3 Thrown From Stolen Car At End Of Wild Chase, Crash

3 Thrown From Stolen Car At End Of Wild Chase, Crash

22 thoughts on “3 Thrown From Stolen Car At End Of Wild Chase, Crash

  1. Lmfao

  2. Nice video man! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  3. There's no reason to blur the images of the thieves being thrown from the car  because there many  who don't care  if thieves get hurt, and the shadow of that truth is, seeing thieves injured feels like justice.

  4. you don't have to learn the hard way… It's not a good option to choose…

  5. That ended as should.

  6. These kids for sure dont play GTA

  7. The guy so relaxed

  8. Can someone tell the reporter to get rid of the sad emoji face , we are happy.
    Criminals should die , don't matter the age😃😃😃😃

  9. …More wonderful dreamers breaking the law again 🤓

  10. 🔥🔥
    0:51 🖤💛

  11. He said he was thankful to God…not "Lucky".

  12. Loving THIS helicopter coverage of a chase. But what's up with blurring the ejections?

  13. The identity? We already know. Their reject parents want to sue the city I bet.

  14. That car hitting the light pole: AESTHETIC👌🏼

  15. Why isn't the full chase posted?

  16. Stupid is as stupid does no feeling sorry for them

  17. They’ll probably didn’t have their seat belts on.

  18. Let's go hopefully these guys were seriously injured. I hope they lost a limb or trampled by someone. Please say someone died

  19. Hopefully they died?

  20. That's white boy p no !!!!!! Free p no from pompano !!!

  21. Crazy that I know all these dumbasses 😂

  22. Are you telling me that these 3 angels weren't wearing their seatbelts?

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