Hi guys! A lot of cars disappear every year. But not because they get stolen. It’s hard to believe but every single year
thousands of cars get abandoned just about anywhere. Parking lots, airports, shopping malls, forests… You name it! People forget their cars in most peculiar
places. Even expensive and super exclusive cars are
sometimes found in garbage, quite literally. Alright, let’s have a look at them, shall
we? . Mercedes-Benz 300SL
A guy by the name Tom Velmersgot his 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL from his parents as a
humble present. He was driving that marvelous car up until
the point when transmission started acting funny. In the early 70s he let the car rest in his
garage where it spent the next 40 years. Over the course of that long period of time
the car got buried under the piles of garbage and old computers. It took them two days to dig up the car from
under all that mess. After they finally got to it, it turned out
it wasn’t just a regular 300SL, it was in fact a rare lightweight body version with
Plexiglas mirrors and reinforced brakes. It was decided to restore the car. Now it is very likely that the beauty will
be sold at an auction for over 1 million dollars. .Ferrari Enzo. Laws are very strict in Dubai. Which is why immigrants often leave their
cars with keys and credit cards inside and get the hell out of the country. Just take a look at this abandoned Ferrari
Enzo. It costs over a million dollars. And it shows just how strict the rules are
in Dubai. The owner of the car is an English gentleman. He received a couple of massive speeding tickets
and thought it would be wiser to just get the hell out. After a while the car was confiscated by the
police. .Dodge Charger Daytona 1969
Legend has it that this rare Dodge was bought in the 70s by a judge from Alabama as a gift
for his wife. The lifeline of this vehicle is a mystery
but it was found in 2015 in the same state and in the same neat condition. Just like on the photograph. This Daytona is a specialCharger version and
there are only 503 of these in existence. Probably less now. With a seven liter engine inside it used to
be a NASCAR legend. The Doge found its way to Mecum Auctions with
a starting price of 150 thousand dollars. It’s in great condition and it has one very
distinctive characteristic – a huge wing in the back. . Rolls-Royce Phantom Centurion. What you see isn’t just some Rolls-Royce
Phantom, it’s a very rare Centurion version. It’s one of a kind actually. It was build for some really wealthy businessman
from Las Vegas. Some timelater it was sold to Russia where
it was found and photographed in a ditch near some rail road. So looks like it’s a big mystery what happened
there but it’s a pretty bummer situation, considering how rare this car is. .Lamborghini Miura. This Lamborghini Miurawas bought by a Greek
ship baron Aristotle Onassis for Stamatis Kokotas in 1969. It wasn’t an easy life for a supercar because
the owner was a big rally fan. After a few severe races in 1972 the engine
got worn off. They took the engine off and send it to Lamborghini
fabric to fix it. The car itself was left at the Hilton parking
lot in Athens. The owner seemed to have lost all the interest
to the vehicle and decided not to pay Lamborghini for the fix. The wonderful Lamborghini Miura stayed at
the parking lot for over 30 years. When it was finally put for an auction in
2012, the starting price was $483,000. . Bugatti Veyron. This 1.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron is
one of the most expensive cars in the world. And it’s also one of the fastest supercars
in existence! Although some Russian owner didn’t seem
to think about it much. When some Aston Martin kissed his ass in the
middle of the street, the guy just left it there and never came back to pick it up. .DeLorean DMC-12
In North Caroline abandoned vehicles is a common thing. Often, those are rare and expensive. So it’s not surprising at all that after
several interesting findings, car enthusiasts keep coming to North Carolina hoping to find
new interesting models. A wonderful DeLorean DMC-12was found in the
woods! It was hiding amidst vegetation and got all
covered with leaves and dirt. The owner never showed up. What made him leave the car in the forest,
nobody knows. . This gorgeous Ferrari was found in a garage
in North Carolina where it spent 27 years. The garage was standing near an abandoned
house that was set for demolition. Imagine the surprise on the workers faces
