$3,500 Single Turbo Kit vs. $8,100 Twin Turbo Kit | HiLow

$3,500 Single Turbo Kit vs. $8,100 Twin Turbo Kit | HiLow

(car engine revving) – $8100 Twin Turbo Kit. – $3500 Single Turbo Kit. – Does more expensive mean more better? – Let’s find out. – I hope our cars don’t blow up. – Yo, it was just on fire. Oh my god. (upbeat music) (car engines roaring) (mimics car engine) – Turbos! – Yeah.
(laughing) We bought two nearly
identical Nissan 350Zs and we’ve been modifying
them to be fun daily drivers that you can take to the track. – One Z, moi’s, gets a lot of really cool, expensive parts that I’ve always wanted and Nolan’s car gets a
bunch of cheap parts. – Then we test them to see
what components are actually worth spending your hard-earned money on. – Brakes, tires, coilovers. All of those things help improve the way that your car interacts with the road. But we haven’t done a
single mod that directly gives our cars a mo’ powa, baby. – So that’s what we’re doin’ today. Mo’ powa.
– Mo’ powa, baby! My catch phrase, dude. (upbeat percussion tones) – The biggest thing that
this bad boy comes with, instructions. It’s like Ikea. I put a shelf together
this weekend in my garage. This should be no different. (parts thumping on table) – [James] Little boys. – [Noland] Little boosty boys here. – Your turbo’s bigger than mine. (thumping on table)
(plastic crinkling) – Big turbo. – We also added a Tomei titanium exhaust. – So sick dude.
– Yes, it’s so sick. (mimics car engine noises) – Now it might seem odd
that James is running a twin and I’m doing a single, but there really isn’t such a thing as a cheap twin turbo kit. And we’re more about
comparing what you can get for different price points. – We’re gonna get these
turbs installed, Dyno them, and immediately drive
800 miles to Albuquerque, New Mexico to hit the
track and see who makes… A mo’ powa, baby!
– A mo’ powa, baby! (rock music) – Turbo chargers work, like this: Exhaust gas enters the
hot side of the turbo, which spins a turbine inside. There’s a shaft that
joins the two turbines. One on the hot side, one on the cold side. The cold side sucks in
air from the outside, sends it out this outlet. Then, the charged air goes
through the charged pipe here, through an intercooler
to cool off the air, thus making it denser. Enters the intake and goes into the engine where it is then compressed even more and then explodes, thus
powering your engine. – Honestly, I feel like
we can get this turbo kit 100% on today. – [Cameraman] Do you agree Nolan? – All right, yeah, you
guys have 90 minutes, so. – Oh, we got 90 minutes to
put this turbo kit in the Z or my wife’s gonna leave me! (upbeat music) – I expect this install’s gonna be a little bit more in depth than theirs. For one major reason. We’re replacing our exhaust manifolds. It shouldn’t be too bad, hopefully we can get it done
inside of two and a half days. I think that’s reasonable. It’s just car parts. (high bass music) – Is it loosening? – No. (whirring and clicking) – I mean, like, you’re tightening. (loud laughter) – Oh yeah! – All right, so we got
our cross member down. Now we’re pretty much ready
to take the subframe out. Which is big bolts, the engine mounts. We gotta disconnect the
steering rack and then some suspension components. You’re gettin’ a sick workout, dog. – Thanks dude, gettin’ a good pump goin’. – All right, that’s the subframe. – Speaking of subs, if
you like this video, why don’t you go ahead and
hit that subscribe button. – Dink! All right, so now we are
just on our straps up top, engine’s hangin’. We’ll bring the car down and
then bring the engine down a little so we have more room in here. Actually, I’m gonna
pull the cats off first, then we’ll do that. – Tiger’s the number one cat in my book. – That’s right. – Lions are pretty cool, too. – Lions are like smaller tigers. Lions are (beep) compared to tigers. – [Cameraman] What?
