience laughing) It’s back here, my bad. I was mistaken. (audience laughing) Yes! This is like (beep) at Universal Studios! – I’m literally looking at it
like a ride from Universal. – [Steelo Brim] Like King Kong (everyone laughing) I’ll hit your cars in the building! (audience laughing) – Oh, so it must’ve
drove off the hill behind and all the way through the building. – Is it an apartment, like where are you? – First of all, why’s that
wall look like cardboard? That’s how it went through
the building! (laughing) – [Steelo Brim] But like how
did you get up there, Chevy? (audience laughing) Oh no, uh oh, (murmurs) (audience gasping) Who pays for this? – [Rob Derdyk] Man, look – Oh, you just left your car. – Yep, you’ve arrived at your destination. (audience and co-host laughing) – Alright, okay, don’t, okay. It’s not Darrel’s destiny to go right now. Oh man! (audience gasping) – Oh (beep)! – He never thought he
met a self-driving car. – [Rob Derdyk] Oh look, he’s old and slow but he was just fast
enough to keep with it. (audience clapping) Man, he’s like, I gotta,
I been through too much (beep) to even deal with this. (audience laughing) There you have it for self-crashing car. (audience cheering) Okay, I gotta bit of a, I’m
going to ask you a question, it’s going to be a test. – [Co-Hosts] Okay. – I’m going to tell you the
results after you answer. – [Steelo Brim] Okay. So we can fail? – Nope, nope, nope, there’s
no failure in this test. Okay, just insight. When was the last time you
just poured a little bit of gasoline on the ground
and lit it on fire? – Never. – I was gonna say, probably
when I was a kid, maybe. Probably like, nine! – Okay, so I’m going to
tell you the difference between both of you. Chanel, she’s never
gonna burn down a house. – My dad’s a fireman I grew up on fire. – You are an arson. (everyone laughing) – ‘Cause like a test (laughing) – If you (beep) around with
gasoline and light it on fire there’s a clear indication
that when you get older You’re going to burn a building down. – I’m already older. I haven’t burnt (beep). – Look these people right
here have that same tendency called Fuel Fools, take a look. (audience cheering) – [Person Taking The Video] Here we go! A little bit of gas! (both yelling) – He started brushing it off his face. – He just doesn’t want
his hair to catch on fire. (audience laughing) Whoa! (audience laughing) We’ll be right back with
more Ridiculousness.

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  1. Anyone else see the full videos got taken down😭

  2. See, so what you do… is you get a Gatorade bottle or water bottle fill it up with gas put the lid back on so the liquid can’t escape and then you chuck it in the fire. That way the fire will melt the plastic and release the gas ONLY in the fire.

  3. Wtf is that car made of in the first clip..

  4. Steelo do be burnin' blunts and paper though.

  5. The self driving car is acting like Chanelle’s musical track record.

  6. I hate the idea

  7. “Why would I trust robotic cars” but I trust my phone everyday to use gps and communicate with people lol… I get that it’s iffy but we rely on technology everyday so

  8. Can a friend still get a DUI if it's his car driving while hes intoxicated?

  9. I feel like Rob isn’t funny at all but the people on his show get paid to laugh….

  10. Why i saw this video 2 times on my front page, one was 1h ago and second was 2h ago

  11. "Man I've been through to much shit to deal with this" 😂😂😂

  12. Forget that shit, I love modifying and racing all types of vehicles. The day I can't drive a gas powered human driven, airbagless, die like a man 60-70's muscle car. What are you gonna be like. Car win me this race? Do donuts?

  13. Why are all the clips cut short and weird?

  14. Why is Chanel West Coast wearing a seatbelt🤔🤔🤔🤦🤦🤷🤷

  15. It showed 1 video from a catagory. YouTube keeps taking down the full episodes

  16. I think i would be cool because then the weed man can send a bag over and he doesn't even have to leave the house LOL! And if it gets pulled over no one gets a ticket! Win Win

  17. Chanel is fine

  18. I forget who Chanel West Coast is, until I watch the show. Then…there she is. After, I forget almost immediately. I don't know ANY songs or raps that she has done?

  19. 0:59 either that car is really strong or that wall was about to crumble

  20. The number 1 thing that's a flaw in a self driving car is the fact its controlled by gps and GPS's fuck up to much so nope not dying because someone wants to be lazy and say car drive me here you wanna get driven somewhere get a uber or a limo like for fuck sakes people use your heads and open your eyes to this idea and think of what's gonna happen if they become a actual product it's like legally hiring a hitman to kill someone like tf america are we losing brain cells now or just overlooking the obvious

  21. “You are an arson.” Rob…it’s arsonist 😂😭

  22. Chanel West coast I love her hahahahha.

  23. Rob really is just straight up hilarious. I feel like he should be more famous.

  24. Thats never going to happen, because its a stupid idea.

  25. Great, just what the world needs, another thing to make people even lazier than they've already gotten. And just wait till the 1st malfunction happens and kills someone.

