5 Simple 2 Way Flying Machine Engine Designs / SlimeStone / Minecraft

Hey guys welcome back to another minecraft
tutorial and today I’m going to be showing you five simple flying machine engines
so let’s get into it okay so here’s design number one this is
a horizontal flying machine like I just said previously and this is kind of the
standard flying machine design these two right here are kind of the more standard
small engine designs and so these are very very similar to each other they
just have their observers placed in different locations but I’ll get onto
that one in a minute first we’re taking a look at this one so
let’s send it off this is the automatic return station that I have built for it
so this observer just detects when this flying machine comes in close then
powerses black which is a repeater set the two ticks
then powers this block which powers the redstone which then powers this trapdoor
this obsidian is here to stop the flying machine since it’s a and a movable block
there’s a few movable blocks minecraft furnaces is another one leaves is one
but I use obsidian just because it’s easier to see in tutorials so it just
makes the tutorial a little bit easier to understand the lever is optional but
this will turn off the return mechanism so that when it comes and reaches the
destination it doesn’t send itself back so this just turns this off so that you
can keep it at this one spot ok so now we’ve got the build here we’ve
just got two sticky pistons and two slime blocks creating this square here
with an observer on each end facing into the slime block so we’ve just got these
two pieces that we just shifted over and flipped around for each side and that
makes up the slime machine so that I’ve just got this trap door to activate it
but you can use whatever you want so now we’re on a number two okay guys so this
is flying machine number two this one is very similar to the last one but this
one is more of a cube shape as this one’s more flat so let’s send this one
off so as it bumps up against this observer
here The Observer is gonna power this obsidian block which is then gonna power
this redstone which powers this repeater right here that is set to two ticks
which is then powering the trapdoor to send it back so right here this is the
Obsidian to stop it because it’s an Amul block so that we can send it back so
let’s send this one more time so you’ll see it’ll stop and then be sent back so
it stops and sends back almost immediately okay so all the flying
machine auto return stations right here are going to be set to two ticks you can
also use four ticks one tick does not work and three is a
little bit off it kind of gives it quite a bit of delay before sending back just
because of the how this opens up it does not quite trigger it right so now we are
on flying machine number three okay guys so we’re going on to the third and final
horizontal flying machine right here but real quick I want to say something about
this last one and that is I made an in-depth tutorial on this one and a
return station op for it which is this one right here this is the more updated
one because this one is a lot simpler so I would use this one if you do look at
that tutorial don’t be confused by this I would definitely use this one since
this one’s a lot more efficient okay so now we’re on to this flying
machine right here number three and let’s send this off real quick so this
is gonna fly over and we’ve just got the same design just at a different angle
this time because of how this comes in how this one’s built sorry so what we
have is that observer comes up against here and then this observer right here
powers this block here which is then powering this redstone which is powering
the repeater set to two ticks which powers this trapdoor so we’ve just got
this obsidian block lined up with the slime block right there
to stop a flying machine so that we can send it back so one thing you might have
noticed about all these flying machines is it’s usually just this two part this
one part piece that is just flipped over on the other side so we’ve got this one
right here this one’s a little bit offset this one is just these four
blocks repeated on both sides and I’m flipped around so let’s send this off
one last time I’ll see this in action okay so that is our third and final
flying machine for the horizontal group and now we’re out of the vertical sign
okay so now we’re onto the vertical flying machines and this one right here
is what we’re gonna start off with real quick before we do though I made an
in-depth tutorial on how to make a simple flying machine elevator in
Minecraft and I’m gonna link that in the upper right corner and the I cards in
case you’re interested that is using this design right here okay so now let’s
get into the build like in the other ones we’ve just got the one piece that
we flip over on the other side which makes the two-way flying machine design
so if we send this off I’ll see we’ve got our return station right here
subservice detecting this observer move in front of it which is powering this
block powerses redstone which is then powering this block the repeater is
taking the output from this block and I’m powering this block which then
powers the trapdoor and that is a lot of power ok so then we’ve got our lever
which is on all of the builds which is optional so that just turns off the
return station and allows you to turn it back on when you want okay so that is
design number one for the vertical side and now we’re on the design number two
okay so here’s our second vertical flying machine here and this one we’ve
just got our observer facing the slime block here which is powering this sticky
piston this observer is on top of the sticky piston facing into it and then
one just got to slime blocks with the sticky piston facing into them below
that one last thing before I send this off though is all of the Pistons in this
guide our sticky pistons none of them are Pistons so yeah just keep that in
mind if you’re building these so let’s send this off
and this return station is very similar to that one right there the difference
in this one is that instead of having a city and block right here it’s over here
to stop this to touch the slime block which will stop it
okay so let’s show that in action one last time here okay so that’s how it
works no we’ve just got the observer powering
the block here which is powering the redstone scent powering this repeater
set the two ticks which powers that trapdoor right there
okay so then our optional lever right here and that is all the designs okay
guys so that is all five of our simple flying machine engine designs I hope you
enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to comment like and subscribe
and I hope to see you in my next video good bye so if you did enjoy this
tutorial guys I hope you did that was so bad

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