Here’s Why This Kia is the Best Cheap New Car to Buy

Here’s Why This Kia is the Best Cheap New Car to Buy

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about Kia’s this particular one is a 2017 Kia Forte not a bad looking four door sedan and they’re not all that expensive now this particular Kia was a rental car
my customer just recently bought it was about a seventeen thousand six hundred
dollar car one new and my Customer paid about ten grand for two years old not
that bad of a deal really when you think about it no way you’re gonna get a two
year old Corolla or a Civic for $10,000 it’s just not gonna happen so if your
budget consciousness of my customer here’s what you get for the ten grand
shelled out got a 2-liter four-cylinder engine puts out a hundred and forty
seven horsepower I know this isn’t one of those crappy Jatco transmissions
these hour korean-made six-speed the Koreans put them in millions of
different cars Hyundai they used the same units good
on gas thing gets 29 in a city and 38 on a highway now yeah from a pure
performance standpoint these transmissions are somewhat sloppy
they’re not the smoothest shifting transmissions in the world like I said
it’s not a race car they’re lower priced cars they’re relatively dependable you have the normal amenities little screen comfy bucket seats the cloth the back
seats are actually quite comfy for a smaller car got a reasonable sized trunk
get some depth in here you can put a lot of junk in one of these got disc brakes
on all four wheels but since the customer just bought of
use we’re gonna plug in a scanner see what the energy saying well it’s warming
up check out the mileage on this thing what’s gone on it seventy two thousand
four hundred and forty five miles can’t hide from the machine there’s a VIN
number take it for a spin see what comes out there’s all the info USA forte
two-liter engine now it’s scanning we’ll see what comes up what’s half done hasn’t
find anything wrong yet no faults at all that’s great but of course as always
tell people there’s more than just cause there’s live down there so I’m gonna
analyze the live data to scroll through all the data see if anything
so far it’s pretty good lots of data on these things there’s no if ands or buts
about that ooh the batteries 100% state of health not bad for a two and a half
year old battery as you know if you’ve seen these before these are color coded
so they’re all black that’s good they come out red or orange there’s a serious
problem so far everything looks pretty good now other than the transmission
shift lag especially when you dog it hard which is just kind of synonymous
with these Korean transmissions they don’t fall apart they get phenomenal gas
mileage they just don’t have the oomph of a really high quality unit
transmission but this is an economy car basically no not particularly a race car
you step on the gas it goes it goes on the road you can see what I mean about
the transmission though when you get on it kind of slips a little not really
tight shifts it’ll go but you can hear it kind of freewheeling while you’re
gliding it’s just you know not the tightest transmission in the world it
kind of reminds me of the old Chevy slip and slide transmission from the 60s and
they went down the road but they had a bit of slippin and slidin while you’re
driving and it rides okay not the smoothest ride but not the clunkiest
either it still has the tried and true hand emergency brake not that electronic
crap that breaks down all the time it has an actual key not just keyless
remote where people can steal them where you lose them it cost a fortune it still
has a key keys are nice and safe they’re harder to steal they still got a nice
that stuff in them but you don’t have to worry about so
many getting a wireless system and breaking into your car because this
isn’t a wireless you got to have a key pretty sharp they’re kind of that
Mustang snarly glass I mean I’ll copy each other now it’s no speed demons it
will go 122 miles an hour which is actually governed it could go quite a
bit faster if somebody wanted to but for a car to drive you around in relative
comfort they’re not bad cars sure the legroom isn’t the greatest but the back
nice and comfy you got a nice armrest it’s pretty comfortable riding
back here got a car that was two years old saved about 7500 bucks paying only ten grand it’s a lot better dealing buying a
brand new one and then two years later you lose all
that money somebody else took the big head well in this case it was the
company rental company cuz it was a rental car for two years I am NOT a fan
of rental cars but I’ll tell you this one is in decent shape even though it
was made in Mexico why do they make of Mexico cuz she’s cheaper to make a man
well in this case you pay less so I guess in that extent it’s a fair
trade-off you’re paying less for the car, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Rented a Forte 2 years ago going on a trip, over 40mpg highway. In VA Beach late at night, drove this car over a street center divider. Exhaust stayed on, car got me back to Wisconsin no problems 👍😂😂

  3. in russia kia – hyundai gasoline engines has mass problem with cylinder scratches ( dont know how it is correctly called ) from abrasive from broken catalytic converter or overheating – and as a result – massive oil consumpsion with pistons rattle. It may happen less than 100 000 km. ~ 60 000 miles. Dont they have such a problem in USA?

  4. I am planning to buy one but with a manual trans which is the car's only drawback.

  5. I was looking at downsizing my car since kid #1 has left home. But I was amazed to find that econoboxes like the Forte get gas mileage that is barely any better than my 2014 Camry.