when they found two rare and very expensive vehicles inside. One of them happened to be Ferrari 275 GTB/2. When the car was discovered, it’s price
revolved somewhere around 4 million dollars. A very rare and expensive 1967 Shelby Cobra
427was also found. By the way, when they cleaned them up it turned
out they were in almost perfect condition. Soon after the cars were discovered, they
were put for an auction. . You may not believe this but there is a
very old park in the Chinese city of Chengdu where some people left two Bentleys, two Land
Rovers, three Mercedes-Benz and a motorcycle. But those are not the only abandoned vehicles
out there. It seems like there are over 200 different
cars on that God forsaken parking lot. The best one of them is Bentley Continental
GT. Most of the cars that were left there are
somehow connected to crimes and their owners can’t come back to pick them up. Also, there is one more car that seems pretty
interesting. It is Bentley Flying Spur. Both Bentleys cost about $400 000. It’s quite sad that all those cars are just
there without use. The weirdest thing is that the number of abandoned
cars is growing every month. . Bugatti Type 57S Atalante Coupe 1937
This stunning 1937 Bugatti ones belonged to Earl Howe – the British racers club president. Later on the two door beauty was owed by a
couple of other guys until it finally found piece in the Harold Carr’s garage in Newcastle. It was resting there since the sixties. The car was found back in 2007. The Atalante version is different from those
other 57S. It’s got aluminum body panels and a solid
windshield. This car was sold at Bonhams in 2009 for 4.4
million dollars. . Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider
There were only 37 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. Each had a 3 liter v12 engine with 3 carburetors. Ferrari 250 tend to be rather pricy and California
Spider is no exception. Some unknown collector bought the car for
18.5 million dollars at Retromobile auction. What’s interesting about this California
Spider is that it’s got quite a history. For instance, Alain Delon used to have one
just like that. . Jaguar XJ220
Not all Jaguar cars are fast. But the Jaguar XJ220 is an exception. It’s hard to believe but it seems like the
maximum speed of this guy is 350 kmph! Enough to raise up your hair. The car appeared on the market in 1990s! And even today this kind of speed seems crazy
for most car lovers. So that’s quite rare for those years. XJ220 used to be considered one of the fastest
cars in the world. And it’s very rare to. There were only 275 of these made. This particular car was left in a desert in
Qatar. . Lotus Esprit
Bugatti, Bentley,Ferrari,Lotus, Porsche – these are the types of cars that require care and
attention. Unfortunately, in Hong Kong they don’t seem
to care about these types of cars. Parking lots in Hong Kong are kind of pricy. It’s like a flat rent in New York or Moscow. So a lot of people there don’t owe cars. Or if they do, they sometimes just leave them
on the streets because they can’t keep up with the upkeep. Later on the cars are all brought to dumps
where they meet their final doom. Not so long ago Lotus Espritwas spotted at
one of the junkyards near Hong Kong, imagine that! . Aston Martin DB4 is a rare one. Later it was upgraded to DB5 but the classic
DB4 is an absolute icon. They started producing these in the late 1950s
and stopped making them in 1963. Over the course of that period of time over
1185 cars were made. The minimal cost of a car like that is no
less than 500 000 dollars. So what would you say if you saw this car
left in a forest? That’s exactly what happened. Somebody found Aston Martin DB4 in a forest
in Massachusetts. Rumor has it that it spent there 50 years. Unfortunately, old father time did a lot of
damage to the car. Nevertheless, the car was restored and sold
at an auction for 500 000 thousand dollars. . Bugatti Type 13 Brescia
A very interesting collection was found in the west part of France in 2014. It belonged to Roger Bayon and it had 100
very rare cars. One of the most interesting ones was1925 Bugatti
Brescia. Bayon bought it in 1953 and by the time they
found it, it looked pretty okay. Artcurial put it up for sale last year. Some guy bought it for 830 thousand dollars. Alright guys, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed watching this video! Press the like button and share this video
with your friends! See you next time!


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