DT Test Drive – Ferrari GTC4Lusso ТРАНСФОРМАТОРА против Mercedes E63S AMG и Porsche Panamera Turbo

DT Test Drive – Ferrari GTC4Lusso ТРАНСФОРМАТОРА против Mercedes E63S AMG и Porsche Panamera Turbo

Hatchback… 4wd, comfort, great visibility… Spacious backseats and large trunk… These qualities are not likely to be associated with an expensive, elegant and a fast car. Just as a young and successful businessman is not likely to be perceived as its owner. Most likely you will imagine someone who looks like this. My name is Artemiy, I’m the new Dragtimes host. So far as the cars are concerned, I’ve been around the block. I’m presenting a car today that will break all of your stereotypes. It’s a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Basically, it’s a facelifted FF, but with a lot of changes in fact. The first thing Italian engineers said was *italian accent* “this is a facelift! We need more power!”. SUBS: Dunno why italian engineers speak Russian – Artemiy. Result – 690HP, almost 700NM, 0-100km [0-60mph]=3.4 sec. This big naturally aspirated 6.0+ litre V12 engine revs up to 8.250 RPM. And it does so perfectly. The 7speed dual-clutch robot gearbox is great, typical for Ferrari. Both upshifts and downshifts are lightning like. The icing on the cake is the exhaust note. Windows open… and gas pedal to the floor! You do it once, and everyone in 2KM [1.2miles] radius knows that you’re driving a Ferrari. But a good car cannot only be loud and fast, it also has to brake sustainably. This Lusso has carbon ceramic brakes. Ferrari claims they will stop the car from 100km/60mph to 0 in 34 metres~112feet. Seems to me they’re telling the truth. But what is the most important figure of all? What’s the price? Well…a lot. Around 22-24 mil Rubles [~380k$ in the summer of 2018]. It’s time to remember the owner, Dmitry Portnyagin “The Transformator” [a russian enterpreneur active on youtube]. If you want to afford buying this car, follow him. We are thankful to him for lending us this car. Ferrari created this model’s design on their own, without the italian bureau called “pininfarina”. There are new lines and sharp angles. Altogether, if we look at the latest models, all Ferraris look more aggressive thanks to new design language. Smooth lines are gone. Whether it’s good or bad, that’s up to you. Though I can definitely say that this Lusso is unique proportion-wise. Take a look. This hood is enormous! The front bumper to driver distance is gigantic. Back passengers in ordinary cars are this away from each other! Lusso is a very technological car. It seems to me that the engineer responsible for naming all of the systems was allergic to vowels. Just listen…. 4RM SCC SCM F1-TRAC Oh, a vowel. …ABS and ESC an so on, naturally. What do these acronyms mean? These are not spells. There is a second gearbox in the engine’s front. This is exactly why car the is in fact mid-engined! Second gearbox is small and has only 2 gears: 2nd and 4th. It only gives 20% of NM to the front wheels. But trust me, it’s more than enough to come straight out of the corners and accelerate on a slippery surface. Ferrari FF (consonants again) had a 4wd of a 1st generation which was called 4RM. We got 4RM-S here. What does letter “S” mean? Lusso has rear wheel steering. At low speeds, rear wheels turn antiphase like. If you go fast, they turn in the same direction as front virtually lengthening the car base. When slow, you manage to turn faster. The dry weight is 1790kg~4k lbs. But thanks to the rear wheels and other Ferrari miracles you just don’t feel the weight. As for the steering, it’s typical for Ferrari. It’s kinda empty, but light, very sharp and accurate. Don’t forget that Lusso is primarily a GT – Gran Turismo. It’s designed for long voyages and has to be somewhat double-faced. Not only fast, but also comfortable and silent. The sound insulation is excellent, only minor tire and engine noise on idle. No way around it, it’s a V12 after all. Large 10.25 inch [~25cm] multimedia system with a touchscreen. Panoramic view cameras in the back, front and on the front fenders. Huge panoramic roof. Back seats are also fine: I’m 1.78m 5.10ft and feel comfortable there. It’s a real family car. Don’t forget a more than a 800l [~212 gallons] trunk when you fold the backseats. If you forget the price, you can go anytime and anywhere. Despite being convenient for everyday use, Lusso is still a Ferrari. This car is a real face turner. But we’re still Dragtimes. We have a 690HP Ferrari to work with. Can’t skip the racing part. 2 german supermonsters are our rivals for today. A V8 4.0 litre biturbo 550HP Porsche Panamera Turbo. And the straight acceleration supersedan king at the moment: Mercedes-benz…E63…S…AMG…Biturbo…4MATIC What was the result? Take a look: We made a lot of runs, with and without launch control. With ESP on, off and in sport. We raced from standstill and roll-on. But result was always the same: From the start Porsche gains 3 car lengths difference and E63 is 4 car lengths. From the rolling start, Porsche is a little slower than Lusso, while E63 accelerates with the same pace. Don’t forget that this Porsche and E63 combined cost like One Lusso. So, does that mean that Lusso is a bad purchase for such amount of money? Not at all. We are talking about a supersedan class also known as a super 4 door. This car has to be comfortable and convenient and not only accelerate fast. As strange as it might seem, Ferrari wins here. I’ve driven both the Porsche and E63. Trust me – they’re not as cozy as Lusso. Plus as expensive as they might get, these 2 won’t ever be as exclusive as Ferrari. Lusso impresses more than excites.. Being this soundproofed, of this weight and this tech developed, it’s fast and turns very well. And you are amazed at how advanced the technology is. Yet it doesn’t make your blood boil. A crazy mustang became a spurred stallion? Maybe. To some extent. But It’s still the same naturally aspirated V12. And this exhaust sound is unique. Considering that now you can share it with 3 passengers instead of 1, Lusso serves well for its purpose. If you’re looking for smth more exciting, try a 2 mid-engined Ferrari 488 or crazy 812 Superfast. I’m Aremity Em, this is Dragtimes. Subscribe, like and make sure to press the bell button. Goodbye!

