Сломалась машина в Черногории!!! Что делать? Будва-Тиват!

Сломалась машина в Черногории!!! Что делать?  Будва-Тиват!

Yes, okay. It will be very convenient! I called the car service, in the afternoon we can drive up to see our car. The car service is in Tivat. we chose it because Russian-speaking people manage it, so we will be able to communicate with them in our own language. Going to the vet? “I’ll walk, actually.”
“why on foot?” You seem to understand, where are we going. Help me! Help me! -Followers, save me!
-found a vet here, too. everything is fine with Din, we just need to give him anti-rabies vaccination – standard procedure. Run, run. Look at the ebb. Look. What a beauty. Didn’t walk there yet, huh? New places are fun. What can I tell you about veterinary clinics in Budva? First of all, she’s here alone, and that’s kind of a plus, because we don’t have to choose, we would think: Oh, which is better? Where better to go? In addition, it is very convenient that a Russian-speaking woman works in this veterinary clinic. She’s russian. And she actually told us some things about the departure – check-in. And Din likes the walk so much that he’s already lost his guard. Do you feel the trap? Oh, no, no! Now, it’s really scary, isn’t it? We will go and choose a game, there are toys there. So much hysteria about it? Choose. Choose a toy. Look, honey. Do you like it? -Does it squeak?
-No. Maybe an emoji, at least? Will you play with this? Yes, I guess. Yes, it’s good, right? Look, these are the vaccination documents. In total, the vaccination cost us 2 euros. Вut carry it yourself. Okay? Well done, let’s go. Super-good boy. Everything turned out very quickly. We probably did it in 15 minutes. Мost of the time we were issued a new passport. Because now, as I understand it, there is a global replacement of passports for everyone. And the new passport will already be entered in the database with the number. Asked about visarun, we can go with Din to Belgrade. We don’t need rabies credits to go to Belgrade. We need 2 days to come here and make a reference, that Din is healthy and we can go to Belgrade. The most important thing is to fix the car before that time. Or we’ll take the train. Or a bus. The trip home turned into such a continuous glancing at the toy. Okay, let’s go. We gotta go for 2 hours. That’s how we go home. Liars! Well done. We’re going to the car service. It is located in Tivat, 30 km from the house. Quite nice people talk on the phone. Let’s see if we lift the car, what they say, and if my guesses about the hub bearing are correct. If so, let’s see what happens to the spare parts, most likely you will have to order the spare parts. Yes, and we are without Din, because after the injection, he walked to the vet. He walked back. First, he’s a little tired, and secondly, he has a new toy, he doesn’t want to go anywhere at all. I asked him to go, but he looked at me like I’m an idiot. I will stay here. Look, there’s the runway, the airport of the city of Tivat. Most of the planes come from Russia here, to Tivat, not to Podgorica. immediately on the coast, it is quite convenient. Looks like it?? On the map we go further… Ilya loves the Navigator very much! Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. what an inconvenient navigation with Google maps here. Even got rid of a coordinate, he brought us here and had to bring back. okay, we found a car service. They’ll come and look at the car. Ira remembers her training on jumping. Almost. What do you want, my car?.. You’ll be good. Do you want me to wipe your brake light? Are you good now? Good. I don’t know why I pulled it out. -Are you recording?
-Good. Went to the instead of going there for a ride, listening and maybe going to the lift. It’s good that we didn’t take Din, because we spent a lot of time, and now we are waiting for the car to be returned to us. We have been here at least an hour. He would have been hysterical for an hour here. He would be very tired. In short, good that we left him at home. A car. I think it’s new. Look what we got. Wow. All right, now they’ll be looking for a bearing that suits our car. No problems, they said that It’s not still so critical. We can safely still go back and forth. Let’s take a little walk around Tivat. In General, Tivat is the youngest city in Montenegro. And there are no historical attractions here, it was just a military – naval fort. But now, one of its main attractions is the huge Marina for 450 yachts of any length — Porto Montenegro. It is interesting to see what the caravels are there. The plane takes off. The embankment is awesome, of course. Just awesome. Yes. And there is a marine. Look, at first it looks like a huge ship. Now I’ll show you this one. Looks good. All travel guides recommend trying this ice cream. – Moritz. there are still problems with ice cream in Montenegro, because everything we bought here was not very good, this is surprising, given their proximity to Italy, both cultural and territorial. let’s try. This is more like Italian ice cream. yes. We have an awesome store in Rostov, it is run by Italians, they make ice cream themselves. This is just an Italian ice cream, according to their recipe. Yummy. With such a great view of the yachts that we will never have. Because it’s useless stuff. We sit there and eat a delicious ice cream. Eat raspberries, you have chocolate. -I have a different chocolate.