– It’s true. – [Cameraman] Oh my–
– Straight up. – Yeah. – Spend five minutes on the
internet lookin’ up tigers. – Biggest lion in the world
in probably a buck 50. – Yeah. – Because this was a cheaper kit, we found ourselves in a
situation where we’re missing some hardware that was pretty
essential in order to install this whole thing 100%. So we had to go to the
Tractor Supply shop, which happened to be right up the street. Pick up some grade A hardware
that we used to hook up the exhaust manifold to the turbo and from the turbo to the downpipe. And now we can fully install the thing. – Takin’ the hood off so you, the viewers at home can have a
better view of the engine bay as we put the turbo in. Yeah, we do it for you, all right? – This is a really tight engine bay, not a lot of room for activities. – Or man sized hands. – So in order to get a little more space, we’re gonna drop the engine down. – This is basically what we’ve been getiin’ ready for all day. Gettin’ stuff out of the way. We’ve got some coolant
lines outta the way, subframe outta the way,
engine mounts disconnected, exhaust off, all that
stuff, to get to this point. Andy, you wanna hit it? We’re gonna raise the car and the engine will kinda stay where it is for a few inches. That’ll give us more room from underneath. – So far it’s been a
day of taking stuff off, which isn’t that fun. More of a pian than putting stuff on. But we’re almost done taking stuff off and then we get to the fun part. (deep bass music) – Once the oil goes through the turbos and need to come back into the pan. So rather than having to tap this thing, the Jim Wolf kit comes with a spacer. (clanking)
(loud thud) (air whooshing) – Single ladies, all the
single ladies, oh oh oh. (whirring noise) (upbeat music) (indiscernible yelling) – All right, so we just burned like four hours trying to resolve out clamp issue. We got some real v band connectors here. This feels like a much more solid unit and you know, hopefully it works, because otherwise we’re kinda screwed. – So far our kit is– (metallic whirring sound) – It’s goin’ up. It doesn’t wanna go down. – You good? – I mean, hopefully. It was goin’ up on it’s own. Like a (beep) ghost. (metallic whirring noise) Oh, why did we get the cheap lift? – Those guys can’t catch a break. So– (metallic whirring noise) (deep bass music) – [Nolan] So our waste
gate hits on our subframe. What we’re gonna do is
reposition the waste gate in a down position, like so. Fire is gonna come out
of the bottom of our car. And on purpose. – Our manifolds are finally in place. It took longer than I was hopin’. Now we gotta throw some studs
into the turbo manifolds to give the turbos something
to be mounted with. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Snail’s going into their home. – Yeah. – I have the nuts I will hand you. – So, the decision that I
didn’t wanna have to do. We tried out hardest,
– Everything. – To make this work
without removing the AC and we’re gonna have to do it. And I’ll just have to drive to Albuquerque with the windows down. (dejected music) – Turbos are on! T-T-O, turbos technically on. T-T-T-O, that’s code T-T-T-O everybody. Stands for twin turbos technically on. (metallic clanks) (bass guitar music) – ‘Cause it makes sense to
give the O2 sensors priority. – Okay. – I’m not sure if that’s the way that it’s actually gonna go, but we
can try and see if it’ll fit. (metallic clanking) Since we don’t have directions we don’t know which way it goes. (high bass music) – It’s wedged in between the engine and the rest of the engine bay. It’s just a really tight fit. (hammering) This car was super fun
at it’s stock horsepower. – This whole thing,
it’s been real tedious. It’s been a lot of up and down. – Right now this is not worth the money. It’s not worth the trouble. – But like we’ve been saying all along, it’s a really tight engine bay. – We have missing hardware,
the (beep) don’t fit right. – This is gonna leak. – But, we’re gettin’ it really right, so. – We’ve tried every which
way so far on the downtube, it’s not fitting. So, we’re gonna modify it a little bit. (hammering) I hope it works. (upbeat music) Bad news. We were trying to put it in
backwards the whole time. Yeah. – It makes sense to do it like this. It makes sense.
