[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] 0000 in JIHYO’s car?(Eng sub)

[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] 0000 in JIHYO’s car?(Eng sub)

-There are so many in my pocket.
– what? I stole all your socks and stockings I don’t have stockings! I don’t wear it! Then whose stockings are these? That’s my stylist’s Why did you take the stylist’s stockings! Sorry Why did you do that… It’s weird to steal my stockings, too! Yeah! I just stole it because it was just in my sight! Just steal my heart, man! (Be the thief of my heart) (Somin’s heart thief, Sechan) -Whose car did you go, Somin?
-Jihyo She got nothing on her car Her slippers, car key… But I found something… (What…?) A lighter! Please put a mosaic because this is a real situation! -This is not mine!
-No, it might explode! Hey! I told you not to smoke, you stylist! You bastard! Jihyo’s name is written on the lighter! She said it’s her stylist’s I told you not to smoke in the car! I apologize! Look at this! There was so many toothbrushes! Quiet! Jongok! Can I borrow the hand cleanser … (She gets the situation) Just be healthy! Just be healthy … Haha, whose care did you go? I got too many I have stolen so many things right now … -What did you bring?
-You went to Jaesuk’s car? Jaesuk… Wow He watched ‘Go’ ‘Go’ in the morning! Typical ubervisor… (The ubervisor who checks ‘Go’ with newspaper) Apgujeong Super Ubervisor Apgujeong Super Ubervisor And many of these! Yoosanseul! CD? His album CD! I really wanted this! I want to have that too … And there were so many titleless DVDs … but I didn’t bring it! (19 rated CDs in the car?) You make me laugh! you still watch it? -There was a big TV in the car!
-He’s crazy There were.. but I didn’t bring it! My arse! Does he still watch it by DVD? I don’t watch it! There are USB things these days! I don’t watch! Are you sure? How do you know?
-You watch with a USB? How do you watch a movie then…? Why are you suddenly coming out? (Seokjin’s sudden coming out?) What are you talking about?! It’s very serious topic these days! I’m talking about the movie, the movie … How many videos can you put into a USB
nowadays? What did you bring? I went to Jongkook’s car Jongkook! There’s nothing in you car right now because I took everything What did you do? Because it’s quite expensive! He brought everything even my manager’s stuffs! What’s that in under your shirt? (Checking the stolen stuff) Kwangsoo, don’t do this … He stole a lot! I’m sorry… (It’s all from only his shirt) Why do you do it like this? Because all of these are expensive… You’ve robbed all! You must be bothered, really! Ugh … That Kwangsoo! When do you clean all up? You need to clean this up again How did you take all of these? He makes me so tired! Yeah, really! You put it all back, now! Get it all away! Put it! What are you doing with somebody’s car? Jongkook and Hyeseon will get 50,000 won. – Thank you
– thank you I was actually in conflict. I thought of not stealing … 10,000 won for us? I shouldn’t have stolen … You still get 10,000 won You all now have the seed money. Two guests can go rock, paper, scissors to select a team member.

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  1. song ji hyo unnieeee🌼❤

  2. Running man never disappoint me..keep fighting until the end

  3. The way lee kwang soo hides jongkook’s stuff in his shirt 😂

    And jongkook: im gonna torture you the whole day

  4. which episode it is?

  5. From Indonesia running man favoritku

  6. this is after kwang soo accident?

  7. 1:11 what does it mean for a woman to have many toothbrushes?

  8. Watching runningman for me is a must because i love them so much, they lighten up my worries days and ive been with them for such a long time.. even if they dont know me, i love them just like a family, please dont go and stay the same, nobody leaving, i was crying when gary left and i want no one to leave again.. even if they are not funny maybe some years ahead i will still watch them.. please stay filming FOREVER lol

  9. Is it just me thinking of " That crutches is very suitable for kwang soo rigth now "

  10. Finally hye sun joined running man

  11. Expecting an episode which jihyo, somin and kang hana are spies

  12. Ji Hyo is so cuteeeee I can't get over this 😭😭😭

  13. episode ?

  14. Ji Hyo is really really beautiful and cute and funny at the same time. 😍😂

  15. At this rate, I really think she smokes😂😂😂

  16. Is it true that song ji hyo smoke.?

  17. Kwangsoo oppa get well soon

  18. what episode?

  19. The smallest interaction between Kjk und Hye sun will make me ship them…, i´m ready for the next ep.

  20. Kwangsooo, i will miss u in running man T.T

  21. Damn why does it feel like I havent seen song ji hyo in so long? 😫

  22. when i see so min scene, i SKIP

  23. Get well soon kwang soo shiiiiiii,,,,,😭😭😭

  24. `Just stole my heart´,i suddenly remember the old ep which gary said like that

  25. I'm gonna miss Jung Chul Min PD's voice after this. Best of luck for his future projects.

    Also get well soon from your injuries Kwang Soo.

