A SLAMMED TRUCK?! || From The Gallery

A SLAMMED TRUCK?! || From The Gallery

– What’s going on guys Fuller
here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV and
Jarrod’s picking his nose. – I was itching it. – Three, two, one, action. – What’s going on guys,
Fuller’s picking his nose? – Oh. (rock music) – What’s going on guys, Fuller from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on YouTube, with Jarrod brought them
back for another episode of “From The Gallery” we take your shots that you entered in the gallery, rate them on a scale of one to ten. I feel like I could probably say that phrase in my sleep now, we’re on episode like 47
or something like that. So with that being said,
let’s jump into it. First truck, 2017 Nissan Titan
XD Motive Off-Road Magnus. I just actually did a video about these, 20 by 12 negative 44
Cooper Discover STT Pros. Dang, 37’s, 37’s on a Titan and a six inch rough country. – The new Titans have
such a big front end. – Did they stop making this truck now? Or did it was it just maybe a rumor I heard they’re going to. This one’s got the Cummins in it. – Yep. – Which is kind of neat. These like, a Titans XD are kind of a, they’re not a half ton, but they’re not a three quarter ton, they’re like an in between
kind of unique trucks. – Interesting. – This one’s the Pro X version. – Like it doesn’t look bad, as far as the truck goes itself like. – Honestly, as far as Nissan Titans Go, I think this is probably the like, cleanest one I’ve ever seen. I actually kind of like
the two tone paint job if that’s what you want to call it, it’s like the bumpers on
the body line are painted I believe that’s factory
but I still like it. – It looks decently tall. It’s a six inch lift, but it looks like it’s tall for it so I wonder if that has to with having it come in so it sits. – Six inch and thirty sevens. – Like you know like, 2500 sit a little taller. – Yeah. – Does this sit a little taller than? – I don’t know. – Cause it’s go the cummins
in it is it anymore. – Because if you put a
six inch on a Silverado, you’re not putting 30
sevens and 12 lights on it. I mean, 35’s and 12 wides barely fit you got to cut the crap out of your truck. Also, the front end on here for being OEM is pretty aggressive. – Yeah I like it. – It’s kind of big, It’s in your face. I love the little decal on
the back window American flag. Simple but I like it. – Kind of matches the two tone
also looks like it’s like a matte black with the given kind of. – Yep Yep. Anything else when you know
rubs minor metal trimming? Yep that’ll happen when you put 37’s on. Okay – All right. – Three, Two, One. – Seven.
– Eight. Going with an eight. Don’t see these very often. – Clean, it’s gotta cummins. Excellent wheel choice. I think I’m the Motiv wheels
go really well with this. Motiv has a really nice
finish on their stuff, kind of a very like high end looking wheel but very versatile. You can use it for a
lot of different stuff. They make tiny wheels, they make big wheels, like it. – Hell to the yeah. – 17F- 150 20 by nine fuel hostages. – You got fuel hostages, ah man both saw the same video, put it in right here. – If you have fuel hostages, you’ve got fuel hostages baby. – Nitto Ridge Grap, 35 to 12 and a half easy lift leveling kit. Scroll through some photos. Blacked out Sport. So you got the black bumpers, black grill. Black, everything. Does he not have tint? – It’s hard to tell? – Too much sun flare? Can’t go wrong fuel hostages, I mean it’s been around forever. – No tint – No tint, we gotta get some tint on those front windows. – Pretty straightforward yeah. – Yeah. Three, two, one. – Seven. – Six and a half. Went a little bit lower just because fuel hostage has been out for so long, that I guess I would like to see something a little bit different. – You know it been out for so long but like I feel like I
haven’t seen it much recently. So seeing again it’s like I almost like it again, I don’t know. – My biggest complaint with
them is they’ll big fake. – Like – Bolts or nuts on there. – In this photo which is like everything just looks black because it’s in the shadows. – The only thing you can see. – Yeah are those giant bolts. – Yeah, so other than that though, I think the fitment on here is nice. – Yeah. – Putting 33’s is on a leveling kit, it kind of feels fills
