Dash Cam – Best Budget Car Cam To Protect You In The Event of A Crashes! (Under $50)

Dash Cam – Best Budget Car Cam To Protect You In The Event of A Crashes! (Under $50)

I do not want y’all to be victim of a
crash a police situation or any situation where’s your work versus the
old hag y’all might have had a minor fender
bender and that chick falls off the car talking about hutnik hub back her leg on
her crack when you know you ain’t done nothin wrong there’s cheap and easy ways to ensure
and protect you from that car cameras are so cheap nowadays and I must show
you the two that we use in my household in this video in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail read it justice what’s good you to you to build with
y’all knowing or loving our feeling on seeing our powerful dam all everything
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YouTube and spreading something better to look at all my gear is also in the
same Amazon link for these two cameras so the one that I personally use is the
old shark camera 1080p HD high quality high plugin very easy camera nice HD
card that I put in here and the one that I gave my wife is the one that you’re
seeing scrolling across the screen right now so my camera just popped on so what
this one has is motion detection so if someone walks past your car good gust of
wind comes past her car it just pops on for you and when I gave my wife it’s
called the eight man dashcam 1080p full-hd and it does everything and it’s
so easy to put in which is why I gave her Delton because my wife is not quite
as technically inclined as I am but for $49 this is a huge measure of protection
for you and your family and your car your assets because people nowadays will
bump into you and that like is your fault we’ve seen issues where there
could be a mismatch between what’s there between you and the police officer you
and some other Authority and just having this camera hills protect you
and what this ain’t man is very small you’re going to get 1080p you’re gonna
get a hundred and seventy wide-angle so that means that it’s going to get your
whole entire front section of your car it loops so when you put your SD card
inside of it it just loops and you can set it for how long you want
to loop if you want to loop every 5 10 15 20 minutes you can do that and it
does have motion detection and the battery life on these things are pretty
good so when you plug them in to your cigarette lighter they charge and when
you turn off your car it goes off however the battery has been charged
meaning that if somebody comes by your car walk by your car or whatever it pops
on starts recording that’s the good thing about these these new camera
systems and they all come with night vision ladies and gentlemen one of the
cheapest and easiest ways to protect yourself when you’re out and about is to
have a camera – car a camera cam in the dash of your car I don’t care if you’re
driving a beat-up gelada Pinto from 1977 I don’t care if you’re driving the
latest Tesla you all need this camera in your car because you never want these
things to come down to your boot your word versus the word of somebody else
who’s over there just lying through their teeth talking about everything
hurt and all this kind of stuff or if there’s a situation where you go through
a yellow light and the police officer pulls you and try to say you ran the red
light you’ve got your camera – so ladies and gentlemen take advantage of these
great cameras you just see how easy it is to set these things up and with me I
didn’t go through and loop my all across the top of the dashboard I mean across
the top of the front passenger side of the car I just bought a shorter cord and
I plugged it into my cigarette lighter just from the top of the camera I want
you guys to be safe out there this channel is all about you making life
gains and protecting you when you’re driving it’s definitely a life game if
you like these cameras be sure to check my link the Amazon link in the video
description and that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video
please comment and subscribe go get yourself that life game go ahead get
yourself some protection it’s just it’s so affordable $49 you can’t beat that it
works as soon as you plug it in and you are protected when you’re riding down
the road with your families and till that net sexy as hell video I’ll
see you you

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  1. I love the video, thanks, I've been thinking about this for a few months.

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