4G15 Non-Grout Filled Engine Teardown / What broke 2SEXY?

4G15 Non-Grout Filled Engine Teardown / What broke 2SEXY?

Today on the skid factory. We’ve got a special midweek bonus episode where we pull apart divider from 2 Sexy If you haven’t done so already jump over to Mighty Car Mods and watch the episode of return it 2 Sexy Because here we are now we’re going to pull this thing apart and see what’s wrong with it This is a 4G 15 One of the greatest Mitsubishi engines ever made It’s a 1.5 liter single overhead cam iron block for better powers If you can grab these bad boys up and do eights. No problem at all Unfortunately Martin forgot to grab it so when he was blazing around the track Something happen in it. It’s basically seized at the moment, but we’re going to pull it apart and see what’s going on inside Get some spanners, Woody Do it What size you want bro? All of the normal metric sizes that make sense like ten, twelve, fourteen? Yeah, those ones not 13 or 16 15 or 18 Take note holding forward Rattle gun? Let’s do this You mess that one up, didn’t you? So what’s your call and what’s happened to the motor? It’s blown up! Now what’s you guess on what’s actually blown up on it? Maybe Pistons explaining so much it like jammed on the cylinder. Yeah The possibilities are endless. So this was a 8 second Potential 8 second. Potential 8 second grout filled. I care it all, Al So if you can’t tell This is all just going in a bin. Marty doesn’t want anything off. It doesn’t want anything obvious or not I don’t care So that’s why we’re cutting time belts and just throwing everything in the bin because It is all junk, unless you want it. You can go down to the Noosa tip and find it in the scrap metal pile Just like that Falcon That’s it Hey, there’s your problem. Sweet! Lemon squash cans Common problem, oh look. These ones are fresh. So minus the obvious lemon squash cans There seems to be one De-stroked cylinder It’s not de-stroked it’s just de-rodded and it’s also got a little bit of a crack in it Multi-layer head gasket quality engine So, what do you reckon then head gaskets blown and then bent the rod No, I reckon it’s just bent a rod because the rods not strong enough. Under power Cylinder pressure You need to take the sump off and have a pop it out That’s how water got in there. Oh! The rods made a clearance mark inside the bore That’s where it stops he doesn’t want to go any further Burp As far as it’s gonna go. You had one job You got that one Bert we forgot to undo a bolt So there might be some stuff blocking the pick up, a bit of Sump gasket schmoo. A bit of piston Something else in it can’t get it. Woody you get it. You got smaller hands What the hell is that? What is it? It’s your goddamn eight ball again. What the hell Thing gets around So you’ll notice that Woody can roll it over Almost all the way Then you can go back the other way, but but he can’t go 360 degrees and the reason for that is We’ve got a zigzaggy rod there And what that means is that piston is coming down the bore further than it should and It’s actually hitting the counterweight just roll it over a bit. I reckon I can get past that. I roll it over half Have a look at this counterweight when he rolls it around This Mr. Piston he no here. He’s is there. So if we pop that rod off we should be able to turn it over Roll it over. Ooh, he don’t want to give up One slips, bro Ayy It’s a boy! It’s done a good job, eh? Maybe we can post that down to Martin for a Present for his badge. Let’s that’s done really well not to break for a start Told you one of the finest engines if it hadn’t been grouted it would have been sweet That’s a pretty bloody skinny rod dude. Nanana Whoops [Laughter] Do you want to pull the crank out and pull rest of the pistons out? No Not at all? You wanna make like a coffee table out of the motor or something? You know, it looks really magnificent in your coffee area in your landroom Manky old 4G15 with a piece of glass on top, dude Now we can send it back to Martin for his Mira now it’s a three cylinder. It’s not a bad idea. Big bore three cylinder So that’s about all we’ve got for you Don’t you want to talk about big end bearings and the root of the cause what happened to the motor? What cause what it’s got a crack piston a bent rod and a hole in the ball if it was vaping it? It’d be a Subaru What more is there to? discover It was vaping when you cut the bolt off the rocker cover before This is what happens when you boost a stock engine it will break eventually It’s a 50 kilowatt engine making 150 kilowatts That’s just cylinder pressure on a rod that is not designed to handle that much cylinder pressure the rest of the damage is probably just caused by that rod bending and everything going out of smooth operation, so Bin it. It is what it is We should send this to Marty though That’s cool. Do you want to chuck this oil in a test tube and send it off for oil analysis or something? [Glares] Really fascinating stuff from Mitsubishi Bwaaaaaa. Dugga dugga dugga dugga dugga

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  22. Head gasket popped, coolant got into cylinder, coolant doesn't compress, something had to give, motor go bang.

  23. I had a 4G13 (1.3L) in my old Lancer. Pretty solid engine, and very easy to work with

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    you can't have been touching a lot of European cars then because 13 and 15 are so standard that you can't live without em in the tool-kit.
    14 is a rare one on European ones. and on some Japanese ones too (Mazda and Honda and the only 14mm you find is on parts not made by em).
    usually the most used one are 8,10,13,15,17,19 and 21 here…. missing those and your in for trouble.

    but what Ford should take note of is not bloody friggin mixing inches and mm nuts and bolts on same object like on brakes and hopefully just trash all use of inches what so ever.

  49. 1:28 NO KIDDING!!! You can take apart a Japanese car with 10, 12, 14 and 17mm tools. Every time I go work on my Suburban, I need my entire metric and standard tool set, and half way into a job I find I need to go buy some random off the wall security torx fitting!?!
    If I were director of engineering at GM that's the first thing I'd do – narrow down their hardware list to 10 options.

  50. Of course it bent a rod, y'all keep turbocharging stock engines with pencil-sized rods in them. I never understand it, if rods are cheap and the motor is out anway.

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  65. Looks like you needed to install new piston compression springs. Common issue with those engines.

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  94. I owned one of these Mitsubishi Lancers and it was a great car. I drove it into the wreckers at 420,000 kilometers. They gave me 50 dollars and I got 75 back on the rego. I bought a Toyota Corolla but I do not like it. Tomorrow the 27.04.2019 I am going to look at a 1 owner Lancer 1992 GLX CB 5 door hatch. It looks immaculate and if it drives ok I will buy it and sell the Toyota. The Lancer 1500 motor has adjustable tappets 12 of them and the Corolla has 16 valves with shims which are a pure bastard to adjust. I am hoping that the Lancer has a carburetor as I can fix this. The Corolla is fuel injected and I can not fix that. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Bob

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