Car Talk (Ep. 3) | Awkward Puppets

Car Talk (Ep. 3) | Awkward Puppets

>>SAM: Alright look man, I am not joking today. No racist jokes.>>DIEGO: Okay, okay, I agree.>>SAM: Diego, that’s what you said last time and then you immediately started making fun of white people.>>DIEGO: Yeah, well you were making fun of hispanic people too.>>SAM: I know, I know and I apologize and I was wrong.>>DIEGO: Okay, fine. I’m sorry too, okay?>>SAM: Yeah, I mean it was just so stupid and ignorant.>>DIEGO: I know, exactly.>>SAM: I mean it’s not my fault white people are better.>>DIEGO: Yeah, I know… wait what?>>SAM: What?>>DIEGO: What did you just say?>>SAM: No, nothing. I was just apologizing.>>DIEGO: Cause it really sounded like you said white people are better than hispanics.>>SAM: No, no, no, no. Of course, of course I would never say that.>>DIEGO: Oh okay, you know, cause that would be ridiculous, because, you know, without hispanics you guys would have nothing.>>SAM: So what’s it like cleaning toilets for a living?>>DIEGO: I don’t know what’s it like going to coachella every year and looking stupid?>>SAM: Hispanic people are like the movie Batman vs. Superman, just not necessary.>>DIEGO: That movie was, was just ridiculous.>>SAM: Dude it was so long, right?>>DIEGO: Are you kidding me? I fell asleep during the trailers.>>SAM: So bad.>>DIEGO: Probably because a bunch of white people made it.>>SAM: Shut the [BLEEP] up bro.>>DIEGO: Did you see The Revenant?>>SAM: Yeah, it was great.>>DIEGO: Yeah, the director was Mexican.>>SAM: Have you seen Forrest Gump?>>DIEGO: Yeah, it’s great.>>SAM: Beautiful.>>DIEGO: You know who is not beautiful?>>SAM: Who?>>DIEGO: Your next president, Donald Trump.>>SAM: What do you call a building full of Mexicans?>>DIEGO: What?>>SAM: Jail.>>DIEGO: That’s hilarious. What do you call a building full of white people? A stupid building.>>SAM: We have better technology.>>DIEGO: We have better food.>>SAM: Psh, please. There’s more to life than just tacos.>>DIEGO: Yeah, well there’s more to life than just kale chips.>>SAM: We have better TV.>>DIEGO: We have better girls.>>SAM: We have better music.>>DIEGO: Are you…are you kidding me? Every time I turn on the radio I hear Taylor
Swift complaining about high school boys, isn’t she like 45?>>SAM: Woah, woah, woah. Don’t talk [BLEEP] about Taylor Swift. Come on. She’s amazing, she’s inspirational.>>DIEGO: That’s ridiculous. You know who is inspirational? Jennifer Lopez.>>SAM: Why? Because she has a big butt?>>DIEGO: That’s exactly why.>>SAM: Come on, we have great music.>>DIEGO: No way.>>SAM: Cause I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.>>DIEGO: La la la bamba. La la la bamba.>>SAM: Sweet Caroline, oh oh oh.
>>DIEGO: Upside, Inside out, living la vida loca.>>SAM: If you like Piña colada’s.>>DIEGO: Piña colada’s are hispanic, you stupid son of a [BLEEP].>>SAM: Alright bro, why don’t we just do this, just agree to disagree.>>DIEGO: That’s interesting.>>SAM: You know what I mean? Like no more insults, but like for real, no more insults.>>DIEGO: Fine, okay, whatever. No more insults.>>SAM: Let’s just go get something to eat.>>DIEGO: Yeah, okay. I’m down. What are you in the mood for?>>SAM: Um, hmm. Let me think.>>DIEGO: Kale chips?>>SAM: I hate you.

100 thoughts on “Car Talk (Ep. 3) | Awkward Puppets

  1. SWEET CAROLINE BUM BUM BUM. IF you like piña colada’s FYI since my name is Caroline once my nickname was bum bum bum at camp cause of that song

  2. Also if he didn’t like Americans then why is one in the car with him anyone know

  3. Hahahahahhahaha

  4. We want Asian puppet too !!!🔥

  5. Bruh american music is way better then hispanic music yet he sang the worst american songs

  6. DO MORE!!!

  7. Coachella really is for stupid people lol

  8. My declaration to Gaia, listen close to What I have to say, for this isn't your Biblical propaganda.These are the darkest days of humanity, drawing even the smartest minds to insanity.

