Audi A5 B8 Sportback Review | Used Car Reviews

Audi A5 B8 Sportback Review | Used Car Reviews

hey what’s up guys Syed here and today in this video I’m gonna be doing a car review but in a slightly different format and the reason why is because I’m helping my friend sell his Audi A5 he’s a dealer so it’s still gonna be a review but I’m gonna be showing you guys more of the car like in detail I guess we’re gonna be looking at the exterior, interior and we’re gonna be taking this car out for a drive but before I begin I don’t know whether you guys are gonna like this kind of format it’s quite different from the previous reviews that I’ve done. This car the listing is not out yet on sgcarmart or anywhere else because this car was just brought in. I think by the time this video comes out the listing should be up so I’m gonna put a link to the listing somewhere in the description below. So yeah let’s go check out the car Ok so this is the car this is a 2011 or 2012 Audi A5 B8 2-liter Quattro and this car is actually it’s not black it’s kind of like charcoal grey or something like that ok so this car comes with the this black honeycomb grille here has the Quattro badge below it by the way in the next few days they’re gonna be changing the body kit of this car to the Audi A5 B8.5 bodykit just to make it look a bit fresher so yeah this is the exterior of the car it’s running on this Continental ContiSport Contact Tires 245 40 18 inch 5 spoke Audi rims here. Those are I believe the stock brake calipers. It has this S line side mirror very nice okay this is the Sportback so it has 4 doors. Now onto the back of the car you can see this a 2 exhaust so one here and one there and okay ignore this S5 badge because this is the Audi A5 2 litre Quattro and it’s quite weird that you have the S5 Badge there because in this B8 generation the S5 Sportback came with a 3 litre supercharged V6 engine so there’s no S5 that comes with a 2 Litre turbo engine so it’s kind of like contradict itself here so yeah just ignore that S5 badge But it looks nice though but yeah it’s not an S5 and this is the other side of the car ok now let’s take a look in the inside of the car ok so first of all so yeah this is the interior of the car you can see here ok let’s go through them one by one you can see that the interior condition is actually very good for like an 8 Year old car it’s actually yeah the materials are holding up very very well and I think I’ve said this before like Audi’s their interiors tend to hold up very well they age very very well they don’t really like peel off or scratch off so you know even like 8 years down the road your car still looks good. The keys here okay then just slot it into this thing here foot on the brake and the car will start up okay turn off the radio first and it’s super hot so I’m gonna turn on the aircon. You know the condition is just very very good you can see like none of the buttons are peeling off even on the steering wheel none of the buttons peeling off they still yeah like you have the full triangle here you know nothing is peeling off the gear by the way this is the S-Tronic gear lever so yeah it looks sportier than the regular Audi gear lever. Electronic parking brake here. Brake autohold, traction control and you control your driving Modes here. Comfort, Auto and Dynamic you know everything still works perfectly fine if you can see door lock unlock your headlight switches yeah I know it’s working because I can see the LEDs working from the outside there your side mirror controls memory seats excuse me I just burped. Yeah your window controls here still working the window is a bit dirty I think from water stains but it’s okay the windows are all still working yeah everything just everything just works okay radio let me just And then you Ok let me move my phone Oh actually this is a very good place for you to put your phone as well in case you run out of like space here you can put your phone here but I think when you jam brake it will fly towards you okay so anyway moving on over here you get two cupholders this place is for you to keep your phone or your wallet I guess if your wallet is slim enough yeah Fits nicely. Then you have this center compartment here 12V socket, Auxillary jack here yeah it’s not very big I’m not gonna show you the like bottom because the footwells because this carpet here is still like I don’t know either the owner changed it but if he didn’t then it’s quite impressive because after 8 years it still looks it still looks good okay not brand new but it still looks good then you have your glove box here which is you know it’s decently sized Not too bad. Let’s take a look at the back of the car. So in the back of the Audi A5 B8 sportback actually this seat in front here is pushed back