– And I just want– The downpipe has to go through that. It’s such a simple thing
that we didn’t figure out. It makes it kind of– Takes a little air out of it, but hey, now tomorrow we’ll come back. We’ll get it attached,
we’ll get the turbo done. I’m over it now. (guitar music) – Assembling my gangster exhaust. Check out these welds, baby. This thing is so light. (mimics car exhaust) – No, you can do a better VQ than that. (mimics car exhaust) – It looks like we have hit another snag. – I feel like we can get
this tubo kit 100% on today. (laughs sardonically) Issue is, this is kind of like all
we’ve been given for our drain and they are trying to
return the oil through the same bung on the oil pan
where the pressure sensor is. So we’re gonna have to
find a solid solution to return the oil from the turbo back into the actual pan without
clogging up too much space, but we’re kind of on a time constraint so, we’ll see what we come up with. – Just opened up the exhaust box and our exhaust doesn’t fit. – It doesn’t fit? – [Nolan] No. – Oh man, that’s…
(laughs) – What we’re gonna do is use the exhaust that came on the car, which wasn’t the stock
exhaust to begin with. Someone went into a shop,
got a muffler delete. And it already sounds pretty good. (metallic whirring) (guitar music) – And you’ll make maybe, like, half a turn and then do like a little wiggle back. Half a turn, little wiggle back. (popping noise) That doesn’t help. – Can we get some tools
that freakin’ work here? God, I’m sick of this crap. – I think we’re not really
gonna have any issues, any big issues left. I shouldn’t really say that,
but that’s how I’m feelin’. They might be feelin’ a
little bit of doubt because they’ve been havin’ a struggle, but sometimes that’s how it goes. Especially when you’re buyin’ cheap parts. – Well, we ran into another setback. I feel like we can get this
turbo kit 100% on today. The bung that they supplied
us to drain our oil from the turbo back into
the pan is actually aluminum and our pan is steel. We’re definitely not going
to be drilling any holes in the block of our VQ to put
the aluminum bung on there. So, we’re gonna have to
figure somethin’ else out. – We’re plumbing up the inner cooler. It’s really trick piece, fits really well. I mean look how it just
follows the shape of the car. – We are gonna relocate this bung, which we will use to fit the
factory narrowband sensor. So, we’re relocating it because
we had the sensor in here, but it was pinching on another tube. So we’re relocating it over here and that will give us
space to install it without having any snags and allowing
us to run all the OEM sensors. It’s been a long day. – That’ll work. – Now that we have the
downpipe finally fitted and exhaust fitted, I feel like we’re in
a good spot right now. You know when you go hiking
and you’re taking forever to go over a hill, by the end of tonight
our hike will be over, our turbo will be in. Hopefully we’ll be able to start it up and I’m really excited
to hear how it sounds. I think it’s gonna be wicked. – Feelin’ great, lookin’ great. I think we’re gonna be good. – And I feel like they’re
feelin’ better too. – [Zach] Yeah, I just went over there. Things are lookin’
better, stuff bolted up, there’s a turbo in there, they’re gettin’ ready to
work on the intercooler. – I feel like both teams are at the point where we’re almost done.
– Yeah. – And there’s so much…
– More tension. – More stuff to do. – Oh, sick. – Hell yeah. – Turbo back together. I hate waiting, you know? This would be a lot more
fun if we had the parts all in front of us.
