Congrats, Harry Friedman! | Wheel of Fortune

Congrats, Harry Friedman! | Wheel of Fortune

– [Narrator] It was a
big day for all of us when the Hollywood Chamber
of Commerce honored Wheel and Jeopardy executive
producer, Harry Friedman with a star on the legendary
Hollywood Walk of Fame. Capping an illustrious career, this recognition is well deserved. – He’s always pushing the envelope. He’s very imaginative. He works hard to stay ahead of the game. – And there is not a more personable, nice, considerate,
professional friend, producer that I have ever met in my life. – And when he aboard 25 years ago, we were in dire need of
someone with imagination and creativity and raw
talent and he had that. If Harry hadn’t come along, we might be talking about Wheel of Fortune in the past tense, today. – [Narrator] Surrounded by his family, colleagues, and game show royalty, Harry accepted his star with
his usual grace and humor. – I’m delighted to have
the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the support, generosity, and especially the kindness shown to me over the years. And it’s great that so many of
those people are here today. (sirens) I’m talking here. (crowd laughing) – [Narrator] Harry fondly
remembered being offered the job any producer would covet. – Would I be interested in
producing Wheel of Fortune? Gee, I don’t know. (crowd laughter) – Would I be interested
in winning the lottery? I’m extremely grateful to
join Pat, Vanna, and Alex on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (crowd cheering) – [Narrator] And then the big moment. – [Presenter] Harry Friedman
Day in Hollywood. (crowd cheering) – [Narrator] From everyone,
congratulations, Harry. (upbeat music) – Harry, thanks for including
us in your star ceremony right here in Hollywood. – Thank you. Thank you for being here. I wouldn’t be here without you. – I’ll tell you, that is the most
beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I could stare at that all day. – [Harry] Uh, Pat. That’s your star. – Oh. Sorry. See you next time. – Bye. – That’s nice too. – Bye.

5 thoughts on “Congrats, Harry Friedman! | Wheel of Fortune

  1. whoa! First!

  2. I'm going to miss him. Mike Richards better not mess up the show when he takes over. I'm not a fan of Richards' previous work, especially 'Weakest Link'.

  3. Did Harry Friedman hate being on wheel and jeopardy which is why he’s leaving?

  4. Where’s Vanna’s Name on the Star of the Sidewalk Star?

  5. Great to see peter in the crowd. Did harry write the rules for him?

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