  26. None of them cars were self-driving cars

  27. I need Chanel outfit 🔥😭

  28. Rob, what if a drunk, high or sketchy person screws up the computer chip? 🤔😒😣

  29. 2:10 Bernie Sanders assassination attempt

  30. Even driving automatic is less involved than I'd like it to be. No thank you on the self driving cars

  31. Fuck a loose wire some one could hack that shit and drive you into a truck or off a cliff lol Government population control lol

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  33. I am unsubscribing. I can't enjoy the video every time you ask Chanel a question it ruins it.

  34. What a shittly built wall

  35. I just dropped a new song today can you show some love ?❤️ just grinding 17 with a dream give a chance 🙏

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  38. Lol ah none of them are self driving…but funny. Whats funny is Google's self driving car was in two accidents both times there car was rear ended by someone on a phone 😆

  39. My friend accidentally lit the school auto room on fire doing this he got so many charges 😂😂😂

  40. People already can't drive why are you gona trust a car built by people to drive for you


  42. These are all very good reason we DO need self driving cars because all of those were dumbass human error…

  43. Bleep out Chevy sign but rob got us

  44. Chanel is wack man.

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  46. why the annoying music?

  47. All those clips are literally exactly why we need self driving cars

  48. “You’ve arrived at your destination”

  49. When you are having to pay big money to go anywhere other than work and back, you will hate self driving cars too. The elites have already admitted that's the goal. That's why they are heavily funding research and development into self driving cars.

  50. I will never trust them and will never support them. They better not ever actually come out. Fuck them.

  51. Forget self driving cars. Give me a riding vacuum cleaner.

  52. All three are getting better at doing this show, not saying they were ever bad, but it’s noticeable how their chemistry has grown

  53. West Coast Tho

  54. Wtf was that first car a tank?

  55. What is that bitch wearing?

  56. Take the pretend controls from steelo away its embarrassing at this point

  57. No1 is gonna buy this shit. Just start uploading full episodes…

  58. Self driving cars? Mixed feelings… Why am I not fully 100% for human driven cars? Because people who have no interest in how cars work or how they drive shouldn't be driving. I've seen some really dumbass shit, brake checking etc… The automation experience might actually be a better experience for others like myself who just want to hold a pace…

  59. Excited for even more clueless people behind the wheel? NO

  60. This what happens with people drive *stupid people

  61. I soaked Styrofoam in gasoline .. I tried to blow shit up… Thank god kids are dumb..

    Oct. 14, 1993
    12 AM

    In the wake of a fatal blaze set by a 5-year-old fan of “Beavis and Butt-head,” MTV said Wednesday it will delete all references to fire in the weeknight cartoon series.

    Present Day MTV : Fuel Fools

  63. Watched I robot too many times. Fuck all that shit

  64. lol the humans that get drunk high and sketchy can’t afford a self driving car??🤣

  65. People will hack them.

  66. I can't wait to get a self driving car….
    There are too many dumb irresponsible people driving on the road every single day out there. I am pretty sure self driving cars will do much better at driving.

  67. Did you guys get new management this year? The editing techniques are different and there is extra music in the background.

  68. "It's not Daryl's destiny to go right now."

  69. anyone remember when C west coast used to be white she's rocking brown face 🤣🤣🤣

  70. Never knew Sterling's Pops was a firefighter. 🤙🤙. I enjoy backstories!

  71. Channel west laugh is like a seal or a bird chirping rapidly

  72. That old man doesn't even flinch, he has seen some shit worse in his life

  73. I simply CANNOT fathom how in the good name of FUCK some people confuse the brake pedal for the gas pedal while driving!!!

  74. That last one is nothing to laugh about… a friend recently passed away like that

  75. I'm not a big fan of the idea and me and my friends were having a debate about this kinda got into an argument 😂

  76. The musics too loud 🙄

  77. The first car 🙃

  78. Come on, don't show a category if only you're going to show one video

  79. Everyone raise your right hand and promise to never again purchase an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle or tool.

    We should all be using electric vehicles charged from our home, business and covered parking rooftop solar arrays making nearly everything we do 100% solar powered.

    Everyone should be getting proposals from 3+ local solar PV installers and suggesting the same for our places of work, our grocery stores, our movie theater parking lots, and everywhere else.

    The cost per distance driven is ridiculously cheap when you are your own solar fuel station (less than $0.01 USD per mile)! #nobrainer

    We cannot afford to continue to burn fossil fuels!

  80. Fuel fools felt more like fuel fool no?

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  87. Why would anyone old enough to attain a drivers license not want to drive a car themselves?! Drivin is fun, especially in a manual gear box, high horsepower vehicle…How f**king lazy is your generation for christs sake?!! Self driving cars, how sad and pathetic…..Smmfh

  88. 0:07 is literally the entire fucking point

  89. Jeroen doe dat nou niet!!

  90. Too funny

  91. What's so crazy is somebody just died yesterday fucking with these devil made machines.

  92. I want full automation so there is less traffic and accidents.

    When it is perfected, of course.

  93. Ummmm…..none of those were self driving, they just had idiots touch them. Lol

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  98. None of them are self drive cars

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  100. This my go to show at 3 am 😂

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