2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited – Take A Look! New SUV Walk Around

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited – Take A Look! New SUV Walk Around

I’m Patrick Longtin and today we’re going
to take a look at the Grand Cherokee Limited. This is the 2020, we’re in velvet red
here. As you notice with the Grand Cherokee Limited, we have chrome accents,
mirrors, grille, underneath here and some of the trim here. This is powered by a
3.6L Pentastar engine, pushing 295 horsepower, paired with an automatic
transmission. We’ve got some 18-inch wheels here… those are the tech grey
aluminum wheels paired with Michelin tires. Over here by the door here, we got
proximity sensors here, a push of a button locks that up there… put my hand
on the handle and that opens right up. If you take a look at the mirror here,
we got the blind spot monitoring right there… perfect safety feature there… and
right inside we have some leather seats, power seats on both sides. We’ve got a
standard sunroof… ALL the equipment on this vehicle is standard on this trim
level. These seats right here, they will fold
right down… same with the other side and if we move to the back here we have a power liftgate here… backup camera’s right over here Back as well here, we got USB ports in
the back, we’ve got a 120 volt outlet plug in the back as well…
memory seats in here, for the mirrors, radio, and the power seat and we’ve got
automatic headlights on here… let me power this up. Okay, so we have a Select
Trac System down here for sand, snow and mud… very simple with the turn of a dial
we can go right into those modes. Also a four-wheel low option there… very nice.
Dual climate control right in here all this feature … this is the 8.4 inch Uconnect System, very easy to use. Everything is very interactive with this –
I can voice command what I want to do here – so for instance, Tune to 99.5FM… JEEP: “Tuning to 99.5 FM” The controls here, we have a heated steering wheel and a heated seats on
both sides here. The backup camera here. Included with this vehicle upon
purchase you get a 5 year subscription to the Travel Link app and that includes
fuel prices for nearby locations. You can check out your weather –
there’s a 5 day forecast here, it’s a live feed, instantaneous. And back over
here we have the Go Activate Services. That’s a one-year subscription, included
with the vehicle… it’s called SiriusXM Guardian and what that does, it allows
you to remote start your vehicle from your phone and also unlock and lock your
doors. Great for cold weather. As you know, this is a Jeep…
we do have off-road pages in here. It does like to go off-road, it’s very
capable. With this app, it’s built in, you can kind of check your progress and your
pitch and your roll and whatnot into the vehicle. Jeep wants you to be safe in
your vehicle. This 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is loaded with safety
features that we’d be happy to show you during your test drive. This has been the
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited! It’s packed with features! I’d love to show
you more about it. You can come reach out to me, Patrick Longtin, or any one of my team
members. Find out about our Lifetime Limited
Powertrain Warranty and our Lifetime Car Washes here at Goldstein Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Latham. Come check us out.
Thanks for watching.

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  2. This car is the best all over the world (I love it very much)

  3. Does the 2019 limited come with the off-road pages or is that new to the 2020?

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