2019 sgCarMart Car of the Year Awards | sgCarMart Reviews

2019 sgCarMart Car of the Year Awards | sgCarMart Reviews

The sgCarMart Car of the Year Award isn’t about giving out prizes for the sake of marketing buzz It’s more than that It’s all about recognising car manufacturers for all its efforts and capabilities in creating cars not just for the present, but for the future as well But more importantly The sgCarMart Car of the Year Awards is a mark of excellence One that showcases the different qualities of different classes of cars This year marks the 10th sgCarMart Car of the Year Awards ceremony And it’s not just any other award ceremony mind you It’s one that is highly desirable, highly prestigious All thanks to the editorial team’s integrity allowing them to differentiate the best from the rest This year, amongst close to 30 categories We’ve got several notable appearances The BMW 3-Series For instance went against strong peers like the Mercedes Benz C-Class as well as the Volvo S60 And it came up tops in the compact executive sedan (category) Winning the Car of the Year award is important to us because the BMW 3-Series is important to our customers Thanks to the award The experts of sgCarMart have given much more confidence in the 3-Series for our customers The BMW 3-Series is a real icon in our automotive industry It is the ultimate BMW And, of course, the face to our brand We believe the BMW 3-Series offers the perfect package to our customers here in Singapore It has an engaging drive a very sportive design but it offers, as well, ample space for the whole family and a lot of new technology Another notable appearance would be the Škoda Octavia RS245 It went against segment leaders like the Audi RS5 Sportback as well as the Mercedes AMG C63s It’s mighty quick on the straights It’s aurally satisfying on the go and it is so capable on the twisties And you know what’s the best part of it all? It’s easy on the pocket Škoda, basically, is synonymous with good space within the market segment and practicality, value-for-money That’s why customers who buy our car they choose it as their smart choice On the winning of this coveted award Basically proves to us that we are doing the right choice bringing the right car to the Singapore market Basically, the customer feels that it is a smart choice to buy our car to experience our simply clever features within the car And because of this confidence we will continue to bring more of this value-type of car with better features for the customers in Singapore to allow them to experience Škoda cars and all their different features Of course, the sgCarMart Car of the Year Awards would not have been complete without our biggest winner tonight The Mazda 3 Hatchback had the honour of bagging the overall Car of the Year award All thanks to its captivating design luxurious cabin And of course overall high levels of driving refinement The Car of the Year award conferred by sgCarMart is a highly coveted award in the automotive industry And it is our honour to be the recipient of this prestigious award The fact that consumer voting constitutes 65% of the overall score underscores consumers’ confidence in Mazda cars Mazda has shifted towards being more premium in recent years with KODO design and SkyActiv Technology Winning this award is a strong endorsement of Mazda 3’s design philosophy and technology features This car has also won rave reviews the world over – including car of the year in China and Thailand in 2019

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