– Right. – And we could just go
ham on it, but we can’t. We’re like waiting and then like, oh, we find another weak spot
find another part for. It’s just very frustrating. – We got everything in
and it didn’t quite fit. So now we’re just cinchin’
and kinda trimmin’. And the hood is hitting
right here on the air filter and if it’s like this, then it closes, but without pipes there’s no way that it can angle like that. – Just push on it. – If you want a shop tour you can… – Sign up? – Sign up for one. – So ours is under engineered and your guys’ is over engineered. – [Zach] Give it a go. (hammering) Ken, that sensor come
out, in that position. Oh, it worked. – Make sure if you’re installing
a new turbo you prime it. To do that you will unplug the ECU and then you turn the key so the engine will turn over without starting. – And we do that to
get oil pressure to it. You need oil in the turbo so it can spin. – Or else it’ll seize up, it’ll burn up. It’s like the Franch seized
France on that steal day. – Ready? – Yeah, hook it up. (car engine turning over) – I hope when we hook
the ECU up it starts. – We’re puttin’ some duct
tape on the charge pipe because it is too small, they didn’t give us the
correct couplers to complete this kit without, you know, modifying it in a really jinky way. But, this is what we gotta
to to make this work. (duct tape pulling) – All right, well the oil
pressure light didn’t go out, but that’s definitely enough
cranking to prime a turbo. So, we’ll go with it. I think we’re gonna be all right, but… We just put a lot of
aftermarket stuff in this car, so anything could be amiss. – Okay, so the master
airflow sensor housing that we bought last night to complete our intake side of the turbo is too small. It is the wrong part, they
sent us the wrong part. Maybe we didn’t request
the right part, whatever. Anyways, so as you can see the flanges are way different size, but the diameter of these
inner openings are the same. And what we’re gonna do it
cock it diagonal a little bit and fit up ’cause we’re
just (beep) done with this. (laughing) (car door closing) – The moment of truth. (car engine turning over) – I wanna make sure that
we here the fuel pump. – Fuel pump. (dramatic music) – Try it. (car engine turning over) Try again. (car engine turning over) Shoo-eet. – Okay. – We’re gonna try one mo’ ‘gain. – Moment of truth, take two. (car engine turning over) – I think we need gas. – Funny.
(laughs sardonically) – So the fuel sending
unit was disconnected. So we’re not actually
out of gas which is– – Yeah, it wouldn’t have
stopped it from starting, but– – Right, but let’s give
it a shot and just see– – So it’s maybe bad news. (car engine turning over) – [Zach] Keep goin’ (car engine turning over)
(dramatic music) – Okay, we’ve got an issue, that’s a fact. (screaming) – We did all this stuff and
now it’s not even working! That’s why you only
like talking about cars and not touchin’ ’em! ‘Cause everything you need
to know to get up to speed on this (beep) car got started. (laughter) We ruined it, man, it was so good. Take it all off. (whirring noise) Something’s burning, we
think it’s our starter. – Yo, it was just on fire. Burnt right through this line right here. – [James] (beep) Oh my god. Yup, that’ll do it. – What’s wrong? – Huh? – What’s wrong? – Nothin’ our car caught on fire. – You look like you saw an ex-girlfirend. The one that got away. – Are you guys almost done? – No. Already got an oil leak. – [Nolan] Yeah, what’s that from? – Still comin’ out of
that sensor right there. – Oh. – Should we undo it? – Where is it, here? – Yup. Everything has to come off. – Everything?
– Yup. (whirring noise) – [Zach] Somethings wrong. – This car, I feel like
is closer than that car. I think we have to hook
up a boost fitting, put oil in it, and start it up. Pretty confident. We’ll see though. – [James] Shrink it? – Yeah. (car engine cuts on) (yelling exciredly) – Yeah!
– Nice! – The moment of truth take 8 was the one. All right, she starts. You’re good at building cars man. You want me to just pin it on the limiter for a minute or two? – [Zach] That’s how you break it in. – You know, when I was a kid, my mom told me I could do anything. Went to UTI and confirmed that. (rock music) – So the oil cap down there is tightened, the oil filter is tightened. That cap thing– I’m too tired to even talk to you. No, yeah, I hope we’ve
got everything right. All right, we ready? – Wait a second. – Boom. All right. We’re gonna try to start
the car for the first time. – Was I supposed to put the oil in? – Yeah, we got that. All right.
(laughs) All right, here we go. – I hope their car starts.
– Me too. (dramatic music)
(car engine starts) – Yeah!