  26. Who think that song jihyo suit with bun

  27. Ji hyo really beautiful

  28. She naked on movie, she like drunk and now she smoke..

    Wtf 😂😂😂😂

  29. why was the name changed anyway? why snack?

  30. Jihyo doesn’t smoke. She tries to maintain healthy life. It was a joke.

  31. I love when ji hyo started to yell! Hahahaha miss angry ji hyo tho.

  32. So what if SJH smokes? Women smoke is common thing.

  33. Jihyo is getting more screen time and I loving it

  34. will definitely miss chul min as the main PD. also, get well soon, Kwang Soo fighting!! 💪💪

  35. Finally Kwangsoo framing Jihyo back 😂 And Angry bad Jihyo appears in this episode before Jihyo's Disconnect world in previous episode 😂

  36. I'm glad because these days Running man have a better screentime for each members… Especially song ji hyo.. it is somewhat balance… Keep the good work

  37. get well soon kwangsoo

  38. Kwangsooo

  39. Kwang soo oppa get well soon 🙂

  40. Get well kwangsoo

  41. Smoking or not, that no matter I'll still love you jihyo unnie. no matter who you are..

  42. She looked so cute throwing the lighter to the floor 😂😂😂

  43. hahaha angry mong ji is back

  44. Hyeseon! 😍 Hope myungsoo and her will appear together!

  45. Kwangsoo's feet really look so long and slim. I was like "WOAH" all the time

  46. I love jihyo

  47. This ep is really so funny.. I can't stop laughing.. Specially when Jong kook said that there is Somin face in Soek jin's Car.. Hahaha 😂😂

  48. I like this episode,because song ji hyo like 'is back'. 🤗😂

  49. KwangMong💜

  50. 😂 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 😂

  51. Somin are just like Gary 😆 they like to tease their partner

  52. what episode is this.??

  53. The members get amuse for accusing Jihyo for everything from being thief, smoking, and secretly has a boyfriend 😂

  54. ❤❤❤

  55. I'm laughing so hard at this episode 😂 and people really thought jihyo smokes HAHA. I don't think she does. It's been a running joke in rm. Plus they really like framing jihyo 🤣

  56. I love the way kwangsoo did to her noona.. miss kwangmong moment😍
    love Ji hyo..hahaha she's so funny when she's blunt!

  57. “Just steal my heart “ so min line remind me of gary and jihyo accidentally switch cap back then

  58. Jihyo is back 💜

  59. Jung Chul Min PD, don't Leave PD For Running Man…CCEBBaall….!!

  60. what eps??

  61. I like when they use Gangstas Paradise for Jongkook 😂

  62. Which episode is this scene from?

  63. Ji hyo smoker

  64. I love lks and song jihyo friendship

  65. Ji Hyo The Tug is back and also the real thief of Kwang Soo hahaha

    Get well soon Kwang Soo!

  66. Wht episode?

  67. I’m happy that Song Ji hyo is getting screen time I haven’t seen her in a while

  68. what episod is this?

  69. really love this episode
    early RM nostalgia in one episode
    1. Kwang Soo Suk Jin FEEL TOUCH CROSS
    2. Angry Ji Hyo w/ cursing like the early days
    3. The return of framer Kwang Soo to Ji Hyo
    4. Jae Suk and Suk Jin bickering to each other

    Sad this episode got negative response because of that too far joke

  70. i'm laughing so hard this at this part!!

  71. What eps???

  72. Jongkook look so done with kwangsoo 😂😂

  73. What episode?

  74. Whoever said jihyo isn't funny must be forgetting about bad jihyo. ITS ALWAYS FUN WHEN BAD JIHYO COMES

  75. Spartaaaa ♡

  76. Kwangsoo is back??

  77. Ep???

  78. I miss jihyo's anger.. Funny, bu I like her in her anger

  79. when ji hyo throw that lighter she's look so cute

  80. They keep giving Jee Suk Jin screen time instead of Ji Hyo. It's so annoying.

  81. I'd love to see jihyo and somin in one movie together someday🤣🤣🤣

  82. Song ji hyo unnie ure da bomb no matter wat 😙😙😚😚

  83. Kwangsoo better be alert… Jihyo is on filming = irritable mood = bad jihyo appearing.. hahahaha how nostalgic

  84. what episode is this can someone tell me

  85. i love howw kwangsoo savage and then trying to protect her🤣🤣 btw she doesnt smoke right? cause jaesuk face kinda of you look like its true😅

  86. Why So many people are arguing abt she is a smoker or not. So what if she is ? She's a actress, she's a human that need love and care too. Smoke and alcohol is her way that relief her stress. Eventho we know its not healthy but Don't forget she's a loner, she keeps many problems to herself. So please be considerate at her side. She still is our RM queen.

  87. Watch heechul and momo(twice) together in https://youtu.be/pCYRwsrBERk
    Subscribe my channel and thanks for watching

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