-The dark one is the same.
– really?? See, Tesla branded gas stations. More precisely, charging stations. In General, everything is expensive, rich. Yeah, it’s better than walking in a parking lot, right? And look at cars. Wow. In General, we will earn for such a catamaran with the current earnings for 10 years. In General, we should definitely come here with Din, take a picture of him in a vest, against the background of these yachts, there will be cool photos, I think. See, there is no old city. modern buildings only. You can immediately see that the city is expensive. Lots of boutiques. They sell all sorts of expensive things. Useless things. These walls are amazing. It is very strange that there is no Nespresso here. The situation is conducive to this. All those brands — yes, Nespresso – no. I haven’t seen any coffee shops yet, there are rolexes, but no coffee. As we understood, there is a city Park behind this fence. Something we find where you can jump over this fence. Now we are going to the Maritime Museum, a real submarine is installed there. They ride horses here, don’t they? So huge. Here are the downsides of living out of season here. The museum doesn’t work either. It is not clear whether it does not work on some days, or on Monday. Monday is a day off in many museums. How fool we are. Look, now I was written that the hub bearing will cost 30 euros, replacement-35 euros, they will be able to change it on Wednesday. The work will take 1.5-2 hours. Great news, I’m so happy, it’s only 65 euros. How much is this in rubles? I thought it would be much more serious. agreed on Wednesday, at 10 am in the service. I’ll probably go alone, because there’s no point in waiting with Din… It’s a long walk to the center, where you can walk with Din. they’ll fix it by the time we get there. especially with Din. Yes, so Dean and I will come another time, and I will go alone on Wednesday morning and fix the car. And this is the only old building in all of Tivat. Butch Palace. The Palace of a very famous family in Montenegro, preserved from the middle ages, in excellent condition. Their summer residence. Yes, their summer residence, now it turns out, all mass events are held here. It seems to be a cash register, but we somehow passed here. Nothing interesting. Look, that’s horrible. This is a shark, a piranha, I forgot what this fish is called, the one which inflates. This is catfish. Look, it’s really cool. This is modern art, but a banana nailed to the wall is bullshit. Look, what a cool stall. I don’t know If it’s modern too. yes. We have already seen all the most interesting things. Let’s go home, because we have to go out with Din. All right, let’s go to the car. And the last thing left for today is to buy me a mouse. Because my mouse is also broken. We broke many things this week. Hope we passed this stage. My God, what a poor Google Navigator. We had to go straight and turn right. We made 33 loops, because it led at random. And what a nasty voice she has, huh? With what pleasure on local roads you go… You go 40-50 km, just get high from the views, in General, it’s fucking easy. See, here you can pay for Russian providers: MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, The world of Tanks can be paid for. Cool. Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and what is under cellular communication? Number. Good. Think about it, suddenly we went to the store, found these chickens here, we need them for one of the following videos. We just forgot to buy them in Russia. Found it here. Mavic 2 Pro costs 1650, -10% discount. And so, the drone costs 1650, if you pay on the spot, and not on credit, then another 10% discount. It turns out 1485 and another 19% can be issued Tax Free. Next time we will be smarter, I think we will succeed, it turns out 1203 euros. Damn, it’s too much. Hi. And what is it on the threshold? Did you bring it to the other toys? Why didn’t you break it? Tell me, it is not interested playing alone, does it even squeak yet? -It does.