(yelling excitedly) We’re going to Albuquerque, baby! (car engine idling) – Just let it idle for a little bit. – Yeah dude. Yeah man, it just got real. Both teams started, both
teams going to Albuquerque, in their cars. We’re goona rip it up on the track. This is really, really cool man. This is really, really great. – Oil. Yeah, same spot. – Is it comin’ out faster though? – Yeah. – What’s it comin’ out of? – Really?
– It’s worse now. – Can you just start it real quick? Just turn it on and off. True nightmare stuff. (car engine starts) All right, stop. We have a major issue. – Try cleanin’ it down and
let’s see what we’re lookin’ at, what area. – So, pretty much, we have a
hole or a crack in our block. Which is not an easy fix. Our plan of attack is going to be, clean this as well as possible and then put as much pressure
on the actual cracked section to get all the oil out, slather a bunch of JB Weld on there and hope to god that
we can prevent it from spewing oil all over the place
so we can get on the Dyno. (car engine roars to life) – All right.
(car engine revving) All right, all right.
(laughing) Keep it in your pants. – I think our car will definitely run, I don’t think it’ll run tonight, but– (buzzing sound) I don’t know it their car
is gonna run, ever again. (dejected music) – We were supposed to be done last night, but I ripped the neck of
the radiator off by hand which was sweet. So, Andy, our shop hand
got us new radiator. It showed up early this morning. So first thing I’m gonna try
to slam that into the car, get some coolant in it, get it bled, and get this thing on the ground. We should’ve been driving last night, but I’ll take today. – Our car might be broken still. We don’t know. – It’ll start, I don’t know if it’ll
start without puking oil. (laughter) If it’s gonna hold, we’re definitely gonna
find out on the Dyno. (upbeat music) – We got a couple hours
to get these boys boosted. Maybe sleep a little bit
and then drive 12 hours in the sweltering heat to Albuquerque to kick the crap out of ’em.
(laughs) (car door closing) – I’m so nervous. It will work though. – We need the green one to make this… worth it. Will you start it? And just keep your foot pinned. (dramatic music) Don’t lift. – I’m not gonna do that.
(laughs) – Just jokin’, don’t do that. You ready? I think we’re ready. – Okay. Here we go. Okay, three, two, one, (car engine roars to life) (music heightens) – No! – I hope that’s a joke. – This is like, what failure looks like. (dejected music) – [Eddy] You good, man? – No Eddy, I’m not good. What the (beep) are you thinkin’? (laughter) (upbeat music) – Real easy now, real gentle. (car engine sputters) (car engine roaring) – Woohoo! That sounds sick, dude. Dude, twin turbo V6’s man. That’s a cool noise. All right, now, I guess go
back to work on our broken car. All right, see ya. (car engine revving) – It pulls hard at the
top once you get it passed 3000 RPM it’s good. It’s just something down at idle, makes pulling out into
traffic an interesting affair. – So we’ve got a crank
position sensor code, So I ,checked the wiring to
the aftermarket piggyback, looks good. I replaced it anyways,
so it’s definitely good. But we’re still getting
a crank position sensor warning and I think that that could cause an idle stumble like that. The bare bones facts are
that if we needed to leave for Albuquerque right this
second, we could do it. We could get on the highway with that. So, it’s a win. – Looks good to me. – This right here is gonna
be the part that cracked. It’s pretty thin right here. NPT fitting. This is the brass NPT that
was supplied with our kit, put it in and get this thing on again. – Idle feels better. – Idle feels like an idle. (car engine revving) – Oh yeah, that’s what
it’s supposed to feel like. – Yeah! (car engine roaring) This thing rules, dude! – All right, as you can see, we’re moving along really nicely. We got the upper oil pan RTV’d. We let it sit for about 15 minutes so it can get a little bit hard. That way we have a nice solid seal all the way around the bottom. We don’t want any oil leaks. Once this is on, we can slap the rest of
the car back together and we should be able
to make it to the Dyno. (metallic clanking) (high bass music) (car engine revving) – Oh (beep) here we go again. – Both me and Nolan are not very familiar with the 350Z or this type of software. A couple of the tuners that
we were supposed to go to had some unexpected things come up and we were a day late. So our buddy from Royalty Performance, Justin is logged in onto
team viewer remotely and he is now going through the set up of our tune right now. To where it will have a nice solid base and we might even be able to get some pretty good power pulls. (car engine revving) That’s actual face fuel map, the smoother that that it usually, it’s a good representation of how smooth the car runs. I’ve seen quite a few that are real jumpy and people might say
that, yeah it makes power, but the driveability isn’t so good. Oh nice. – [Justin] Yeah, start taking out fuel out of the entire map. – So, til it idles at 14? – You’re adding. – This is a really cool process. – That’s why I was saying
it’s really important we have a uprev tuner,
– Yeah. – ‘Cause they’ll know the old software, like Justin, he’d probably
have it half way done by now. (car engine roaring)
(clanking) – What was that? – Am I smelling oil? – Yep, pull over. – We’re out of gas.
