Drip irrigation for AUTO watering (with english subtitle)

Drip irrigation for AUTO watering (with english subtitle)

hello! in this video, I am going to show you how I setup the drip irrigation system inside my greenhouse at first, you can see how I am setting this half-inch size tabs on half-inch plastic pipe I am using upvc solvent cement to fix it. here you can see I am making the pipeline connection from my home water pipe line with a half inch T join this is 16 mm size pipe for drip irrigation. you can buy all this drip irrigation equipment including this pipe from online. folding the end of the pipe and tighten it with a wire to prevent water from leakage. here you can see I’m connecting this with 16 mm t-connector this narrow pipe is 4 mm size pipe. this small device I am using at the end of this pipe is drip emitter, through which water will flow slowly. I’m connecting this with 16 mm pipe with this 4 mm connector. here you can see I have connected this 16 mm pipe with this tap.

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  3. good update in watering plants sir

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  5. wow really nice and good job sir. where did you buy that pipe and how much you said bought online can you give a link please thanks

  6. Nice work Sir

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  8. Khub bhalo sir, bahut din se aapka video nahi aaya tha

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  12. too much hard work!it is good for big garden , not for little.

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  14. Betal plant grow in pot please

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  16. Very nice project sir & sawing water to . good video. Save the water 🚰 save the erth 🌎.

  17. It is good for every garden and govt should apply it in every govt park and road divider . It will save plenty of money and water also and make plants more greener

  18. Please paint all your flower pots

  19. So technical effort in gardening

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  24. Please make video on sprinkle watering system

  25. Echa moto ki 2, 4 ta deep emiter ka stop kara Jay

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  30. Hello sir,
    I have a kadipatta plant planted in ground and it's about 2 feet tall, now as I gather to move from the place where I am currently staying.I want to take the plant with me as nobody will take care of it.
    Should I dig it from roots and put port in a pot and taker it with me,?

  31. Aapnarbagan ta aakbar dekhte iichha hoy ,Jodi aapnar aapotti na thank to , please let me know the direction 🙂

  32. make the water drops drop slower.!!!

  33. Great

  34. Señor Nilkanta buena noche.Gracias por sus ideas MUY BUENAS . Sabe es una forma extrahordinaria para ahorrar el agua .

  35. https://youtu.be/dmXlLOUcNq4

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  38. were to get drip irrigation materials

  39. Thank u sir
    Apnake follow Kori
    Ektu jinister dam, company aar online site ta ektu balun plse

  40. Which water pump r u using … please reply

  41. super idea s

  42. Drip flow is little speed.

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  46. Sir joba fuler koli gulo holud hoe pore jache…ki korbo?

  47. mere garden mein hibiscus ke buds yellow hokar gir raha hai! Sare plant pot me hain…problem kya hai aur solution kya hai? Buds me ya plant me koi kire-makore nahin hai!

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  49. Sir ei drip irrigation system e ki water flow control kora jabe?
    Dhorun Ami chai je 5 liter per hour water flow hobe. Pore Abar proyojon hole water flow ta change kora jabe.

  50. Masha Allah, nice video uncle, a true inspiration👍

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  53. you need mulch it on hose for saving water + organic matter

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    Valo laga6a

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    excelentes ideas!!

  62. Sir please help me how can i take care of a papaya tree in tob?

  63. Nice, Recently I installed KSNM Drip Rs 12400 per acre, it is also good and economical..

  64. इसे हमेशा पूरा दिन चालू रखना पड़ेगा ?

  65. It is a new drip irrigation technology that the floating drip irrigation device has two characteristics: (1) Auto-remove impurities of water,so to solve the long-term blocking problem of the drip irrigation (2) Adjustable flow rate drip, so more suitable for drip irrigation, as detailed in YouTube : https://youtu.be/P495Nk62QMQ

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  67. Hi, did you try it to big plants like banana?

  68. Saradin rat jodi evabe jol fota fota porte thake tobe over watering hoye jabe na to?
    Naki kono time limit korte hobe?
    Ektu janale valo hoy

  69. How to make green house

  70. It is a new drip irrigation technology that the floating drip
    irrigation device has two characteristics: (1) Auto-remove impurities of water,so to solve the long-term blocking problem of the drip irrigation (2)Lower power, the operating pressure is 0.01~2 Kg/cm2, is very suitable for gravity drip irrigation. as detailed in YouTube :

    https://youtu.be/P495Nk62QMQ (The floating drip irrigation device introduce)

    https://youtu.be/hHen1IEzDT8  (The floating drip irrigation system operation)

  71. Can I adjust the water flow in the rivers in the river in the drippers

  72. plz send me link of drip irrigation pipe system

  73. or the best self irrigation system visit @

  74. Is it a terrace garden

  75. Sir, you are an inspiration for many people like us.

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