Homemade QUAD 6×6 WHEELS With CAR ENGINE ?! Part 3

Guys, because I took the worst possible engine I could take, with a lot of electric stuff, first we will take out all of electronic from this Opel engine. Electronics are out, but because I didn’t go to school for this stuff and I don’t know how to put that back, I asked my collegue to take care of that, he will come around next week , he is busy at the moment so we will connect rear shafts. Here’s the plan. One half-shaft connect wih bearing, here we’ll have sprocket that will be connected with this shaft, and this shaft with this shaft, so we will see how we’ll it work out. Regarding the transmission, I came out with this: because I was going really fast with this old car, pretty strong, I decided to make this change. So, this sprocket that has 22 teeth and the big has 44, why did I do that? To get half of rpm of engine on the shaft. It will be slower, but it will have much more power for luging and that, it will be stronger vehicle, but not that fast. We will see how will that work out. Honestly, I thought I could pierce through, but shaft is so strong that it just can’t be pierced, so I decided to just weld it. Now that we are done with this two shafts, now it’s turn for the rest. Because we put whole brake system, I decided to remove this bowels beacuse we don’t need them for now because both brake are on seperate oil source, but I would like to connect them to just one oil source so I can brake with one pedal. We connected first two shafts and it turned out really good as you can see. Everything does it’s job and now we can connect rear shafts. Now that we are done with transmission we can start making our trailer. Guys, we are done with the trailer. As you can see, we welded everything, later we will finesse this with flex machine, grind it and paint it, but now we will start working on electronics tank which will be located underneath the drivers seat. I decided to use seat from the scooter, you can see I didn’t use that plastic underneath the seat because I will weld it in the sheet metal, it will be like some kind of trunk on motorcycles, but it won’t be functional because electronics will be placed there, you put him up and you can work on electronics there. Let’s get going. And that’s it regarding the seat, now let’s get to work on front end of vehicle. Regarding the front end vehicle mask, it must be modeled by the car refrigirator. Regarding the headlights, this hole here will be filled with plexiglass and it will have 2-3 led tapes in white colour. I also bought this two LED headlights. At first, I thought to make a hole here for the light and put it from the inside so I can avoid being ripped out or something. But I changed my mind because this is more off-road vehicle and I will place it here at the top so you can easily maneuver with it. It will be on one screw and it will be better like that so you can turn it whatever it needs to light. Guys, now we only need to put electronics in the trunk here and connect it with the engine. But we will do that in the next video because we already have a pretty long video here. So.. And guys, that’s it for this video, write in the comments down below how do you like this project, hit like, share and subscribe and see you in the next video. Bye!

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