2013 Auto Club 400

2013 Auto Club 400

10 thoughts on “2013 Auto Club 400

  1. Easily the best overall race of the gen 6 era. Change my mind. You can't

  2. With the pre-race…YES! Thank you!

  3. Good memories… Now it's just not the same…

  4. This was probably the best race with the gen-6 and probably the worst race with gen-6 is the 2014 Federated Auto Parts 400

  5. One of the best races in NASCAR history…

  6. Tony's interview is an all-time classic

  7. Why is it that the camera angles on the in cars were so much better.

  8. Yesssss! I've been looking for this full race for years! : D

  9. Probably one of the "quietest" wins from Kyle Busch…lol…between Logano and Stewart and Logano and Hamlin, Kyle wasn't the top headline…lol

  10. 35:00 green flag

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