  6. My ex wife and I bought a 2017 KIA Forte. It still runs good. I always hated how low the seats were. It was hard to get out of. I bought a Corolla!

  7. I have a question Scotty. Is manual transmission better, long lasting and reliable than automatic?

  8. 73 Toyota technicians didn’t like this video.

  9. Scotty reminds me of my friend that his wife had and continues to have multiple affairs but he says he still loves her, Scotty time for you also to move on and divorce Toyota because she's not like she used to be in the 70s, much better ones out their and my picks are Kia or Hyundai.

  10. So Scotty too just discovered kimchi…

  11. Just bought a 07 sr5 4Runner v6 with 190k for $9,500 I know the area depends a lot about the price sometimes but did I just get ripped or did I make out ok? It’s mechanically sound and a beauty but from what I understand it should easily go 300k+? Give it to me straight scotty or anyone at that

  12. 72000 mile on that car for $10k sounds high.

  13. battery 100 percent…. Scotty… Not bad😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  14. looks like toyota forgot to send the check in

  15. I'm thinking about it…………………Bad deal.

  16. 2 years old and 75000 miles!!!!! Whaaat

  17. Wait a minute, Chrysler made in Mexico = bad but Kia made in Mexico = good?🤔 You make absolutely no sense….. Maybe it's the exhaust fumes?

  18. Underrated cars, these. Had a 16 Elantra GT, on the same platform as this and it was trouble free in the 50k miles I put on it. Sold it for something a bit bigger and better in snow, but it was a good car and it had 173hp for the GT, so it was pretty damned zippy with that 6 speed auto. I took an Uber from the airport recently and the guy was using a '15 Forte that already had 140k. He had no repair type issues, just usual maintenance stuff, like oil, tires, etc. I know Scotty is all about Toyota but these Korean cars are serious contenders now…and more than likely a safer bet than most US, Euro and even some Japanese brands(Nissan, looking at you).

  19. Hi Scott . What you think abut nissan tiida c12 2015 .. with 65.000km?

  20. You all had better wise up and buy a '94 Celica.

  21. Slip and slide… Sounds like a fun water park ride….I am sticking with my '94 Celica.

  22. I feel like I'm with my Dad buying my first car when what I really want is that sweet, sweet S15 Nissan Sylvia.

  23. My Ford Focus shifts kinda crappy lol

  24. Hi, i have same car, for 3 months bought it used with 28700 kilometers, i added 15000 kilometers , im pretty happy with it, solid car for the budget..thnx

  25. I have a 2003 Kia Spectra manuals shifting. I paid 5K in 2006. It is tough and cheap. I have saved a lot of money in gas and mechanics. Two years ago I bought a new Toyota for my wife, however I prefer to drive my Kia. I love it.

  26. Hyundai kia has come along way they’ve become decent cars there’s a few id actually have. I like that hyundai still makes there own transmissions. The 8 speed they make is super smooth. The 6 speed is pretty good it’s my buddies 2018 Sorento. Still better off with a Toyota but these are not bad.

  27. I was thinking about one of these for the past weeks and now Scotty comes to my aid

  28. kia with a 2.0l with 140 hp….rather have a scion tc the 1st Gen at least made 160's- 170 with a 2.4l

  29. Cor, I was fast asleep and having a nightmare dream that Scotty was praising a Kia rental car that you could buy, well I'm wide awake now so I think I'll log into Scotty and see what he's up to, aargh, it's not a nightmare where's my diazepam

  30. I had a 2017 Kia Forte, I traded it in for a 2019 Kia Forte LXS. The new Kia Fortes are bigger by approximately 2 inches.

  31. I have a 2014 forte that I bought new in 2013. It has 136,000 km on it now. The only thing that ever broke was the brake lines running along the length of the car rotted out and had to be replaced. I guess they used cheap steel because my sons 2006 Corolla never had a single thing break either except last year the rubber hose from the windshield washer reservoir split, cost 50 dollars to fix.

  32. Kia over a Mercedes any day

  33. Any recalls?

  34. Darn it! I was thinking Scottster would find 30 fault codes. Oh wait, it's not a BMW! hahahaha

  35. Is that color Malaga?

  36. I bought a 2017 Hyundai and so far it's 2020 I'm super impressed. I'm just going to echo every thing Scotty said, such as the car just doesn't feel sporty or perform very well at all, but it really feels very durable and well build cars. A really good example is the oil capacity my engine is very tiny but it hold a quite a huge amount of oil, that does 2 things larger quantity of oil helps the oil stay cooler because it's a larger mass of matter to heat up, second thing is if you have a dumb teenager a girl who never changes the oil, with a larger reserve the car can last much longer if you are dumb enough to not change the oil, and no I'm not saying i recommeng that I'm just stating it was well designed for anything. Koreans did their I'm very impressed

  37. Over the last 21 years my wife has had 3 Kias.
    Sportage then a Rondo and just purchased a Soul.
    Since 1970 she has virtually killed a Buick, an Olds, an Audi and others BUT try as she may, she has never been able to kill a KIA. My younger daughter bought a Kia Sedona and loves everything about it specially the ride.
    I now tell people 'You can't go wrong with a Kia'.

