[EP:59] Engine Oil Replaced // പിന്നേം പണി കിട്ടി

[EP:59] Engine Oil Replaced // പിന്നേം പണി കിട്ടി

Let’s see what’s the status after customization. Earlier we can keep the hands directly, but not now… Hello guys, greetings to everyone! I’m now in Isfahan, Iran. Time now is 5.30 PM and it’s the second day here. Last 2 days, we saw different places of Isfahan. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving to Tehran. From here to Tehran, then to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. All these areas are cold. We can manage cold for 1-2 days, but being in cold climate is problem. We’re going to fit a thing in bike to prevent cold temperature. That is where we’re going now. The guy in front is a mechanic. The buddy in last episode arranged this guy. We need to modify the bike a bit. For the next 2 months, bike needs to run in cold. Anyway we’ll go there. To the mechanic shop and modify our bike. Today’s episode is not a travel video. You can skip if you’re expecting a travel video. Those who love to watch all videos can proceed. Isfahan is a good city. When comparing to other cities, it’s a developed place. Here we have metro, underground and nice buildings. Nice vehicles are here as well. I saw a lot of TVS Apache bikes. Was able to see various Indian bikes. Time now is 5.30 PM. But it seems like 6 PM. It’s very cold here. In last episode, we bought a black jacket in a shop. Those who’ve seen the video will understand. That’s what I’m wearing right now. It keeps me warm. Good one actually. No other big problems. It’s a red light now. Even if it’s red light, we can pass (bikes can pass). This is the thing which we’re going to fit. Not sure if it will fit in this bike. But no other go. Not like what I thought, the traffic block. Here they’ve kept some sign. They’re stopping few vehicles. They’re being diverted. That’s police. Seems they’re checking the vehicles. I already have said you, I can’t speed much in this traffic. It’s a great feeling to listen to old hindi songs. And to ride bike through this traffic. Riding in 1st gear. It’s congested. Since we’re on bike, we can go a bit fast. So we’ve reached here, he has taken the bike. I’m waiting here for him. This is a bike accessories shop. Many things are available here. Tyres are here but not suitable for mine. Nuts & Bolts. Lamps. We changed the engine oil previously and here they say it’s not good. This is an engine oil of Benelli – Made in Italy. This is a local one. They are saying the oil I replaced with was not good. I might replace the engine oil from here. Anyway I’ll replace the engine oil and then we can ride to Tehran. In Iran, we can get TVS spare parts and not only that even Bajaj parts can be purchased here. This rack is full of Bajaj parts. Almost we get many things from here. I’ve got engine oil and a filter as well. I already have a stock but in any case it is good to have one. For both oil and filter, it is like 300+. 7 lakhs which is approx 300+. It’s good to buy these stuff. We don’t need any last minute surprises. We don’t need any problems in future. We need to take care of our vehicle nicely. Then only our bike will take care of us. Hope you’re all clarified by the fact that whether or not you’ll get TVS parts. Anywhere in the world, you’ll get stuff. We’ve reached the mechanic. He’ll fix it. This is the workshop and here’s a small bike. It’s a service centre. It’s clean here. Some bike’s engine. Seems like a huge CC engine. Parts are available here. 250cc Falat’s engine was over there. Good tyre. Back disc brake is there. He’s removing oil filter now. See what kind of oil, I’ve purchased previously. Good that I’m changing. What they’re saying is, the filter which I bought was local but the one purchased here is a good one. They’re saying the filter which was provided by company is not good. I think they’ve an old model filter. This is the one which I purchased now. So, the new one is fine and the old one is not so good. We’re replacing the oil, this is 10W40. What they said is… 10W60 &10W50 is available. For cold temperatures, they recommend these two types. They don’t have that oil. I bought 3 more filters. What if I don’t get in another country. So purchasing wherever it is available. Here we get all types of accessories for bikes. Not only accessories, they have bikes also for sale. New Apache bike is here for sale. Great! Apache for sale. To whom am I talking to? Most of the bikes here are TVS Apache. I didn’t know that service was available here. I was very doubtful. But in any country, bike maniacs will be there right. KTM, Hoyosung are available. For 1 litre oil, its 900 rupees. I bought 3 litres of oil. We’ll pour 1.5 litres, .5 litres shouldn’t go waste right. So we bought 1 litre in same brand. So we can use this .5 litre and the new 1 litre as well. Totally I’ve spent 2700 rupees in this shop. There’s no other way right. 3000 rupees spent for bike today. Bought air filters from there. Came here for modification but might need to go without any, since I got no money. For air filter alone, almost spent 100 rupees for each. I’m vlogging with Helmet camera (Hero 7). So quality might be on a down side. Our guy has reached in the front. Facing many difficulties. I thought of not making a vlog. But later changed my mind. These are some good moments. Great moments for bike maniacs. We’ve reached here. See how sincerely he’s working. Smoking a cigarette and working. An Apache’s petrol tank is here. These are some bikes. Nikro. See Nikro! There are racing tyres over there. Think he’ll work super bikes as well. Pouring. The guy who pours oil is this in the poster. He’s doing a wheelie in his CBR. 10W50 is what they’re pouring. It’s good it seems. Now what I will do is, I will pour the remaining 500ml to this bottle. These I will save it in my bike for next time when I need to replace the oil. When he heard about me was excited and took photo with me. This is what we’re fitting in bike. I don’t need to fear the cold from now on. This takes a lot of time. They’ve fixed on one side. They’ve fitted it. He’s showing me his stunt photos. This is CBR. All these are his photos. Not sure what we talk each other but we exchange similar feelings. Everyone thinks only local bikes are in Iran. But here also we have many super bikes. He’s playing a video. He’s doing a wheelie with a pillion rider. Honda bike. I asked them to wear helmet. Changed the engine oil. Have glove cover. It’s time to go back to room. So I’ve left the idea of shield. Our expert said no need of shield because in overspeed it might be a problem. So when they say we need to listen to them. So for hands they did that fix and no need shield. There might be issues during speeding with shield. They charged me 1 lakh for service. Almost 600 rupees. So totally today I spent, 3000 rupees. We’ll go to room now. Will see the status after new customization. Earlier we can keep our hands directly… But not anymore. We need to insert the hand inside. It will be set after a while. So we’ve reached the hotel. 9.45 PM. Need to leave tomorrow by 9-10 AM. Plan was to put a shield in front. But later canceled it. Everything is fine now. Cold is the real problem. See my lips. The reason why I didn’t shave was to escape cold. These are my luggages. Nothing else to say. Hope bike maniacs liked this video. Pour feedbacks in comments. Thanks for the support. Please subscribe. Tomorrow morning we’re going to Tehran. That’s a big city. Me and Alex, will see tomorrow.

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