Best Game Engine for Indie Developers

What is the best game engine for indie developers? In theory, you can use an Xbox One as a game
development engine, after you install the necessary software and tools. I know Microsoft says that, and they trumpet
it on the Independent Developers page for the Xbox. However, I want to use tools that
create games for any platform or at least ones other than Xbox One. Unreal Engines is probably the better choice
for Xbox game development, working seamlessly with DirectX. It even works well with the
Persona animation system. That’s like saying HTML5 works well with
CSS when they were designed to go together. Unity by Unity Technologies was designed to
work with any gaming console. It works with animation suites and OpenGL. I’ve heard of OpenGL used for vectoring
and complex graphics. It even has an add-on for developing games
for the Xbox One, using the standard Xbox One machine. I do not want to get any deeper into Microsoft’s
milieu than I have to. So use Crytek’s CryEngine. I’d cry myself to sleep if I used the same
game engine used to make Crysis 2. I hated that game. The beautiful rendering is what you want to
copy, not the mediocre plot. If you do not like CryEngine, look into BitSquid Engine. That’s only been out a few years. Since 2009, but it works with both the Xbox
One and Playstation 4. Its greatest strength is the fast workflows for quick game revisions. I’d prefer something I do not have to constantly
revise. You might like Autodesk’s Gameware tool
to animate characters, generate lighting, build paths and do 3D. I’d expect a company better known for its
computer aided design and 3D modeling tool for engineering projects to do decent 3D. You could always become a registered Xbox
One developer for Microsoft and get a free development kit from them. But I do not want to develop just Xbox One
games. You could register for the Sony development
kit, even getting the Sony specific Unity version. I’d like to work with Unity, and publish
to both development environments. One game, two ways to monetize it, equals multiple streams
of income. You could use GameSalad creator to make games
without coding. As long as it works well enough that I do
not have to pay someone else to alter code to control the device drivers fast enough
to keep up with the action. If you’re making little games with GameSalad,
you do not need to know C++ to control the audio card or sound card. I’m not sure I’d trust something called
a salad; it is too likely to wilt. So use GameMaker Studio. It was even used
to create Gunpoint, a top selling indie game. That’s a recent innovation. Actually, Gamemaker Studio has been around
since 2006, so it is not a flash in the pan. Or I could try to make the next World of Warcraft. That would be RPG maker. Yes, making a role playing game. RPG maker stands for Role Playing Game maker
and is a project – look, there are lots of options out there, so go pick one.

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