  38. KIA says your check is in the mail.

  39. I had one before never skipped a beat. Very smooth manual shift I miss the gear shifting feel

  40. Most importantly, no direct injection motor!

  41. Generation that leads Kia is generation which bild. Lot of others have generation of leadership which already had everything finished from generation before and have interest just for profit and not anything other then that. That is easy to see when we look newer and newer Produkts from Kia and also from lot of others.

  42. Another KIA advantage – if it is very cold out could burst into flames to warm you up. I think they stole this idea from Tesla.

  43. Kia and Hyundai have to make decently reliable cars since they have a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

  44. I have the same car. It’s a 2017. Absolutely love it. Nothing fancy but I’m happy.

  45. Regular Car Review should be worried, VERY worried☺

  46. Ok Scotty spill the beans how much did Kia paid you to post this video?🤔

  47. Love my 2020 Kia Soul. If the CVT breaks, it’s covered for quite a while. Next time I will get a stick shift.

  48. If I had 46k I’d buy the Kia telluride sx prestige I think they’re really sharp looking and you get a ton of features

  49. Marked safe from a used over priced CVT Corolla! Love this car! I bought a 2018 version with UVO and 33k miles for 11k. Win Win!

  50. I have a '17 Soul that's been excellent. It has the 1.6 non-turbo with the 6 speed automatic. Wonderful MPG's and rock solid reliability. The transmission won a peers (within the industry) award for the most compact 6 speed automatic ever built. I have always been amazed by the build strength, fit, and my use of all the components, doors, hatch, seats, panels, switches, controls. Beneath the hood all the plumbing, electrical, etcetera, is well laid out and beautifully fastened. I would definitely buy a KIA again.

  51. While KIA's new Telluride seems to be a pretty good SUV, I wish they still made their body on frame Borrego. As it had hill descent control, torque on demand AWD system, with low range and it came with a V-8 option too.

  52. Kia don't need to give 7 year warranties now its been endorsed by Scotty – brilliant :). Love this channel, keep it up Scotty!!

  53. Kia's good brand because they are still trying to built up the name with quality recognition. Forget all the idiots dogging on it for no reason. Luxury? – Not really. They are more utility than flash, thats true. A speed deamon? Not that either. But if you are trying to reach records with a family sedan, you need to get your brain checked anyway.

  54. I have an 88 Dodge Dakota pick up with 228,000 miles it has the 3.9 V6 (supposedly a really bad engine) 4X4 5 speed manual. The paint looks really bad, but still a good dependable vehicle.

  55. Thats a lot of miles for a 3 year old car

  56. Scotty have you hit your head with a spanner or something Kia are a terrible it’s like there built out off tin foil transmission are dreadful so is anything and everything to do with this brand don’t buy one if u got any sense

  57. Congrats on your 3m subs scotty! Keep up the good work!

  58. Scotty I need your help! I bought a 02 prius for 2750 with 56k miles on it. Car sat for years and after I put on 1,000 miles I tripped code p0446 (evac system). Dealership wants to hook up a smoke machine. Should I be nervous after the lemon law ends? Runs great other than evac code..

  59. I had a Kia Forte and went 6 months without a oil change drove it 100 miles to school every weekend best car ever.

  60. You know you've made it in life when scotty kilmer tells people to your brand's vehicles.

  61. they are junk… mine (2014) at 30000km have scratches everywhere, seat with collapsed foam, paint chips come off on the rear, scatched windshield (windows and sunroof also) worse than a 500000km car (long lines in any directions), faulty clutch (as many kias here), the clutch vibrations destroy upper (right) engine mount after 3000km, also because is cheap or wrong made (I replaced all engine one time and after 3000km the upper engine mount is broken again).
    Faulty suspensions: springs collapsed (the rear is lower) and one empty dumper.
    Some engine problems 2 ignition coils replaced, oil dirty in intake pipes (pcv?).
    The Kia engine are known as garbage and don't last more than 150000km (if you are lucky you can throw a rod at 200000, the unlucky before).
    steering wheer sometimes stuck in one position, is not precise and need many corrections.
    I still read on forums the same problems in newer models (sportage, rio, stinger, ceed, etc…).
    Kia warranty is garbage as the car, no recalls.

  62. Ok why are you turning a blind eye to the obvious weather manipulation ongoing VIA CHEMTRAILS, ground base antennas, and weather satellites.

  63. Ha ha Scotty is warming up to Kia & Hyundai.

  64. Yellow pine freshener is a sign of a quality car

  65. Kia's have actually improved quite a bit from when they first came out. They get a good safety report from the government too.