that wheel well nice. – As long as a daily driver
type of thing too like, it’s just a solid, and it’s affordable to overall setup. It’s a good move. – Right. – Oh. – Oh. – 2016 Silveraaado, Silverado. Let’s bring that back. 2500 HD ARKON 22 by 14, negative 81’s. Fuel Alexander’s. Has this, this wheel hasn’t
been super popular for ARKON. – It was in the beginning. – Yeah. – And then the Lincoln
like just over ran it and now it’s kind of been like on the DL. – Thunderer Trac Grip MT’s. I haven’t heard of those, but they look kind of cool. 37 by 30 and a half, seven and a half inch Rough Country. – The first thing I noticed though, like look at how like it’s look stretched. So it’s a 13 and a half on a 14 right. – Yeah, you’re right. – So shouldn’t be that stretched. – It kind of rounds off, kind of like some of those FURY’s do. – Yeah. – They look a little more rounded. – Yeah, so I wonder if the tread itself is narrower but the
tires the 13 and a half, so when you mounted it has
it looks more stretched. I don’t know. – The scene looks pretty beefy. And honestly, there’s not
really a ton done do it. – No. – But it looks good the way it is. You get the black bumpers, it’s a Z 71 package so you get a lot of color
match stuff from factory. Chrome mirror caps and
chrome trim on the sides. If it was me, I’d probably pull that off. – But also goes in the middle line. – And run it all blacked out. – And the wheels and the
wheels have a lot of milling. – Exactly, and there’s a lot of milling so it does definitely make sense also, I just love the background
in all these photos. – Yeah right. – We don’t get any cool scenery like this. – Like can we go to Alaska or
wherever this is, Colorado. – Yeah the, there where are the plates? Well we don’t have plates. (static) – Can’t call it. – Three, two, one. – Eight.
– Eight. – I’d definitely put some
different tail light on is what I was gonna say. – Yeah, – So like, if you put different
like their brake lights and talents because the headlights
already painted to match so they already look black. Just doing that then maybe putting like a black bow tie on
or something like that. – That’s what I was gonna say, the things that really stood out for me were the tail lights, cause they’re really, really bright red against all the other dark colors and then the Chevy logo on the front is like pow, in your face. – Yeah. – So maybe just slap
that with a little vinyl and you got taken care of. – Yeah, super clean,
super sexy build though. – Oh, Lord. – What? – I feel like this one might get roasted in the comments a little bit. It’s an O Nine Tacoma, with a Oda Hana DSO Fives, you’ve probably never heard of them. – Is that car wheels? – Car wheels. 18 by nine and a half
plus 22 middle NT 555’s. so actually a. Yeah but actually a great tire. – Yeah. – Two 245, 40 ends on a DGM Lauren kit, we don’t know anything about Lauren kits, were lifted truck guys, Oklahoma. The fitment isn’t terrible. I’m trying to like judge it on like car fitment there’s some gap there. But as far as like stance goes he’s pretty pretty close to flush. – Yeah. – Might be sticking out almost
a little bit though I think. – Hard to say, oh yeah
there’s a little bit. – They look kinda tiny on this truck. – The truck itself is tiny a little too, so that’s saying something. – You got a point, you got a point. All right. So three inch front drop
five inch rear drop. Got a number for it? – Sure. Three, two, one. – Six. – Four Really? – Yeah, well, I don’t know I don’t. – Here’s my thing. The step lip on these wheels or I guess if you want to call it that. – Yeah. It’s like a simulated multi piece wheel. – Yep. It almost makes these
wheels look like 13’s. They’re 13’s, I keep em clean though. You know what I mean? Which just looks too
small on the the truck. – That’s probably why they look so small. – Even though it’s an 18. – I didn’t even think about that. – So I would maybe select
a different wheel choice. Size wise he’s doing okay. – I personally this body size, I don’t like any of the Toyota Tacomas until like was it 14 or 15 when they changed the front ends? – Like 15. – That’s when I like actually fell in love with the front ends on them, before that it was like
