Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

THUY: What was the single biggest mistake you
ever made in starting and growing COPIA? KOMAL: Today. THUY: Or maybe yesterday. KOMAL: I mean yeah I
make mistakes every day I mean you’re taking you’re making hundreds of
decisions so yeah there’s gonna be a few mistakes. I don’t know my biggest?
Probably the biggest is always people-oriented. Right, keeping someone a
little too long. I think at the other one which you know we learned pretty quickly
from was when we first started off COPIA we were hiring our own drivers, so we’re
hiring them, we’re insuring them, we’re emotionally supporting them, which is a
very costly process and the thinking was you know why are we trying to build an
uber while we build COPIA? Why not piggyback off of this pre-existing
logistics infrastructure that exists not only all over the country but all over
the world. And so that’s what we’ve done we’ve partnered with two of the largest
food logistics companies in North America which are Doordash and Postmates and we’ve done essentially a webhook
integration that allows us to tap into 500,000 drivers across 4,000 cities. So
this essentially makes us geographically agnostic and so what I learned through
that is that you don’t have to do everything in-house and not every
expertise needs to be your own. In fact, you can build upon what other people
have already achieved and what are other people’s that they’ve spent billions of
dollars and trying to become world experts at and we can piggyback off of
that instead of having to build our own logistics network in-house. THUY: And on the
flip side, what was the smartest thing you did? KOMAL: Probably that too. No, the
smartest thing to become a for-profit business. That’s, it took a while to
decide between nonprofit and for-profit and yeah I will never look back on that
because I think that that was the, that I think I know that that was the right
move for us. THUY: Because it allowed you to scale? KOMAL: Because it allowed us to scale.

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