1678 Ten Power Cells Auto

1678 Ten Power Cells Auto

3. 2. 1. It worked the first time!

15 thoughts on “1678 Ten Power Cells Auto

  1. Did it work the first time though

  2. 1/10 not first try

  3. F

  4. flex

  5. We’re almost done our robot cad

  6. Did u guys cad the whole thing

  7. How do you guys plan on not hitting your other alliance members?

  8. Always gotta look forward to the 1678 teaser

  9. No idea why this is on my feed… Or wtf this is at all lol
    😂🤣🤯 Gj YouTube algorithm

  10. Yo that’s insane! Can’t wait to see the robot!

  11. 0:04 you can see the robot on the phone

    The output and the input are on opposite sides
    Balls are spaced out in whatever storage system they have
    input is far reaching
    Robot is about 35 inches tall

  12. awesome but also terrifying. Nice job folks!

  13. HOW


  14. When the BB-8 cover fails it kinda looks like a swerve drive. Interesting.

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