if you guys i need a fast and reliable
RP Drop cash drop outfit services and all that good stuff in Grand Theft Auto 5
online visit DIGIZANI.COM link for that will be down in the description
use code “KIM” for 5% off of your purchase what’s good fam my name is Krisppykim
and welcome back to my channel in today’s video what I have for you is the
most efficient method and how to do this glitch I’m talking about the lead is
from the street glitch I’m gonna show you the fastest way to pull this glitch
off and aside from that you will be needing a one requirement one garage
only so this is an updated version a k so let’s dig it pressing you wanna do is
go ahead to story mode and from story mode simply go ahead open interaction
menu and enter there rector mode now you will be in the trailer just like this
simply go to settings and set the time of the day to afternoon from here back
out and select enter a director mode and from here you will be in the story mode
with the director mode in top corner open interaction menu hover over time of
the day simply press triangle or Y to freeze the time open up your phone
you’ll see the time it’s not moving that’s what we want
simply press pause go to game go to load game and load your autosave now from
here it will take you a minute or two to load you back the story mode now once
you’re out back the story mode simply pull up your phone and you’ll notice
that your time is frozen from here simply press pause on line play GTA
online and load to invite-only session once you respond and to invite only
session pull up your phone and you’ll notice that your time is frozen now if
you see that this morning time or evening daylight simply wait for five
minutes in the certain session and after that simply press pause go to creator
and once you are in creator you will be able to pull up your pasta menu once
again now from here simply go and load for another and violently session now
keep on doing this one keep on staying for five minutes in that session until
you reach nighttime okay now from here I reached nighttime
I’m going to pull up my phone there you go it’s done p.m. this is the time of
the day where the ladies from the street are spawning
after that go ahead and order a faggio and store the faggio in a regular garage
not your Clubhouse that’s very important you guys
can do the glitch in your casino penthouse garage arcade garage nightclub
garage and arena garage but the favorite location for this one is the arena
because right in front of the arena a lot of ladies are spawning that’s why I
do recommend the perfect location arena now next thing you will be needing if
Friel grh AIDS okay now from here simply open up into ration menu go to vehicle
access and set it to passenger only okay and then from here and go ahead and hop
into your free L grha and just go exactly where I’m going because this is
the spawn location of the ladies now the ladies will keep on spawning because
your time is frozen it will always forever be nighttime your session now
from here we go ahead and approach her just honk on him or press the right
d-pad so she’ll get in the passenger seat and then from here slowly but truly
go in this exact location where I’m at and block the door ok block the
passenger side of the door there you go so I’m blocking the passenger’s side of
the door so she cannot get out later on and go ahead and pull up your gun and
shoot about two bullets on the floor just like this move so she’ll get scared
that’s very important part of the glitch you need to scare her first because if
you get off the vehicle if she’s not scared she will teleport out with you
now from here does she scared you are safe to get off the vehicle and you’ll
notice that she will not scoot over to the driver’s seat because you set the
vehicle access only for the passenger now from here I want you to use your
automatic shotgun if you have one and should the hood just like this so we
will be able to destroy the vehicle as fast as possible now you see in the top
corner your personal vehicle has been destroyed now next thing I want you to
run a bit distance far away from 4lg rh8 register yourself as an MC club
president and request your fag you through your interaction menu and you’ll
notice that the fag you will not spawn in front of you and when you pull up
your paws menu the fag your icon will not be there and when you check the lady
will still be there inside a free L grha that from here I want you to go ahead as
fast as you can inside of your garage because the cops will be all over you
and get in the car that you want to duplicate which is a nightmare
easy over here future shock EC sells for 1.8 million dollars
simply shoot the lady in the head or Ram the car just like this now the car will
disappear the lady will disappear and simply take this back to the garage
wherever you took the fag you from that’s why it’s very important that you
remember whichever is the garage that you took the faggio from that you use
for this clash okay so there you go for it to say you just need to take it back
to the garage where you stored your fag you earlier and just like that you guys
can get 1.7 million up to 1.8 million dollars each time you duplicate a car so
there you go do not sell too much car and in a period of 30 hours you know be
careful okay so that’s what I have for you I’ll see you guys in the next one


  1. Happy International Women’s Day to all The Amazing Women in your life boys! And to the ladies here Yasss Queen Get ‘em! Thank you all for the amazing support that you’re showing to me lately god bless to all of you and y’all have a beautiful day!😊 ❤️

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    Workaround: go back to pinning her between the MOC cab and trailer. After you shoot the front of the car…… Now there's a longer delay from when it catches fire to when it says destroyed.

    After it catches fire, run towards the arena doors, but hide behind the dumpster from the cops and wait until you get the notification that it was destroyed, or just have your interaction menu open, ready to call your faggio (or vortex….. I use it, because a vortex is free, and it still gives clean plates). Once your cars blip on the map disappears, call your faggio. Then enter garage, pull out car you are duplicating, shoot hooker in head, pull in moc to store. Then I call mors mutual.

    This is still working. You do have to make sure no one is in the session, or the elgy will dissappear when you call the faggio, or when you come back out of the garage.

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