– Oh. – Can you follow us to a gas station? (car gears grinding) – Great and it’s hard
to go into first too. (car engine revving) – Whoo! – Better. – It’s at zero, dude. – Wait, what? Oh my god, dude. Clutch is on the ground, bro. God, let’s just try to get back to Donut. – Yeah, real stress here. Oh, green. – Oh, (beep) dude. (car engine roaring) – Oh my god. – I’m just like smashing the clucth– (car gears grinding) – What was that? Oh, (beep) – Yes!
(laughs) (car engine roaring) Wow, that’s no clutch. Went into gear.
– Wow. – I’m just gonna limp it back like this. – All right. – Oh, lots of smoke. – Yeah, I’m seein’ it. (wind drowns out voice) – What’s the oil pressure at? – Oil pressure’s at– I see it, I see it. – Jesus, dude, (beep) this. – Here, get you some air. – There’s so much– – It’s the oil out of the turbo. ‘Cause our oil drain. It’s runnin’ fine. Yeah, it’s still cold, look. It smelled like oil to us. It’s our blow-by. ‘Cause honest to god I
don’t think it’s draining out of the turbo correctly. ‘Cause we’re at the very
low part of the oil pan and the drain sits right
level with the motor and I seriously thinks it’s
backing up into the turbo and as soon as I lift,
all that shit get backed– Yup. (car engine roaring) Oh, that was good. (car engine revving) – Are you ready for this? – Yup. – Is this ready for this? – (mumbles) – Am I ready for this? – I think so. In a pack of wolves, it’s the strongest wolf that walks last. First is the boldest
– I just heard of that too. – [James] and then
middle is the sick ones, makes since for us to– – I think it’s– – And then the leader
is actually in the back watching over the whole pack. – The wolf. – [Woman] All righty
guys, we’re rolling out. (upbeat music)
(car engines roaring) (giggles) – Oh man, that other car. All right, here we go. (rap music)
(car engine roars) – In two weeks we put
together two turbo 350Zs – Yeah – And now, we’re straight
up street sharkin’, Good for the team. – Uh-huh. Can’t believe we’re on the road. I see that needle jumpin’. – Is it?
– Yep. – Shit. – We have an engine light. – I don’t wanna alarm anybody, but we’re getting crank sensosr issues. – [Woman] Copy, keep us posted. – Can you guys still drive
when that sensor goes? – To a point, yeah. You guys look hard a
(beep) from back here, I’m not gonna lie. (laughs) – We feel pretty hard. – Yeah, we feel pretty hard.
(laughs) – What? This fool wants somethin’? (car engine roars)
(laughing) (car engine roaring) – Get the (beep) off, dude. Oh my God.
(laughing) (car engine roaring) – Dude, this car definitely sounds better. – Success. So ridiculous. – Got enough power? – Yeah. – Welp, let’s keep drivin’. Hopefully it clears up
like it did that one day. – The one thing I most worried about is definitely the clutch. I feel like it’s given us
problems this whole time and if that fails, I know
we can still drive the car, but if we come into traffic, it’s gonna be a nightmare.