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  1. За эти деньги однозначно бы взял Авентадор ?

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  3. Я бы лучше 2 мерса купил бы себе

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  5. Не плохой тест! Да, Артемий новый человек и у него вышло не всё идеально, но для первого раза получился очень хороший тест. И не надо его хейтить
    А ебанаты, которые не знают, что Гурам уже пол года как ушёл с Драгтаймс и создал свой канал DSC off, и которые оскорбляют нового ведущего, идут нахуй

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  9. Ferrari хуйня за 350 тыс$ можно м5 f90 и e63s обе купить есть 2 машины это м5 и е63 лучше ни НЕТ!! Какой сука порш какой сука феррари фот подумайте м5 1860 а ешка 1935 кг а феррари 1400-1500 а в итоге мерс и бэха ебут всех

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  12. супер купе, хетчбек, это шутингбрейк бля!!! почему-то ни 1 обзорщик не знает этот тип кузова https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting-brake

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    Блять обычный седан бизнес класса от Мерса или Ауди или БМВ быстрее чем разгоняется чем Феррари, это упражнение они делают за 3 , максимум 3.1 секунды.

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  97. А вот в новом Топ Гире Феррари на прямой разогналась до 177 миль/ч, а Порше только до 165 миль. При этом потом Феррари еще и остановилась со 177 миль раньше, чем Порше со 165. А сравнение с ешкой вообще ни в какую. Та же Тесла разъебет на 400 метров их всех. Но Феррари есть Феррари

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  99. Если норм стартанул, мне кажется поршу никак не проиграл бы..!
    Интересно он хоть раз нормально попал в старт? На видео что нам демонстрировали, он нормально засиделся, да и 3-4 корпуса я там никак не увидел хз..!? Ведущий провалил старт обоим соперникам, отстал от порша максимум корпус, от Ешки на 2 может на 3 корпуса..
    Если норм стартанул, мне кажется поршу никак не проиграл бы..! Данные с сайта: accelerationtimes.com говорят о том же:
    2018 Рorsche Рanamera turbo S: Разгон 0-100 км/ч с пакетом Sport Chrono 3,6 сек, Четверть мили 11.9 s @ 119 м/ч
    2016 Ferrari GTC4Lusso specs: От 0 до 100 км / ч 3,4 сек, Четверть мили 11,4 с при 129 миль в час

  100. Рorsche Рanamera turbo S: Разгон 0-100 км/ч с пакетом Sport Chrono 3,6 сек, Четверть мили 11.9 s @ 119 м/ч

    Ferrari GTC4Lusso specs: От 0 до 100 км / ч 3,4 сек, Четверть мили 11,4 с при 129 миль в час

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