Chihuahua Crashes Car While Owner Pumps Gas

Chihuahua Crashes Car While Owner Pumps Gas

100 thoughts on “Chihuahua Crashes Car While Owner Pumps Gas

  1. Luckily no one got hurt ???

  2. She euthanized it the next day.

  3. When people forget to put it in park

  4. Fake news her car didn't crash I didn't see an accident

  5. If your name isn’t Paris Hilton, you really shouldn’t be driving with a damn chihuahua dog inside your car.

  6. Who let the dog park who, who, who, who let the dog park who?

  7. Thank goodness There wasn't any cars going by when the car went in the road. Which is crazy considering how many cars were going by before the car went into the road

  8. Of course a woman.

  9. Leave it to inside edition to add WHACKY music during a life or death situation :v

  10. To be honest the dog drives way better than me

  11. Stupid dog

  12. Why did she leave the engine on while pumping gas

  13. Leave your dog's at home, they don't need to go every where with you. This lady was lucky she wasn't serious hurt, or killed and that driver's saw her SUV, and stopped, this could have ended badly.

  14. The chihuahua was like

    Ight imma head out

  15. Merda

  16. Reporter: So what made you think driving a car was ok?

    Dog: bark bark, woof. Bark woof bark bark.

    Reporter: Thank you for your time.?

  17. Thank God her and the doggie is ok

  18. 401st

  19. An updated version of the song??? Come on….

  20. Lmao Idk how I find this funny but the dog probably learnt from the show paw patrol and in the future: Dogs Driving Cars

  21. How did he shift from park you still have to press the brake pedal to shift from park

  22. Good job Chihuahua

  23. You have the ignition on while you pump gas? Thats really stupid.

  24. Lol this was on my local news

  25. The car never even crashed

  26. Why do I watch things like this ? ???

  27. Sees a video about a car crash

    Also me: gets an ad about car crashes

  28. Good dog

  29. That's what she gets for pumping gas with the engine running.

  30. How this happens if you turn off the engine ?

  31. How does that even happen? You need to be touching the brake to take it out of park

  32. The music ? at the end sent me ???

  33. Don’t have your car running while you pump your gas and you won’t have to worry about this

  34. Bullshito

  35. this is why you drive a manual

  36. Unsubscribed. Tired of the clickbait titles.

  37. Oh boy that’s a new one a dog driving I bet the owner was sacred to death bout her car n her dog

  38. he said ight imma head out

  39. Me sees thumnail

    Dog: ima and this girls whole careere

    Woman: stops care

    Dog: oh c'mon

    Me: ??????????

  40. At least he wasn't texting or he would have crashed

  41. Ever heard of
    My dog ate my homework
    Well get ready for
    My dog crashed my car

  42. Cop: "So how did your car crash ?"

    Woman: "it was my Chihuahua"

    Cop: "excuse me, ma'am we done play games her-"

    Looks at Chihuahua and see that he's black

    Cop: "ight your pooch is under arrest for violating the road safety law"

  43. How did the car get it into reverse when you have to hold the brake to put the car in gear.

  44. So the dog hits the brake pedal and put the car in reverse and locks the door apparently? Umm how?

  45. How the hell did he push the brake and move the gearshift at the same time?

  46. she was probably smacked and left it in reverse

  47. the car didnt crash tho

  48. This is 20 more levels up more than “the dog ate my homework”

  49. They need to stop doing clickbait of im moving to a different channel

  50. So she was going to pump gas while her car was running??? Because you cant get into reverse when the car is off!!! Unless the dog was smart enough to find the gear release

  51. I was looking forward to a CRASH damnit!!

  52. Where's the crash?

  53. wait did the car "crash" into something or does the word "crash" mean that it went into reverse into a highway?

  54. That’s not funny

  55. I'd say, it was was her LUCKY DAY. ☘

  56. Leaving car on while pumping gas. No no .she deserves a citation

  57. No comments.

  58. He was just Vibin…….he aight

  59. She does know you're suppose to turn off your car completely before pumping gas right?

  60. how would the dog depress the brake in order to shift the gear lever to reverse?

  61. she left it in neutral?

  62. Never dogs or cats ?

  63. He is still a good doggo

  64. Straight to the dog pound for that lil guy

  65. The dog go weeee

  66. That's not a Chihuahua.

  67. Turn off the car first when pumping gas

  68. When he said he didn’t want to go to the groomers – he meant it.

  69. So the dog pressed on the brake and moved the shifter into reverse? ?
    Most talented dog award goes to him !!! ?

  70. Bad doggy bad

  71. "Crash"

  72. I don't even think that this is possible unless you put gas with the car running? Either way it's she had to have done something wrong

  73. Why she got the car running while she's driving?

  74. Goodness she both lucky & unlucky that could have ended badly

  75. Yeah okay I guess he lock the doors to

  76. I think the dog purposely held the car door so that the women can't get in

  77. Moral of the story:

    Get a pitbull

  78. I don't even have my permit yet this dog has its license?

  79. When you forget to feed the dog.

  80. She needs to send that video to America's funniest home videos! In her case, America's funniest public videos! She just might win 10 thousand dollars cash! Haha! ?

  81. when he said "the vehicle goes, bye bye" i totally lost it bahahaha

  82. The Chihuahua didn't want to wait

  83. Somehow thankfully didnt hit any cars

  84. ?

  85. When a dog has better driver skills than you

  86. The dog was just trying to get to taco bell

  87. First off that’s a new model suv it’s no way that, that car would go in reverse if you had put in park…. Her ass just didn’t put it in park!!??‍♀️

  88. And thats why the chihuahua will not be able to drive again for the next 8 years

  89. She needs to stop blaming it on her dog LOL she left it in neutral instead of Park…. there's no way the dog could be press the brake and move the shifter at the same… it's a safety feature built into vehicles

  90. 4 lanes of traffic I see 2

  91. Engine is supposed to be off when refueling.

  92. How did he put his foot on the and shift in reverse at the same time

  93. The broad did not put it in park

  94. But the dog okay tho ?

  95. Impossible. Unless she had it in netural

  96. So………She has never heard of an item called, parking brake ha !?

  97. why would you put funky music when that car could of gotten into a bad accident

  98. Anyways. I would've got rid of that dog

  99. At least no body got hurt thats good news

  100. If it was a Pitbull would of drove it

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