– Yeah. – So, I’m hopin’ we don’t
have to hit in traffic. Otherwise, we’re definitely gonna make it. – I don’t know, I just hope we make it. Do you think we’re gonna make it? – We’re gonna make it bro. – All right.
– For sure. – All right. – I’m just hopin’ we
make it at this point. – The heat is… – Honestly, that’s what
I’m real scared of. – It’s pretty hot right now. – Yeah it is. And we’re not even in the desert yet. (deep bass strumming) So we replaced our first
crank sensor about, I don’t know, 30, 40 miles in. And the idea was that in the past, every time we’ve replaced the crank sensor the car runs great. For like at least, 40, 50, 60 miles. So like, worst case, we
just replace crank sensors, you know, 60 miles at a time. We replaced the first
one and nothing changed. So, the plan right now in this
fine O’Reilly’s parking lot, is to rewire the signal wire
from the crank position sensor to the ECU. So we’re gonna try to
reroute it, creatively, and see if we can sort this out. ♪ Without my love for the ocean ♪ ♪ I would be lon gone by now ♪ ♪ It’s some kind of devotion ♪ – We’re not even close to Albuquerque yet. – Morale is low within the group. (love for the ocean continues) (organ music) Been in this parking lot for five hours. Zach rewired the crank positioning sensor. Rewired the signal wire,
which didn’t do anything. Then we rewired the
ground, didn’t do anything. Then we cut out the
piggyback box all together. Turns out, we think when it
was wired the first time, it was wired wrong and it fried the box. So, not Jim Wolf’s fault. So we took that out and now
we’re running on a stock tune. Which is a little bit dangerous, but if we behave ourselves
we should be able to get to Albuquerque in 10 hours. – The main thing right now
is just making the cars driveable so when we get to Albuquerque to get to our friend Dan’s shop, him and his boys can help us
tune these things to perfection and then we’ll be able to hit
the track in the afternoon. – And into the night.
– And into the night, yeah. We’re at a point where
it’s either we go for it, or we just go back home
and that’d be really lame. – Yeah, we’re not taking it now. We’re gettin’ there. – It’s probably the smart thing to do. – Yeah, but it’s not the fun thing to do. – But we’re not smart so… Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – We made it a few hours, but we started getting
some more hesitation, but not really the same. It sorta feels like detonation. Not entirely sure, we’re on
the side of the road right now. We’re gonna try to make a decision, I’m not sure what we’re gonna do. – [James] Maybe we should
drive it into the Grand Canyon. – Hey guys. – It’s four in the morning,
we’re on the side of the road. We’re still like 50 miles from Flagstaff. So we’re like six hours
away from Albuquerque still. We’re gonna get there at probably at like, noon at the rate we’re goin’. And then supposedly, we’ll have
the cars tuned and whatever. I don’t know, I’m– Like this isn’t a bit,
I’m legitimately angry. I mean what were we thinking? What were we thinking? (metallic whirring) – I’m sure ones go in here though. – I think, probably. (gravel crunching) (car engine roaring) (upbeat music) – All right, we are here at NM Imports. We are finally gonna
put our car on the Dyno. We’re gonna see how much power it makes. I’m really excited. I have a newfound fourth
wind at this point. That was honestly the
longest drive of my life, back to the point. We’re gonna tune the cars. We’re gonna get our uprev
system running perfectly, these guys know exactly what to do. I don’t know if you’ve
guys looked around here, but there are a bajillion Nissans and they say they know pretty
much everything about uprev. So, hopefully this works out and we can have a car that
we can really put our foot in and have fun with. (car engine roaring) – Two major concerns
are the stock injectors running out of fuel and
there’s not a whole lot of heat management around the turbo. I, personally, like twin turbo kits ’cause it keeps the heat down
where the cats were. With a lot of the cheaper
stuff is there isn’t a whole lot of quality control, you have to be the
quality control if you’re gonna buy a cheap part. This is the MAF we had on the vehicle, but you can tell that this is actually probably the correct MAF for the kit. Because these are the pre-drilled holes and then there’s holes
drilled for a smaller MAF. Um, sorry. – It’s all good.