  9. What are you guys Talking about

  10. 0:59 starbucks

  11. Hey what do u call a white person wall and Mexico’s wall mixed wall

  12. a building full of white people equals a crack house

  13. 1:38 when diego singswhhite guy says The sun shits on us

  14. Diego:You know who is inspirational



  15. Change channel name to: Funny, Racist, Law Breaking, Hispanic, American Puppets

  16. "Pina Colada is Hispanic you stupid son of a bitch"
    Died laughing 😂 🤣

  17. still waiting for a part 4…

  18. Loloooooooooool

  19. 1:01 Starbucks

  20. 1:41

  21. there’s more to life than just tacos
    well there’s more to life than just kale chips

  22. pinacalatas are Hispanic u stupid B**

  23. This was in the electronic music

  24. Team Hispanic

  25. Hispanic have tacos Burritos Pasta cafe soda And White ppl got Salad and Starbucks and Meat that's its

  26. True! Latinas are fucking yommmmmm‼️

  27. Diego: "You know who's not beautiful"

    Sam: "Who"?

    Diego: "Your next president"

  28. Sam: "If you like pina colada"

    Diego: "Pina coladas are hispanic you stupid son of a bitch"

  29. When Diego said what do you call a building full of white people and if Sam said what a Diego should have said a post office

  30. Taylor Swift is 45 😂

  31. Whit people are like pigs there all fat

  32. Taylor Swift!!!!!!

  33. I call a building full of white people starbucks

  34. I am crying i can't stop laughing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. "Every time I turn in the radio I hear Taylor Swift complaining about high school boys. Isn't she like 45" 🤣🤣😂😂

  36. “Pina coladas are hispanic you stupid son of a b*tch”

  37. No

  38. Mexico is coolr

  39. And stop

  40. 😣 what about yellow people

  41. I know I M🇺🇸 but I still like 🇲🇽

  42. We all know that americans suck

  43. Do you know what country everyone is leaving Diego? Mexico.

  44. Yust to see diego it funny 😃😃😃😁😁

  45. cracks me up…

  46. Waaaaaiiittt
    “What is a building full of white people”
    “Parliament house”
    (Disclaimer I’m Aussie so idk what a Parliament House is for Americans or if it’s the same btw a Parliament House is basically the politics and shit)

  47. 🆒💙

  48. This shit is so addictive..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. We have better girls…

  50. " You know who's not beautiful your next president Donald Trump"
    That's so true 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  51. My name is Diego too

  52. War: Why can't we be friends, Why can't we be friends, Why can't we be friends, Why can't we be friends?!

  53. Make a part 4 😂😂😂😂😂

  54. I’m team Hispanic cuz I’m Hispanic

  55. Yeah pina coladas are Hispanic drinks

  56. Wich side should I be on I'm 50% Mexican and 50% American like for Mexican and comment for American

  57. Sam – we have better tv
    Diago- we havw better girls🤣

  58. Why is Diego driving every episode

  59. What do you call a building full of white people?

    A burning building

  60. Let’s not forget without black people white people would have nothing too.😏😂

  61. I love the music

  62. 1:00 “what do you call a building full of white people?”
    Diego should have said “there’s no such thing, because there is always a Hispanic carpenter or plumber fixing something in that building” 🎤 ⬇️

  63. 1:01 I thought he was going 2 say the white house

  64. How’s it like cleaning 🚽 had me 😭😂

  65. The white puppet sounds like Shawn Mendes in my opinion from my first thought

  66. Lol still talking about everything

  67. 1:40 i almost choked

  68. i am on diegos side lol

  69. You guys are good

  70. We have better girls XD

  71. These videos are amazing !! How does he make these ????

  72. What’s a building full of white people….. a Starbucks

  73. I’m white and hispanic😂😂 what side am I on

  74. Well I guess everyone agree that “livin la vida loca” is amazing

  75. Me to my white friend: What do you call a room full of white people?

    My white friend: What?

    Me: Hell

  76. Donald Trump is ugly

  77. Me:WTF
    Jennifer Lopez:I’m not big

  78. I’m Mexican (:

  79. Diego just can’t hold it 😂

  80. I am Spanish and it is better then being ingish.

  81. "White people have better music"
    Really, nigga? 😑😑😑😑

  82. 1:29–1:43 😂😂😂

  83. 1:42

  84. What do you call a building full of white people…..Congress

  85. That’s exactly why

  86. Who else here from tik tok

  87. What do call a building full of white ppl?

  88. Why didn't he say selena quintanilla

  89. You should of done “whats a building full of white People called” “rehab”

  90. “I fell sleep during the trailer”

  91. I might be here from tik tok fr 😂

  92. Make more of these please they’re hilarious

  93. You need a black puppet in the car please

  94. “What do you call a building full of white people”
    I thoughts he was gonna say 911😭

  95. Whose here from Tik Tok

  96. 1:42

  97. 1:00 McDonald’s or Burger King.

  98. 0:40 🤣🤣🤣 I love how there was a mild moment of agreement between them before getting back into arguing.

  99. Mexicans have spm

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