– Basic Shield Car Cover – Indoor Dust Car Cover – Free Storage Bag – Basic Shield Car Cover – Indoor Dust Car Cover – Free Storage Bag

Hi, this is Bob with I’m standing in front of
our Basic Shield car cover. Comes with a three year warranty, weighs about four or five pounds, is super easy to put on. This cover is great if you
have a collectible type car that you want to store it in a garage. Indoor storage is the best for this. It has a non-abrasive
finish on the inside. Great to keep the dust off of your car or your collectible that you have. Now before you put the cover on, there’s a couple of things
that you need to look for. When you pull the cover out of the bag, look under the elastic and look for the tag. The tag tells you that’s
the front of the vehicle. On all of our covers at, the tag goes to the front. It’s a real easy way to orient the cover so you know which way to put it on. Stretch it from the front to the back, or the back to the front, the elastic hem holds it nice and tight underneath both the front
and the back bumper. The other thing you need to look at before you put your cover on is your antenna. Most of the cars today have
the shark fin antennas, which are generally in the back. Those don’t need any special attention. You can just take and put the cover on. If your car is older, and you have the wire, or the whip antenna, a lot of times you can
unscrew those at the base. If you don’t want to do that, includes
a free antenna patch kit with a reinforced hole, so it’ll allow you to place that on and just slip it right
over your whip antenna. The other thing I’d like to show you is that you’ll notice that
when you put the cover on, it goes around your mirrors, but there’s not a pocket for the mirrors. There’s a reason for that. We engineered that out of our designs, because we found that the
seams around the mirrors are the first thing that
usually will rip or tear. By removing that, we give you a more durable cover, lasts a lot longer, so they’re semi-custom, they’re not full custom. But don’t be concerned
when you see that they fit over your mirror like this. It’s the best way to do it and make your car cover last. The last thing I want to show you is that we’ve engineered a reinforced grommet set in
the middle of the vehicle. This is for a security lock and cable set that you can lock your cable in case you happen to have those jealous neighbors that might want to try that car cover for themselves, if you know what I mean. These are our most popular accessory here at If you’re gonna be
storing your car outside, we highly recommend you get our set of gust straps and bungee cords that are designed to help
secure your cover against high winds, rain storms, and so forth. They come with four patented clamps, they clamp onto your cover just behind the rear wheel, and just in front of the front wheels. You stretch together
the bungee underneath it to pull everything nice and tight. Maintaining your car cover is very easy. Simply use a microfiber or a sponge and some water, and wipe the smudge or
the dirt on the cover. You can also remove the cover and put it into a front
loading washing machine. Just set it to delicate, and then air dry it. Don’t put it in the dryer. That’ll keep your car cover looking fresh and clean for the life of the product.

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