for the past 20 years it’s been this which I’m. – Now they’re very sporty. Here they were just kinda
a little more blobby. – Yeah, which that was
how all the trucks were. – Technical terms. – And cars back then. – Yeah, Blobby. – Yeah but Toyota holds on and buy sells for a really long time. – Yeah. – So they were definitely
due for a refresh, but didn’t get that a little bit later. – Yeah, so overall it’s, it’s there for me but
not at the same time, like I’d like to see this thing on air and just like. – Slam. – Yeah. – [ Brad] Wow, from the gallery with Fuller and JR, real original. – Shut up. Brad. Do you want to be in it? – [Brad] No. – Real original. – [Brad] I don’t wanna be in it. 2006, wow this has gotta be the cleanest 2006 I have ever seen. American Force Jester, 24 by 14 negative 90 offset and it’ll trail grab 375 40s, I believe that was the
same size we had on CO2, and a Rough Country eight
and a half inch lift. – So like just hang on pause for a second. – Pausing. – Every time you look at this, you notice something different right? – Yep. – So first you saw the wheels. – Yep. – Then the grill. – Yep. – Then headlights, then the glowing emblems like just every time you look at it, there’s just something
else it’s like wait, what about that, what about that, it looks he’s got cubes in the bumper too and everything. – Yeah, and he’s got another
light bar in that grill slot. He’s got like the Raptor style grill but 0408, I didn’t even
know they made that style grill for this. And then he’s got the 09 to 14 mirrors with built LED’s. – Yeah. – That was something I noticed right away. He’s got the Lariat badging on the back. I love this two tone color combo, the white and tan, I don’t know, it reminds
me of a King Ranch and I got a soft spot for those. And then adding the chrome wheels on here, it just ties it all in. – It’s weird cause you
wouldn’t think white, tan and chrome would like go together because too many colors but. – But they do. – Yeah. – And then instead of having like the you know, orange lights in this wrapper so I really went with white which I think is very important because adding orange would
not have kept the clean look. – Yeah. – He’s got windshield tint too. Excellent photos. – These are beautiful. – Sweet rollers. He’s got wheel lights and
rock lights too it looks like. I think it’s just beautiful and this is the newer
style badging as well that F150 badge. – Oh yep. – The headlights has
got these the smooth LED running lights you know, it’s not like the dot, dot,
dot, dot, dot, dot strips. – This thing is just,
look at those rollers. – Dang. – This thing’s awesome. – Those wheels are hot. – I would drive this and I’m not a huge fan of the 0408, but this super modernizes the truck and it makes it actually very appealing. So new and updated badges in the rear too, custom taillights all painted to match. Yeah. This, this is gonna be bold antenna. There’s a lot of small details on here. – See, it’s like every time
you look there’s something else and then the tint, it’s like murdered out 10
like 20% on the windshield and then like. – And probably five on the windows. – Yeah. – If I had to guess. This thing is, this thing’s gnarly. Ready? – Yeah. Three, two , one. – Ten.
– Ten. – This is a 10 right here boys and girls. Excellent photos, excellent wheels, excellent tires perfect fitment, like everything has been touched. – In a good way. – I love it. That’s another episode
of from the gallery. If you want your vehicle featured, you can add it a Custom Offsets dot com forward slash add and then maybe you get a
chance to be on the show. If you already have it in the gallery, you can drop your link
in the comments below. Otherwise, just get it
get it to us somehow. Email, texts, carrier
pigeon, Instagram DM. – Bottle. – Yes, lots of options. If you don’t know what the gallery is, we got all the size and specs you need to figure out what fits your vehicles, you can check that out
CustomOfferts.com/gallery. – And if you haven’t yet subscribe, YouTube.com/CustomOffsetsTv. – Peace. – And if you’re Collin, this is the kind of vehicle
you should be choosing. – Yeah this is fucking amazing. – Yeah this is a ten out of ten. Like I can’t wait till you see this thing. Fucking beautiful truck
with the best photos. – What.

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