a bit closer towards me so it’s not in my original driver’s position but even when it’s pushed back you can see that I still get quite a bit of knee room okay and I get just a bit of headroom but it’s okay there’s this netting here for you keep your stuff rear aircon controls and what is this it’s another outlet here ok. Transmission tunnel I know because this is an all-wheel drive car so I expect the transmission tunnel to be big and intrusive and it is because you can see how tall that transmission tunnel is it’s quite you know it’s very tall and then in the middle here you get this kind of like Armrest, some storage compartment here Cupholders here Ya it’s still holding up very well the materials are really really really good and over here you can also access the boot let me just yeah there we go okay so this is the boot let’s check out the boot space you can see opens up very wide like that you have your parcel shelf here apologise for the dirty boot because the car just came in so they didn’t have time to like clean it or anything yet yeah so there’s a 12V outlet here for you to plug in your vacuum cleaner yeah this is working [Music] [Applause] let me just put the boot back down by the way it’s not automatic okay it’s not an automatic tailgate and also you realise that you don’t get any reverse camera okay okay so let’s go for a drive in the A5. By the way if you like low cars I think you’re gonna Like this car because you can really adjust your seat to make it very low and then it really feels like a proper sports car I’ve driven this car before last year I believe. This exact same one Audi A5 B8 Sportback And why is the car dragging the gears? Ya what can I say about the drive #1 I think visibility it’s actually very for a car that looks this sporty its actually not too bad visibility is quite good except for the rear windows it’s a bit small from my driver’s perspective it looks a bit small. Okay 1 thing I noticed is that the wipers ya I think the rubber On the wiper blades are starting to wear out so that’s something you may have to change when you get the car but it’s very cheap it’s like a few dollars maybe yeah it’s practically nothing okay next suspension or comfort its I have to say it’s a bit more on the firmer side but it’s not uncomfortable it’s still very comfortable it’s compliant and definitely like this car I think where it excels I think I’ve said this before in my Audi A5 B9 review where it excels is on long journeys on expressways because that’s what the car was built for is like a GT kind of car so on expressways over long journeys that’s where you really feel like the Audi A5 performing you know but you know even in like city roads like this I feel very, it’s a nice car to drive because the steering is very light it’s not like super light but it’s light it’s more on the lighter side and it’s also very direct so like small adjustments yeah the whole car responds it feels very the body feels very firm and rigid it responds to the steering inputs very well okay this car right the Audi A5 2 litre Quattro on paper it does it’s a fast car it does 0-100 in like 6-ish seconds 6.5 seconds maybe or even faster than that so I think partly due to the all-wheel-drive system performance okay back to performance it’s actually yeah it’s quite a fast car I don’t think you’ll be complaining about the speed unless you came from like Nissan GTR or something you’re not gonna complain about the performance of this car it’s adequate this car stock, 2 litre Audi A5 If I’m not wrong comes with like what 208 HP yeah okay so there’s a like maybe half a second kind of lag but after that when the turbo kicks in it really kicks and you can really fill the pull. Brakes are also quite Grippy yeah they’re very grippy and it The brakes are sensitive in my opinion this is one of the most like sexy looking affordable cars that Ok 6 series. Ya 6 series also very sexy but it’s no I can’t say it’s affordable this car on the other hand because it’s like it came out in what 2007-2008 this generation B8 Audi A5 so it’s been a while early and yeah because it’s a bit older the price you can get this car for like what $40 – $50k dollars for this kind of a year like 2011-2012 two years COE left that kind of car which is actually not too bad because when you scrap the car your PARF value is still about 20-ish over thousand dollars so it’s actually not like to use it for two years it’s not a bad purchase yeah and because the car it just it ages very well it doesn’t look like an old car. By the time this video comes out the listing should be up and you can refer to the listing and look at the price and everything for yourself okay thanks guys for watching see you guys in the next video

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