-Does it? Were you so tired, asleep? You were resting. Дin, don’t push. Don’t push. Calm down. You don’t love your dad, do you? No, I love! Allright, you can continue to saw nails! Choose a new one. Snowman or your new toy? Or snowman? New. Treacherous dog, treacherous! We are going for props again, we have a traditional route. A fortune-teller’s ball, we’re going to buy it. Today, half the night did not sleep, I thought about the drone, the purchase of a drone is probably postponed for at least 1 month. But this is good, it will be an occasion to think more carefully and see what YouTube will prepare for us – what earnings at the beginning of this year. By the way, you can congratulate us, our 2nd channel Doxie Family, where you watch this video, we have reached the minimum level-the threshold for monetization. we have already submitted an application for monetization. Thank you. Well, you will be watching with advertising pauses soon. ha ha ha ha ha! But it was a greedy laugh. Look, this was a busy restaurant and closed before the season apparently. Remember, they had tables here, lots of people. Remember how I made the chest, right? But see what awesome chests are sold in Chungu. But this store was closed when we were looking for the chest. There are plafonds like this. But they are not transparent, that is, they will not go very well for a glass ball. But they only cost 3 euros. But this glass ball costs 21 euros. Of course, it’s more fun, look at how it works through itself… See how it transforms reality, cool. Through it, you can shoot some interesting shots. You know what I see here? 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. Went now and realized that we do not have enough false nails for a fortune teller. It is good that they are sold here. Probably we will not buy eyelashes, I already have long eyelashes, but we will buy nails and a red nail polish. After yesterday’s Tivat, such poor-looking yachts. Well, here comes day X: we are going to repair the car. And out of habit, I already say “we are going”, although I am going alone. By the way, it’s unusual to see me alone, isn’t it? I took my camera with me, I’ll leave the car, and I’ll go take pictures, shoot something on video for the drains. Of course, this road through Budva has already become like home. So many times it was passed. In General, it’s only been a month, but we already have some of our favorite places, your favorite routes are fun. All right, let’s rent a car. I gave the car away. I’ll get a WhatsApp message when it’s ready. industrial areas are not very suitable for walking. On foot, it turns out to go far enough. The car will be fast. You know where I’ll start? From eating this wonderful ice cream. I thought about him all night and last night, too. The part of the city where I went before is strikingly different, and this one as I approach Porto Montenegro. But so far we haven’t been able to find coffee anywhere here. In principle, nothing wrong, because we continued to collect and found out that there is a Nespresso in Belgrade. And we are just going to go to Belgrade on the 5th, 4th, even February. If anything, we’ll buy coffee there. It’s not serious, is it? Announcement: please note that the Moritz cafe will not be open from January 15 to March 1. Today is January 15th. Shame, shame, shame. Here is a part of the embankment where we did not reach the first time. Here, too, of course, such beauties are worth. They wrote me from television again. the transfer “Saw the video” from the 1st channel. For foreigners: channel 1 is our most important and largest TV channel. The program, “Saw the video” is a program about funny videos about children and animals. We already went to this show in August 2018. Good boy. Good boy. Wait. Voice, honey. And the most interesting thing is that the episode with us never came out. This time I found out why it didn’t come out, it turned out that there were some technical problems with the sound. And actually, we went to Moscow then in vain, spent a lot of time. They asked us to come on January 24. Because of this trip, we would have had to hurry, urgently release a video about Din’s Birthday. But haste always leads to a loss of quality. In General, I turned them down and told them that we could come in may, when we would still be in Moscow, when will we go to St. Petersburg or will we return from here, because we will still go through Moscow, we need to stop by our ophthalmologist – Dr. Shilkin. And that’s the story. Look, this is border control. If you come on a yacht, then here is where you make your exit and entry. I have such a sad observation that the 2nd time in Tivat there is nothing to watch. Look at the beautiful manhole cover. Look, I think I found an entrance to the city Park that we didn’t find last time. Look, all the trees are signed. The Park is kind of small, but it’s pretty cool. Do you think we should have gone to Moscow for TV or not? Or settle for nothing less than the Urgant show, Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen DeGeneres? They said that the car will do 1.5-2 hours. And I only go about 40 minutes from here, probably to the station. Therefore, we will be moving forward soon. And now the traditional rubric “in the meantime, Din”. While our dad fixes the car, the stars are resting. Who is beautiful? What a beauty. Pretty dog. Look at these fish. the water is very clear. Look, there’s just an unrealistic amount of fish. In General, Tivat is mandatory, of course, to visit. Interesting town, again different from other cities in Montenegro, where we were. But it turns out to be a one-off. I came once, looked at it, there is nothing special to look at here for the 2nd time. I finally found a pomegranate in availability. They are not very well. The season is over. See, the birds are eating. In General, of course, it’s so funny, the locals go in jackets, in fur coats, in coats. I would take off my jacket and go in one t-shirt, honestly. Ilya, we’re done. I’m on my way back. Apparently, I look very much like a tourist in this body kit, because I have already been incorrectly offered taxi services 10 times. But I don’t need it. My car is parked somewhere around here. There it is, there is my car. That’s it, hide the camera and go. Okay, I put everything in place. Yes, the difference as you can hear is huge and now it has become more comfortable to go and much safer. Okay, rest now. Our home. Why are you barking? I miss my daddy. Where has he been for so long? I’m completely dad’s son now, completely.

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