2 Years on Air Suspension | Is it Still Worth It?

2 Years on Air Suspension | Is it Still Worth It?

– Mic check (claps) Good. (rumbling)
Cool. (soft pop music) (laughs) Rip. All right, I’m back, I’m here, I’m talking about air suspension again. No, this is not sponsored. Air Lift isn’t telling me to say this. I had Air before I even
freakin’ worked here, okay? So this is just my personal story, experience with Air Lift suspension, and I thought you guys would like to know some more detail about it ’cause there’s a lotta
questions, lotta concerns, so this is my story. And while we’re both here, don’t forget wheels,
tires, air suspension, coilover suspension, lowering springs, fitmentindustries.com, go
check it out on the website. And we have a giveaway going on with ESR to win some multi-piece wheels
to go with your air ride. So, go check that out, bunch of apparel, it’s super dope. So, why did I go with air suspension? I was a hardcore static guy for a while. (beep) bags, drive low, park low, scrape on everything, you
know, that was the lifestyle, that was the move, that
was the type of guy I was. I wanted to make my car as low as possible and wanted to know what
all the hype was about. I did the unthinkable. I purchase air ride, specifically, Air Lift
Performance 3P, all right? Air Lift offers three different setups, 3S, 3P, and 3H. 3S is very basic, all manual,
no presets, no controller, just the app on the phone, all right? So, it’s manual, you (shushing) gotta play with it a little bit more. So, if you didn’t know, Air Lift uses pressure
to determine ride height. For example, I generally run
about 40psi in the front, 45psi in the rear, and then with height sensors, you get a more accurate reading. Like if you’re gonna throw a
bunch of (beep) in the trunk or have a car full of people, the height sensors would know to bring the car to the right height, whereas with a pressure-based system, you’d have to manually count for, like, the added weight in the car. Not a huge deal, it is a
little bit more convenient. Thought about 3H, but
it’s a bit more expensive, and your boy’s pockets are kinda light, so went with 3P. I heard install was pretty
finicky with the height sensors, and I learned that shortly after with installing that on the E30, but 3P was the route I wanted to take. So, 3P comes with a controller. You can have presets, it comes with literally
everything you need to install it in your set. Like I said, doesn’t
have the height sensors, it’s pressure-based, but for me, you know, that’s good enough. All right, so speaking of install, let’s touch on that a bit, bud, all right? I had a garage, a jack, jack stands, a few good buddies, and
some cold beverages. Air Lift really did a great job of making the install a breeze. I was intimidated at first, not gonna lie, never did it before. I only did coilovers and
lowering springs in the past, but they have an extremely
nice install book that makes it so anyone can do it, I mean that, anyone. As long as you can look at a picture book, you can install Air Ride. It’s not much more than
installing coilovers, to be honest with you. You put your struts in, run
your air lines, run your wires, and then decide how you
want your trunk to look, that’s it. Not spicing it up for
you, that’s what you do. You spend about a day
to get the install done, and then another half day or so to just get everything
buttoned up and looking pretty, and then I was on my way. I’d say it’s a weekend
project or even a day, depending on how many beverages you have. So, how does it handle? They ride great, honestly. Making the presets for my
ride height took a few minutes and a ride around the block, just to make sure nothing
was rubbing or touching or all that good stuff. Extremely convenient, made
a preset for aired out, my ride height, and then
getting into (beep) driveways or speed bumps or all that nasty stuff that you experience when
you’re low and on coilovers. Now, no, like, if you
see something in the road you’re not gonna quick grab
the controller and air up, but it does make it more convenient for getting into driveways, and that stuff that I mentioned before. After getting my ride height dialed in and making sure my lines weren’t
getting pinched or rubbing, I took it in for an alignment, and it was ready to rock and roll, baby. That was it. Now, have I had any issues, all the dreaded issues you hear about? No, well, yes. Not really. Anyway, I’ve had a pressure
sensor fault come up a few times on long trips. I’d be driving, and all of a sudden my controller where it shows the pressure would be all red and
saying something ridiculous like I had 150psi in my
passenger side rear bay, and that kinda freaked
me out the first time, I’m not gonna lie to you. So, the first time that happened, I pulled over, I turned off my car ’cause I really didn’t
know what else to do. I was in the middle of nowhere, pulling over at a gas station, turned my car back on, looked at the controller and prayed, and it was fine, everything
was Gucci, all right? But it ended up coming back, happened a couple more times. So, I contacted Air Lift and they told me I probably
had some water buildup in my lines. So, I took that air line out
and let it sit overnight, once I was parked, and it dried out, put it back in, and I haven’t had the issue since. And I’ve been on Air for about
a little over two years now, and, knock on wood, that’s literally the only issue I’ve had. It’s never left me stranded, I’ve never popped a bag, I haven’t had a fuse go out, I haven’t had an air line rupture. It hasn’t happened, and I do
drive the car quite a bit. I’ve drove it from multiple state to state to get to shows and all that good stuff. Coming from a guy that was
hardcore about being static, air suspension has really impressed me. I’ve really enjoyed the convenience of it, and I’m pretty sold on whatever
my next car ends up being going on Air, too. What’s your thoughts on Air? Is it worth the price? You a hardcore coilover guy? Probably are, but comment below! If you’re interested in Air, we got it over at fitmentindustries.com. If you want my recommendation, go for it. Get the 3P, it’s really convenient. Bag your car, bag your daily, bag your mom’s car, bag your groceries. I’m Dakota from Fitment Industries, we’ll talk to you later.

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  1. Do you think Air Lift Suspension is worth it? Drop a comment and let us know! Also, don’t miss out on your chance to buy Airlift for 15% OFF —>>> bhttp://bit.ly/FI_AirSuspension

  2. Back in the day I was straight coilover guy but now I'm old and running air suspension on my Hellcat and it's by far worth it. Between breaking necks in parking lots, being able to get into my steep driveway without scraping makes it a no brainer.

  3. I wanted Air Suspension because i could not afford a 2018 Lexus LS that has it stock so i wanted my IS to have it lol

    Running Airlift 3P on my 2018 Lexus IS300 F Sport RWD and i love everything about it daily it everyday about 1000Mi/Mo in DTLA and road trips at about 600Mi Round trip, Snow, Hard Roads, etc. Never had an issue and had it installed by a shop who works on SEMA and LA Auto Show cars so i know i was taken care of well.
    Rides perfect and near stock, i like how i can air up for driveways and clear almost anything without destroying my bumper.

    All of my friends drive on air, i have put on about 5K on mine with zero issues and have had a friend already put 45K on his 2018 Camry XSE on them; best investment i ever put on my car.

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