  66. Just spent $600 plus for an alternator and idler arm, with a lifetime warranty, on my 09 Kia Sportage V6 4WD get 19 plus mpg and runs great, but like all ICE vehicles, it is a money pit. GO EV!!!

  67. yeah that transmission doesn't seem the best it's seen better days

  68. Never seen so many glitches in the matrix on a video haha.

  69. What just happened? Did Scotty just advocate buying a Mexican made Kia?

  70. Tesla promises million-mile cars and trucks with a million-mile battery, what does the legacy auto industry promise, profits for its shareholders.


  72. Scotty, it seems all your recommendations are to buy older model vehicles. With technology making everything more expensive and harder to work on, what top 5 brand new cars would you buy in 2020?

  73. I would consider a Kia or Hyundai in the future along with a Toyota or Honda. I have owned GMs mostly Chevrolets for the past 45 years, a couple of Fords, and 1 Chrysler but I doubt I will ever buy another vehicle from the Big 2 1/2. GM continues to be going down the drain in quality.

  74. Scotty said not to buy a rental car as you don't know how it has been treated by rentals or how it has been maintained. Also, do those rental companies fix the car if it is recalled?

  75. Driving a 2013 Kia Optima EX. Has a 2.4L w/ 6 speed automatic. Thing drives beautifully. Shifts well, stiff suspension. Only problem I've had is replacing the Rear Camera 3 times!

  76. That Kia's screen is smaller then the Toyota Corolla. The previous Corolla came with a 6" screen standard or the optional 7" screen.

  77. How about a video that explains what a "tight" transmission is?

  78. So my hyundai was a good buy?

  79. 75000 rental driven miles?? GTFOHWTS!! Wouldnt pay over $5000 for it

  80. Hi sir
    I have a corrolla 2013 having some problem some times running smoothly with excellent pickup and mileage that time enigine sound is like slight pretty bass smooth.othertime little shaking not smooth sounds like kir kir less pickup less mileage. changed plugs MAF sensor filter coils moutings fuel filter throtal body still problem

  81. Two years ago I bought my 2017 Elantra from a volume dealer, at the time it was just over a year old with 42,000 miles, picked it up for similar money to this Kia, mine was also an ex rental. 35,000 miles later, it's been a great car, averaging close to 40 mpg of mixed driving, absolutely no problems. Very happy with it.

  82. KIA killed in action; how many rusted Kia’s do you see out there? They break down long before then.

  83. Lol wut?!? no ten minute video with bonus q and a ?

  84. I am warning everyone right now. Do NOT buy the newest Kia Forte with their CVT transmission (they call them IVT). The CVT's are worse than the Nissan ones. We have already replaced tons of them for failure with less than 20,000 miles, and odds are you'll just get a remanufactured CVT under warranty. If you really have to have a Forte, get the 1.6 turbo with a manual transmission. If you understand how dual clutch transmissions are and how to take care of them, get the 1.6 turbo with a DCT. You will regret the cheaper one with the CVT. Don't buy it!

  85. Got the same exact model/year with a 6-speed manual for $9,500. Couldn't be happier with the vehicle.

  86. Last video,
    Scotty: This is why I tell people to never buy Kias.
    This video,
    Also Scotty: This the best new cheap (RENTAL) Kia to buy.

    Funny how Scotty didn't comment anything about it being a rental 🤣

  87. You told me a year ago kia and hynidia was the worst car to buy

  88. Scotty loves Kia now 😂

  89. scotty? kia?

  90. Not bad for hard driven 72,000 rental miles.

  91. Hey Scotty, you are in good company, I just realized that you share some of the quirky junkie and nervous mannerisms that Rodney Dangerfield used to display …..very successfully that is 🙂

  92. Jumpy, not junkie😬

  93. That's why i kept telling you all the time KIA made better cars. I own my self Optima and it drives so many miles without a single breakdown for almost 300,000 miles.

  94. Mexican made cars are not bad.

  95. I have a 2014 which I bought new and it still shifts like a dream I take care of it. It has 111000 miles on it With regards from Dubai

  96. Hi Scotty, is there an Android app that can read all the CAN bus codes/data from an OBD2, and display them like your expensive unit?
    I know nothing, so yeah… remember that.

  97. Thumbs up for the key and the brake!

  98. I like it , Scotty , is it due for a transmission fluid change (any record of fluid change) , old school drain n refill not a flush ?

  99. Thank you for the KIA Forte review. How are KIA standard transmissions?

  100. Ive got a 2007 Kia Sedona. She is an absolute beast of a machine, and has left more than a few confused sporty cars far behind.
    She is also a beast in the rare case something breaks or decent maintenance. Work always takes far much more time than it should, but for a 13 year old can it looks great and still gets 24mpg avg at 210k miles

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