40 Years Behind The Wheel

40 Years Behind The Wheel

I grew up on a farm so you drove
everything; tractors, pickup trucks from you know so that kind of
stuff. I got laid off from my other job and I
just got fed up with getting laid off. So I just went around town for all-day
putting in applications. On Saturday I come home and my wife at the time said
that somebody’s been calling here all day looking for ya. So I called him back
and said be here on Monday morning. At the beginning, I was a mechanic, truck
driver, loader operator both everything. Cause there wasn’t very many of us. We did a lot of oil field roads at that time you’d call in sand and gravel for them.
there was like four four of us with tandems that was about it and mostly the
people that were doing the oil sites as the ones that you worked for so you
really didn’t see nobody. Just those four guys. You just try and keep up
with everybody and there’s stuff in the way you try and get it out of the way
and keep the trucks moving you know. If you have to drop a truck to to run the
loader for a while to catch the guys up instead of loading yourself every time
you know whatever it can make it go faster. If it’s moving up with a dozer or
making a road or pulling somebody out or whatever you know just keep it
going. when they did the Myers they were hauling clay in here right and left. There was like six to eight trucks at a time and they had one guy in the dozer
and another dozer set in there so every once in a while he somebody jump out of
the truck jump in the dozer and push the clay off and
you just you try and keep the job going you know it don’t matter what it is. If
it’s a grater or whatever you just try and make it work you know. You just
depend on each other I mean you only had so many guys so if one guy come up
missing one day you had to make that up. So we just learned how to do everything
in this like everybody could do everybody else’s job at first you know.
Now it’s too big to do that. I used to run the lowboy or so you had to move
everything. so ya. Pavers, cranes, whatever. You had to be able to get it on the
trailer and get it off the trailer. You’d start out in the morning they’d tell you
what you were doing. You’d take a piece of equipment out to a job site or three
or four and then you jump to come back dump the lowboy off grab the lead and go
back to there and do all the work and then come back and get the lowboy and
pick it all up move it to the next job. who would ever dream you’d be 500 yards
from the Mexican border with an Elmer’s truck. I mean come on.
But during that Katrina stuff we were all over the place with all over
the road stuff. A lot of guys hauled ice and water down there…with reefers and
stuff. I got into it later on where they hauled Oh kitchen cabinets frigerators just all
kinds of stuff that. There was trucks from all over the United States there
doing the same thing. You had pretty much it was pretty cool because they give you
a piece of paper and you didn’t have to you had to go through the scales but you
didn’t they couldn’t stop you it was just for rain and they couldn’t do a
nothing to you because the government said so. so It was pretty cool. Tiring
but pretty cool. It was a big deal to me cuz you have to do something pretty
special you know. You just gotta have patience with people. I mean traffic is outrageous. I mean they don’t pay no attention to you at all. You gotta
out-think everybody. You see a car coming up to an intersection or three or four
you gotta look at each one of those and figure out what they’re doing before
they even do it. Ya have a kind of a sixth sense of what’s going on. Otherwise, something’s gonna happen.
Cause nowadays cars just do not pay attention to trucks.
Period. That thing can really hurt you. And I
can’t stop it in five feet. That’s the most misunderstood thing about trucks I think.
They just think you can go and stop right now and it doesn’t happen. The
trucks have improved, yeah. But, you could do a lot more with some of
them and you can other ones. Truck has to be part of you it’s just like any piece
of equipment. You tell it what to do what’s got to do it otherwise you’re
in trouble. Stuck mostly. I just like trucks. I like the power. My name is Daryl Poff and I drive

2 thoughts on “40 Years Behind The Wheel

  1. I loved it that was my Grampa that was talking and he has worked so hard and I love him

  2. Congratulations Daryl, it was a privilege to work with you..

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