GTA Lucky Wheel Unlimited Spins/ Bogdan Glitch Fastest Method Without Closing Application

GTA Lucky Wheel Unlimited Spins/ Bogdan Glitch Fastest Method Without Closing Application

hey what’s going on everyone bipolar
gamers here if you’re new to the channel hit that Like button hit that subscribe button I’m
gonna be able to quick video about the f1 car here and Corp some confusing
about it and I’m gonna show everybody the fastest way you can actually go
about dealing this glitch right here a lot of people know it but they’ve been
kind of doing a throne way they’ve been closing their game application what’s
that is fun it will 100% completely work for you when you go do that
but the only thing what sucks about that it takes five to seven minutes to
actually be able to do that and I have a couple of way more faster way to do this
is only gonna take you guys about about two minutes two and a half minutes tops
allowed back in the detail online this way it’ll be way better but you just
make your way over here to the work you will I’ve already used my spin for today
boss will show you what to do basically when you go to spin it here you’re gonna
go ahead and spin it whatever dredge me wound myself I recommend these a webinar
seven o’clock depending from one to seven o’clock but this arrow up here
this arrow up here that’s what you want to be looking at whatever it lands on
its gonna get real slow and it lands right there and if it’s not the car
basically here’s what you want to do I’m gonna show everybody how to set this up
real quick and simple this will work on PlayStation and that’s possible they
just want is go into your network I got you saver out here you’ll have to
connect to the internet and what you want to do is press your home button
once and now to bring you back back in there and if you double tap your home
button it’ll bring you right back in there that simple then you just head ads
to disconnects on the internet basically when you do that as everybody can see
the application is closing I’ve been kicked some Beauty online and that’s
super and that is super quick super easy to do and it’s the best way it it really
beats close on the game application it is 100% effect if I’m super fast at it
and here is in every way you can do it if you don’t want to do it
I asked we recommend this way because it’s 100% guaranteed to work if you have
an internet cape on the back replace station you’re close you can just walk
over here I’ll kiss and just disconnect it on top you could just simply just
plug it back in then it’s ready to go there as well but I’m going to show you
how quick it is a word in the story my as I’m loading them you want to go ahead
and just go back into your settings one more time when you get back in your side
is one more time you want to just go to network connect to the internet
make sure that’s ready to go when the prologue loads up here for me cuz
there’s some new account I haven’t completed on one yet
the not online but the story mode campaign just going to UM one load until
the invite only session and this here super super fast to get in here it’s
probably the best way to load it in here maybe your solo session might be quicker
I’m at trial it but let’s hear what is in here probably about 20 35 seconds top
to get back into I’m Juan from story mode there’s no process I’m gonna take
like two minutes of that but as you’re welded inherent pretty much you guys
will see how quick this is and check out some of the other content on the channel
I actually have a casino glitch video right now the free card a three card
poker video a blackjack with blackjack everything like that
it’s basically the same way as I’m doing here but it’s a how the game want the
casino I’m not losing money and college keep your wins but as everybody can see
I’m loading route back into GTA online here I mean that whole process is even
this hope videos only gonna be about 40 minutes for four and a half minutes and
that’s me talking before I even came up to the wheel but I hope everybody
enjoyed the video if they did hit that walk bet and hit that subscribe button
and comment below if this video helped you guys and let me know what you think
of it and I really hope this helps people this is this is sort of way
better than closed on a game application I don’t definitely save some sprouts on
your Playstation and everything like that but thank you guys for watching
this video and I’ll say everybody in the next video

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