(laughing) We were in a time crunch, definitely not ideal
and it’s perfect example of it biting you in the ass. (car engine roaring) – I can’t take much more of this. I think we’re on the right track, finally. – It’s hard to be hopeful,
– It’s hard to be sure. – At this point in our lives. – But that’s three good runs in a row with an OEM Nissan crank sensor. I’ll drive it to the track
and see what happens. (car engine roaring) (upbeat music) – So, after 800 miles,
multiple breakdowns, and the longest week
of either of our lives, we have some numbers. First the baseline. Hi car started out with 212 horsepower. Low car started out with 244. We’re not quite sure why
we started out with a 30 horsepower difference on identical cars. Low car did have a muffler
delete and a cold air intake. We don’t think that that would make that big of a difference. Maybe Low car, ironically, was maintained better than Hi car. (car engine roars) How much power did both of these
turbo kits add to our cars? – I’m lookin’ forward to it. – The numbers please. Thank you, Jesse. After your Ebay single turbo kit, – Really buildin’ it up. – You ended with a
whopping 302 horsepower. You get nice 60 horsepower gain. – Yeah, it’s 60– – You almost killed
yourself for 60 horsepower. Hi car with the Jim Wolf turbo kit made… 334 horsepower to the rear wheels. Hi car started with 40 less
horsepower than Low car. – 30 less horsepower.
– Low car added about 60. – Hi car added a whopping 122 horsepower. I wanna point out that both
cars were on stock injectors. – Yeah. – We don’t rally have a great
reason for why we did that other than the fact
that we ran out of time. – A production oversight. – Yup. – Which, there have been many. (laughing) – We learned a lot in this episode. So, Nolan, my boy. Does more expensive mean more better? – I have complicated thoughts on this. – So do I. – The Low turbo kit was… – I mean,. You guys saw it. – Yeah, I lost hope multiple times. Regained it though, through the power of
teamwork and friendship. – Yeah, so– – Even just a simple diagram
would have helped so much. Sorry, James, I’m gonna keep goin’. In that regard, more expensive
does mean more better. Where I’m not sure it
absolutely means more better, is the end result, because we do not– We didn’t have the injectors that match. – Yeah, once we get injectors we’re both butted up against
the 400 horsepower limit – Yeah.
– for stock internals. So at that point it’s just single turbo versus twin turbo. Answer the question!
– Yeah. – Answer the question!
– In this regard, yes. – What are you, a politician? – More expensive is more better, for now. (giggles)
– You should run for Senate. Which one would you buy, Nolan? – Well now that I know how to do it, I would get the low turbo kit again. Yeah. Now that I know it, I
could do it again pretty– – Yeah.
– I think pretty quick. – I would not buy either of them. I think the Jim Wolf kit is great. – Oh, I didn’t know that was an option. – Yeah. We coulda put a 2J in either of the cars, we coulda put an LS. – I’m gonna get those injectors on there, we’re gonna tune it up. You’re gonna see this baby
in some Pro-Am events soon. – You’re gonna drive it
once and it’s gonna explode. – Nope. – If you’re wondering why we drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico. You will find out in the next episode, where we take both cars. Both complete cars and
put ’em head-to-head. A $13000 350Z build versus a $41000 350Z build. It’s a really, really fun
episode and it’s the conclusion of this season of Hi, Low.
– Hi, Low – So make sure you don’t miss that. Follow Nolan on Instagram NolanJSykes, – Thank you. – The J stands for James. Follow me on Instagram @JamesPumphrey. And of course– – Follow Eddy @– – Follow Eddy @– – Edward Scedward.
– Yeah. – Eddy_Esparaza, I forget what he’s at. Be nice. – I love you. Hold on, hold on, hold on. We’re not gonna let you
guys go without seein’ a little racin’ so check
out this drag race. The results might not surprise you. – Give me a rev. (car engines revving) – [Cameraman] Damn, damn! (upbeat music)

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